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Fishing Contest [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Fishing Contest [Quest | Shin] Empty Sat Sep 09, 2017 5:22 pm

Shin Katari
It was yet another bright and sunny day in Hargeon. The port town was filled with tourists and the docks with various fishing boats and ships. Truly, Hargeon was a beautiful town. The calm nature of the people mixed in with the natural beauty of the endless sea was enough to make anyone stay for more than a single night. It was also a beautiful town to complete a request in.

Through some hidden means, Shin had been contacted by a man by the name of Jacob Fischer. According to the message, Jacob had entered a fishing contest where the reward for catching the largest fish was 50,000 jewel, a handsome sum of money for simply catching some stupid fish. Jacob wanted to ensure he was going to be the victor as he had upcoming bills that required to be paid. The remaining details of the request would be explained in person about two hours before the beginning of the fishing contest. That was where Shin was headed.

Standing outside the area where the fishing contest was going to take place, a man with blue hair and swimming trunks approached Shin. "You the guy I contacted?" he asked as he looked around cautiously. Although he could have given himself away with his choice of words, Shin did not have time to care about his silly mistake. Instead, he nodded his head and awaited the finer details of the request. "Good. Look, I need to win this fishing contest badly. Just make sure the three other contestants don't win. Do anything you want besides hurting them. Do this for me and I'll give you half the prize money. Deal?" Jacob proposed as he looked around, offering a handshake with his right hand as to ensure a done deal. 25,000 jewel was a nice sum of money just for sabotaging three people. Not getting caught was a challenge but a welcoming bonus. Grasping Jacob's hand, Shin shook it ensuring the request would be done.

As the two went their separate ways, Shin took too thinking of different ways he could ensure Jacob would win. He would need to sabotage just three people but would have to be careful to ensure he was not caught. This meant threatening was out of the way as was beating the person up. Instead, he would have to resort to doing things in hiding. Three different methods of sabotaging came into mind. For one of the fishers, he would replace their bait with fake bait. If they were using worms, he would replace them with gummy worms from a store or something similar. For another, he would destroy their fishing line, ensuring it would not be able to reach too far. Lastly, he would replace the fishing rod with a shitty one, ensuring that at some point in the contest, it would be destroyed due to a lack of flex. Now, he would need to find where each fisherman was and complete each sabotage. Hopefully, this would go swimmingly.

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#2Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Acting like an onlooker of the fishing contest, Shin entered the area where the contest would take place. Around him were several tents that were home to the different contest participants. He had asked Jacob which three tents he would need to look for and the first was a blue tent with polka dots, the second was a tent that was pure black (rods and all) and the last tent would be covered with different fish. Each tent was distinct as to set each fisherman apart so locating each person would be easy.

Walking down through the different tents, he found his first victim. It was the blue tent with polka dots and the fisherman was currently not there. His two fishing rods however, were. As they rest on a stand, the bait the fisherman was going to use was placed in a fridge. Ensuring no one was looking, Shin quickly opened the mini-fridge and dropped a few droplets of poison into the bait. It would give off a smell causing the fish to repel the bait. The poison was something he bought from in town and the person said it would work. Hopefully he was not lying. Now, it was time to move onto the next victim.

Not too far from the blue tent was the all black tent. The man was currently using the bathroom as Shin saw him entering it. As a result, he left his two rods alone. Sneaking into his tent, Shin looked around and decided to cause a little tearing in the line. This would mean at some point, the line would break in the water causing anything he caught would drift away.

Moving away from this tent, Shin found the last tent he needed to sabotage. The fisherman was there however, currently looking at his rods. After waiting a bit, the man was called by another fisherman to help with something. Using this moment, Shin took off and grabbed the two fake rods he had bought earlier. Running to the tent, he replaced them with the real ones. They were identical and weight was also the same, meaning it would be near damn impossible to tell between the fake and real ones unless you had them looked at by a true fisherman. With all the fisherman having been sabotaged, Shin took to the stands to await the start and end of the fishing contest.

After about twenty minutes, the four fisherman took to the docks and waved to the crowd. On cue, they all went about their business and began to fish. It took about thirty minutes before the contest was over as Jacob emerged victorious holding a large sized fish. The other three failed to even catch a fish let alone get a nibble on their line. As the contest ended, Jacob met with Shin at a secret location as they had agreed on and rewarded him in cash with 25,000 jewels. Taking it, Jacob mentioned to Shin to keep his eyes open on the request board in town in case he had other requests he needed help with.

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