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To Magnolia, Again! [Foot travel Era-Magnolia]

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To Magnolia, Again! [Foot travel Era-Magnolia] Empty on Sat Sep 09, 2017 9:11 pm

Videns packed his bag full to the brim of everything he needed before traveling. He threw the huge rucksack over his back before departing from the small inn he had been staying at. He had done everything he wanted to do in Era and didn't see much reason to stay. As to where to go next Videns was not sure. He though to himself for a moment before coming to the conclusion that he should travel around some towns to see if anything was there at all. The closest and most familiar of those towns was Magnolia and seemed like the best place to go. He saw no reason not to go. It had been some time since he had been there so there was bound to be more quests there and more people to get tio know. As he thought about the city a familiar elf crossed his mind. Her wondered where she had gone to. He had not seen her for quite some time. Saying a silent prayer for her safety Videns set off to Magnolia in search of work. The night was cool, pleasant and the sky was vast with stars. A perfect night for travelling.


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