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Magnolia town to Hargeon town[Foot Travel]

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Magnolia town to Hargeon town[Foot Travel] Empty Sat Sep 09, 2017 2:07 pm


The air was still with naught but a sound to be heard save for the various calls of the wild animals. Things had been heating up for the holy knight, since completing his latest request he felt as if everyone around him was looking at him in either fear or aggression. Not seeking conflict himself, Kon the man in question would leave Magnolia town for other areas in which he hadn’t committed as much criminal activities. The amount of damage he had done to both public and private property had been great over his extended period as both a rune knight and recently as a Holy knight, because of this he felt great shame seeing the often tragic result he had made. Still managing to overlook it however, he would strive to leave the town the quickest way he knew how using his Zebstrika a companion seemingly without equally in regards to his speed.

His Zebstrika was conveniently situated outside of the tavern he was staying at allowing him the discretion to obtain his belongings from his room, paying the owner of the property before leaving with all of his gear bunched up in his two hands. Most things were sling directly onto his companions saddle to reduce his own load, the only thing that he personally took hold of was his staff. Mounting the stallion, kon wielded his staff in his right hand whilst clutching the leather reins with his left before calling out to the Zebstrika to begin his speedy dash to the next town he had in mind that would likely suit his needs, Hargeon town.


300 base word 20% reduction from companion.

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