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Naki-ing at Magnolia's Door [Iø/Yamuna][Private]

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#1Bambi Naki 

Naki-ing at Magnolia's Door [Iø/Yamuna][Private] Empty Sat Sep 09, 2017 4:09 pm

Bambi Naki
It was a sunny day when the Naki sisters finally made their way into the great town of Magnolia.  After days of getting lost in the wilderness trying to find their way to the town with Bambi's face stuffed into a map nearly the entire time, they had finally reached their destination.  Bambi's pink eyes shined brightly as they reached the gates and she nearly broke into a run once she saw the first sign of human life.  As much as Bambi loved her sisters, she longed to see another human the entire time they were on their journey.  She was a social butterfly after all.  She grabbed both of her sister's hands and pulled them quickly into the town, laughing brightly at the bustling streets before them.  "We finally made it!"  The blue haired girl exclaimed brightly as she spun looking around at everyone currently occupying the streets around her.  "I wonder if there is anywhere to get some food?  Ohh!  I wonder if there are any cute people!"  Her eyes began scanning the crowd as her mind jumped to everything they could do as her ADHD became apparently noticeable as she could not concentrate on one thing.  She was truly excited.

#2Yamuna Naki 

Naki-ing at Magnolia's Door [Iø/Yamuna][Private] Empty Sat Sep 09, 2017 5:28 pm

Yamuna Naki
Yamuna struggled to keep up with her sisters all through the journey, her short legs compared to the elder two's longer ones slowed her down, and she was  afraid that eventually she wouldn't be able to keep up with them. Though when she heard the familiar squeal of excitement come from the younger twin, a sigh of relaxation left Yamu before she could stop it from escaping. 

All Yamuna wanted to do now after hours and days of walking and getting lost, was to lay down in an actual bed and sleep. Though from the looks of things, Bambi had other plans for herself but Io, Yamuna didn't know. Compared to her two elder sisters, Yamu wasn't much of a social child, in fact she was more nervous and anxious than energetic and expressive like the twins, but Yamu did try to look happy and bubbly, though right now she was just tired and exhausted, and did not have the energy to act.

"Can... We maybe rest... First, Bambi?" Her voice was tired, and rushed as Bambi dragged them into the large town. "M-Maybe... Look around after...?"

Her red-green gaze turned to her eldest sister, as she slightly hid behind Io, staring at all the people bustling around.


Naki-ing at Magnolia's Door [Iø/Yamuna][Private] Empty Sat Sep 09, 2017 10:11 pm

Going along with her sisters she had her eyes wander and gaze all the people in front of her. At this moment and time there were quite a lot. Was there going something on or was this place always like this? Her aunt and uncle never let her and the others travel before. Her blue orbs would shine and glisten while her full puckered lips curved into a genuine smile. She could feel Bambi's rough-like hands against her own as they haven't been able to bathe in such a long while due to how they were treated at 'home'. She chuckled slightly with her hands wrapping around herself under her chest, bending, leaning forward. Slowly she stood up after a mid-second of that and looked at her. ''Ya know Bambi. I reckon. Mind to y'all should saddle up to some cod. Bathe and such after so long.'' she would say in her normal accent that other's would find weird or interesting. Her tone was rather soft and soothing with such an accent. Her beautiful golden hair was fully down as the lower layers of her hair were blue and red. Her hand would place on her hip as her head tilted down towards Bambi and then looked away towards the direction. ''I reckon it's over yonder or at least that sign will tell us all it.'' she would say once more and giggles. She would grab a hold of both of her sister's hands and walked to what most people called 'hotels'.

Compared to her other sisters, she was the only one who talked like this. No one knew why, but Io was different in that way. ''Y'all can either hit the hay or go wild. I dun much really care. Just be safe.'' she was speaking to them all motherly as they walked towards the hotel and inside. It was all fancy and dolled up as she would then see a counter woman. Io would reach in her pocket and take out the money she stole from her uncle and aunt before killing them. Finally she walked towards the woman and put the money down. ''A suite for three.'' she would say. She looked at the other two and then at Io, nodding. ''Alright Ma'am. Here you go.'' the woman would speak gently. ''Thank ya much doll.'' she would say and chuckle, taking the card. The three would finally go to their suite. Hopefully it's what everyone says it is, the greatness.

#4Bambi Naki 

Naki-ing at Magnolia's Door [Iø/Yamuna][Private] Empty Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:58 pm

Bambi Naki
Once the three checked into their hotel room, Bambi collapsed on the bed, upset that her sisters did not want to do anything but sleep as of yet.  Bambi could understand, as she was tired as well, but her mind was still racing.  She was ready to go and do something.  Maybe make some money.  She looked up, seeing a small fridge in the side of the room, jumping up, she opened it to see it stocked.  "Damn Io, did you get us the master suite?!"  She grabbed some food and began to dig in, moaning as the taste hit her tongue.  She would swallow what was in her mouth before speaking again.  "You know, guys, I am sure there are going to be plenty of people here to meet.  I am sure some of em will wanna do jobs with us too.  How about we make a pact, we can be a team, the three of us!  Naki Shimai!  Never leave a sister behind!"  Bambi would say happily before stuffing more food in her mouth.  She would wait to see what her sisters would say about her idea, hoping it was all good things.  She could not wait to start making money with them.

#5Yamuna Naki 

Naki-ing at Magnolia's Door [Iø/Yamuna][Private] Empty Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:09 pm

Yamuna Naki
Dragging her body to their suite after Io had payed for it, Yamuna sighed again before yawning. Her eyes began to drop slowly, and before her body collapsed on itself, Yamu made it to one of the beds, quietly moaning at the comfy mattress that wasn't grass, mud or leaves like some places they had to nap on. Her lidded gaze turned to Bambi as the energetic elder ran to the fridge in the corner, seeing her pull out food, Yamuna's stomach rumbled loudly, but she was too tired to get up, and she didn't feel up to eating just yet, even though her stomach was beginning to beg for the food.

"I-It... Sounds... Good..." Yawning again as she curled up on the bed. "I'm fine with it, if... you two are."

Closing her eyes, Yamu was just resting her eyes, quietly listening to her sisters talk. She liked what the name of their team would mean, if they made it. Yamu is always afraid that the twins would leave her behind, but if they were in a team, then maybe she wouldn't have to be scared, though the younger knew the fear will always be there. Rolling over, she blinked her eyes open sleepily and looked at Bambi, before turning to their elder sister, and then back to Bambi. "I... It's up to Io... She's the one with the money and the eldest... Right?"


Naki-ing at Magnolia's Door [Iø/Yamuna][Private] Empty Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:29 pm

As the elevator door opened both of her sisters roamed out of it to get in their bed and the other, the fridge. Surely they weren't going to sleep at the moment, but they probably wanted to feel what it was like to have an actual bed. As for Bambi, food was one of her favorite things, but after living with people who starved you... Who wouldn't want food? She would giggle and smile all Cheshire-cat-like. ''For my darlings, I would do anything for y'all. Now how about we go lollygag before this place.'' she spoke to them while walking to the other bed which had velvet sheets of silk, pillows all fluffed and decorated like a Queens. Io listened to her sister speak and the other would respond. ''Is that wut ya really want to do, Bambi? If so, I dun see why naut.'' she spoke and sat on her bed. Io would sit on the end, lifting her right leg to bend and rest against her left knee/leg and holding it with her hands. Her blue ocean eyes gazed at both of her sisters with movement of her pupils. ''When do y'all want to start?'' she questioned them. She didn't pay attention to the whole idea of going out to night as that event has passed by minutes. The idea of them making a group to do missions, helping people sounded nice.

#7Bambi Naki 

Naki-ing at Magnolia's Door [Iø/Yamuna][Private] Empty Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:38 pm

Bambi Naki
With her sisters both agreeing to the idea, Bambi smiled brightly.  The Bambi sisters would be powerful, they would definitely make their selves know in the town.  Bambi continued to eat the sweets she pulled out of the refrigerator.  "You would think they would put something with a bit more substance in the fridge."  She checked once again and sighed.  "Maybe we should order room service?  Do not need little Yam eating sweets for dinner.  Annnddd I guess I should not either."  She put the candy bar back where she found it and grabbed the room service menu from the bedside table.  Glancing over the menu with a confused look on her face, she finally found what she wanted and smiled.  "We could share a pizza!  I haven't had pizza in forever!"  She looked to her sisters for confirmation.  "And our team?  We can start taking jobs whenever!  Maybe not right now because I need some food first and want to explore a little bit."  With the decision made, she flopped back on the bed feeling extremely worn out from their long journey.  Forming a team with her sisters would be good, maybe then Yam would not feel so left out from the eldest twins.

#8Yamuna Naki 

Naki-ing at Magnolia's Door [Iø/Yamuna][Private] Empty Mon Sep 11, 2017 4:21 pm

Yamuna Naki
Yamuna curled up more in the bed she had taken, sleepily nodding to what her older sisters were saying. It gradually became harder and harder to keep her eyes open, so eventually she just yawned and smiled. Io had agreed to the team topic that Bambi was on about, and Yamu was happy about that. Really happy. Smiling softly, she giggled sleepily before mumbling a little, and sat up tugging the quilts back from under the pillows on her bed.

"I'm okay with doing it whenever. Looking around first would be a good idea.... W-we should get familiar with this t-town first..."

Halting her movements a little, Yamu's shoulders dropped as she remembered all the people they saw earlier, but soon shook her head when Bambi mentioned food again, and then Yamu felt herself chewing the inside of her bottom lip in a nervous motion.

"I-I'll eat after I've slept... And then we can go do stuff... W-whenever you guys are ready to go sort out the t-team stuff."

Slipping under the quilts, Yamuna soon pulled the soft cover over herself, and up to her shoulders, snuggling into the pillow as her eyes started to droop again, in tiredness. All the events and travelling soon weighing down on her as she felt herself fall asleep. Her sisters would definitely wake her up when they were going to get ready to leave, so she wasn't at all worried.


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