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Operation: Snake Skinner [Event]

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The day had finally come and it couldn’t have been more perfect. The sun was shimmering like diamonds down on Hargeon Town with not a cloud in the sky. The brisk winds flowed through the air on a day everyone could enjoy. The time was about noon and it wasn’t too hot nor was it too cold. Caius had a smirk on his face as he walked through Hargeon Square and headed to his post in the park. Yes this was a perfect day for Grimoire Heart to take revenge and destroy Blue Pegasus.

The park in Hargeon Square was a popular landmark in the town that many people visited to relax after a long day. Benches were sprawled along the cement walkway that stretched up and down across the park for citizens to rest. In the center of the park was a water fountain which many people were tossing coins in for luck. The park itself was a 50mx50m square surrounded by 3m high walls. The only entrances were on the north and south section of the park. This spot was chosen for the operation because it was the quickest shortcut to get the Blue Pegasus guild by going north. That’s the entrance Caius would be stationed.

Unfortunately, Caius was not assigned to attack the guild itself despite his eagerness to join the assault squad. Instead, he was assigned to take out any Blue Pegasus or any other light mage reinforcements that tried to get to the guild hall while the attack took place. With no reinforcements, the full force of Grimoire Heart would tear through the guild with ease and their operation would be successful. Though his job may have been minor, every little piece played its part.

Caius leaned up against the wall of the north entrance on the inside of the park. He was facing the south side entrance of the park to ensure he could see everyone that entered. He was wearing his normal outfit of a black shirt and black pants. Overtop the shirt, he had a black hoodie on that was covering over his face. Though he had been in Hargeon doing quests for a while, he had never been this close to the Blue Pegasus guild. From their last attack in Era, they might have known his face so it was better to be safe than sorry. His blade was sheathed on his right hip through his red sash. Caius had his hands to his sides tapping his fingers in anticipation of the battle to come.

Hi I'm Caius

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The Master.

Like a shadow, Maarschalk blended himself well within the crowd that passed through the park every now and then. It was a popular day in Hargeon--a Saturday, the market stalls were posted like usual on this day. There was something in the air. A nip. It wasn't very odd for Maarschalk to be in the good place at the right time; as proven by the countless other times where he had to rescue kittens from trees. His righteous call for duty had been corrupted by the powers of evil - the various escapades that he's been through since he met the Grimoire Heart member(s) has been eye-opening. It'd led Maarschalk to a life full of doubt, making his own identity a big question mark to fourth-wall observers. Who was Maarschalk going to fight for, should the moment arise where he needs to decide between good and evil?

There was a village idiot here. Preaching about his god; and by the looks of it, this man was homeless. Long beard, huge bag of useless yet vaguely practical shit in it that he carried on his back. Didn't take more than a glance for Maarschalk to knew what was up--he is a cosmopolite, which basically meant that he was born and raised in a city, and knew city culture.

It didn't require much effort for him to recognize crazy; and to simultaneously avoid it while being subtle. The masses of people that were sprawled across the park made it difficult to actively give someone the opportunity to identify him-especially considering his near ignorable fame. And if they did, Maarschalk had ways of noticing when someone observed him from tip to toe. His body language showed a deep relaxed male, wandering about, and minding his own business--his mind was already starting to form plans and strategies. His trusted spear was strapped to his back, weaponry was nothing strange - not in these parts, there was a street full of famous smiths nearby, and most people that walked outside in these parts wore weapons, be it maces, long swords, or rapiers. The people that didn't wield weapons were more noticeable than those who did.

The parks size was comparable of an Olympic pool, albeit more in the shape of a square instead of a rectangle. When Maarschalk entered some time ago, he passed by a group of people that allowed him to blend in a little. The southern-entrance of this park is spaciously large, it's width was almost as long as the park itself. While he moved with the crowd through the southern centered entrance, his glance went up and scanned the area opposite of him. There was only one exit, and it led to the Blue Pegasus guildhall. One man braved it--he leaned against the sad excuse of a wall, his hair black and spiky. It reminded him of cartoons he used to watch, from a time long ago. The comparable distance between Maarschalk and this man was roughly forty meters as Maarschalk continued creeping up. He was aware of his surroundings, not allowing anyone to surprise him. It wasn't until a bit ago that he was chilling in Hargeon--until he got a message from the higher ups, evidently, Blue Pegasus was in some deep shit and required assistance.

His nonchalant lurking continued until the distance between himself and the black-colored spiky-haired male shortened down to ten meters before Maarschalk stopped in his tracks. The gig was probably up by now, and he respected his opponent enough to not get closer. A double fake-out has never done anyone any good. Maarschalks hand reached for his spear, and simultaneously he dropped some tagged coins in front of him with his free hand. The arm-sleeve of his coat hinted to be slightly wet by its darker pigment. Supposedly, there was another Lamia Scale member who is going to join Maarschalk in assisting Blue Pegasus. He just hoped that this member was smart enough to not show his face until a critical moment, and step out of the shadows to deliver a fatal blow. During these actions, he made sure that the fellow that was posted at the wall would remain there, and if he moved, Maarschalk was sure to show a reactive response. During the duration of actions, there'd be little room for any interruption from outside sources. And if he had been interrupted by an external threat, his response could easily contain fire and fury. At the time of Maarschalk holding his spear with both hands, the distance was still ten meters.

"I take it you're no in Hargeon for a children's birthday party"

Maarschalk raised his voice, enough for the other male to hear him from the ten meters that separated the two.

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Weapon: Straight spear

#3Atlas Prime 

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Atlas Prime
Atlas didn't know if he was quite ready for today. He was called from his guildmaster to help defend Blue Pegasus from a threat. He wasn't really sure what the threat might be through. Atlas was dress in his lancer armor. He knew there was going to be a fight so he had to be ready. Since he had be in Hargeon for a little while he more or less got the layout of the area. He looked up at the sky and saw that it was bright and sunny, he wondered if that would be a good thing or not in the fight to come. He had Totodile on his shoulder who seemed a little nervous as Atlas walked. "Its okay buddy," he said reassuring him.

Atlas had started to walk over towards the Blue Pegasus guild while wondered what was going to happen. As he walked he thought he noticed something weird. Atlas saw Maarschalk walking in the park. He was confused at first if it was really him but remembered that their Guild Master did send two of them out. He guessed that Maarschalk was the other person. Atlas was a good distance away from him, so you wouldn't know they might be traveling towards the same spot. As he walked he saw Maarschalk stop before leaving the park. He , looked like, he was looking at somebody else. Atlas had to guess that Maarschalk knew the man, so Atlas kept his distance. He started to walk away to the left, trying to blend in with the crowd. For know he felt like it would be better to watch the scene and understand what might be going on.

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All had been pretty quiet so far but that was about to change. The first set of attacks planned on the guild surely would have started by now. Though they weren’t anything major, it was enough to grab the guild’s attention. An attack on an officially recognized guild was not tolerated so they would have sent word out. In order to not cause a public panic, light guilds and rune knights forces are sent requests behind the scenes to maintain order. Once the main attack started, you would be able to hear it echo throughout the city.

Caius’ eyes slowly scanned back and forth in the area in front of him. He didn’t notice anything too out of the ordinary. No faces that he recognized and no people in a rush towards the guild. Just all the citizens enjoying a sunny afternoon at the park. However, one man in particular stood out above the rest. He had styled black hair and towered over the majority of the crowd. Others stared at his majesty before quickly going on with their lives. It was the price you paid for being different. Caius knew the feeling too well being a tall man himself. A spear was along his back but weapons were a commonplace now a days. Normally, he would just be a person of interest but he broke off from the rest of the people passing to stand 10m facing Caius.

There were no words spoke. Instead, the tall man would reach and grab onto his weapon. Caius assumed this meant the man saw him as some type of threat. Maybe he was recognized as a dark guild member? Maybe he just didn’t like his hair? It didn’t matter. This was one of the rare times Caius was able to break the guild creed and let out his violent nature in public. What better target than a man about to pull a weapon on him? It was a chance he wasn’t going to waste. The attack would also serve as a purpose to draw out any other combatants that were heading towards Blue Pegasus in the vast crowd. Normal citizens would run at the sight of an attack. Anyone who stayed after it would be deemed an enemy in his eyes.

As soon as the tall man grabbed the spear and started to pull it forward over his shoulder, Caius would take action. Not knowing what the man was capable of, he decided to keep some distance. The spear gave the man a long reach if got in too close. The guild tattoo on Caius’ back surged with energy and caused a burning sensation throughout his body which increased his abilities. Clenching his fists, black wind would gather around them as he dashed a short distance forward closing the distance to about 8m where he would hold his position. At the same time, his right hand was raised at the tall man. A 1x1m beam of wind would fire from his hand, homing in on the area between the man's stomach up to his head being about half the size of his body. On impact, the violent winds would slice through the skin with ease about halfway though his body. This would no doubt sending him flying on the ground in a bloody mess.

However, there was a chance the man had some skill that could allow him to dodge his attack but Caius' had an insurance policy. In his left hand he had a second charge of his spell for A rank damage. If the first one was avoided, Caius would aim his left hand and fire off the second 1x1m blast right when his opponent moved, aiming for the same location on the man's body from the previous attack wherever he moved to. With his momentum carrying him to avoid the spell, no doubt the 2nd blast would hit him given the size and homing properties. If the man didn't dodge his first attack and was stuck by it, he would hold onto the charge and slowly approach his fallen foe ready to fire it again at any hint of movement. The crowd in the park would scream and panic once the magic was fired. They started to flee the scene out of the wide south entrance. One of the many battles today had started.

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The Master.


With his momentum carrying him to avoid the spell, no doubt the 2nd blast would hit him given the size and homing properties.

Your homing happens through you aiming with your arms to wherever you move them. If you cannot see me, you cannot accurately aim.

If the first one was avoided, Caius would aim his left hand and fire off the second 1x1m blast right when his opponent moved, aiming for the same location on the man's body from the previous attack wherever he moved to.

I didn't avoid the first one--in turn you'd fire your second spell according to your rp. More importantly, you based this attack based off of me moving, which is conflicting since I begun moving when you did, and never stopped(I stated in my previous post that my actions were reactionary to yours, which means you move=I move. Which implies that I never stop moving, even though I stated I'd do so--which essentially means that I voided myself in doing that) So the part "When his opponent moved" becomes invalidated. To save us both a headache, I'm fine with it if we reform this sentence to "where his opponent moved"--which still makes sense in this context. Since you based your first attack off of me moving, reforming this allows me to move without you having shot your spell already. If you want to contest this, I will argue in favor of completely voiding your spell instead.


From the get-go, it became obvious that this man had no room to spare for small talk. Not even a thorough discussion to talk about motives? It was quite anti-climatic. These anti-climatic reactions made his mind explode into various ideas of the motives behind this individual, and the ones that initiated these chains of terrorism. This was typically in Phantom Lords rapport, wasn't it? The flashy bullshit with public figures around to witness it? There were some ulterior motives--the spiky mans 'cool' aura hinted the challenge that Maarschalk faced.

Maarschalk has been in Hargeon for a little bit, there has been chatter from a certain guild--but Maarschalk doubted their involvement at first. He wasn't called for assistance, though rarely was he needed in the grand scheme, which resulted in a conflicting argument. He set those issues aside, and while mid stride he formed a plan to effectively deal with this cool-looking man. At the start of Maarschalks dialogue, the man started reacting against his presence. A flash of light illuminated from his back, Maarschalk could tell since half of the light shined on the wall behind him, the other half towards the other entrance. As soon as his eyes trailed towards the evil entity, he noticed a familiar face, roughly eight to five meters behind the man who started to make aggressive moves. Though in Maarschalk eyes, he didn't make this apparent. He didn't make eye-contact with his fellow Lamia Scale member, but rather saw him from the corner of his eye. He knew better than to make eye-contact, and make it obvious to the enemy that there was a figure behind him. And that's why he couldn't tell his exact position, five-to-eight was all he could estimate.

The moment of combat began inching closer, and his adrenaline increased. This increase in adrenaline led him to sharp decision making, purely as a reaction of his heightened senses. While in synchronization of the man moving, he begun moving as well. The hand that dropped the coins quickly went into his parted jacket, pulling out Spion out of his jacket by its tail. That little fucker enjoyed snuggling up.

With his other hand, he had pulled out his spear in a way that he could immediately deliver a strike given that he utilized both hands to do so. He held his spear with his right hand.

Spion, who was pretty much unaware of what was happening, seemed to awaken from his slumber. This wasn't the first time that he was used as a rugbybal, so this shouldn't be much of a surprise. Spion was surprisingly meaty, in terms of endurance. Maarschalk didn't even have to use a whipping motion to put Spion in his place, he just held him up like a shield. His fingers clenched around the tail of Spion, to hold it in place--he held him tight enough so he couldn't slip out and land on the dirty.

The evil entity had begun casting a spell, as apparent by his hands lighting up with a shroud of darkness. Was darkness his element? A hint of a smirk appeared on Maarschalks face, as a shroud of darkness instantly covered him as well--which happened in synchronization of the other entity preparing his spell. With him dashing towards Maarschalk, he did the same, closing the gap to four-meters. And while moving, Maarschalk held up Spion to where the male was starting to point his arm at. Not a flicker of a second later, contact had been made. Maarschalk could react in time based off the man having to move his arm upwards, alerting Maarschalk that the attack he was throwing was imminent. It didn't take anything other than an acknowledgement of him moving up his arm to realize that he used his arm to aim.

Although undetectable to the naked eye, both males moved at almost the exact same speed. Their strength was very similar--but the black spiky man beat his by a little bit; unfortunately, this was unknown to Maarschalk.

The light that flashed from his hand collided with Spion in under a second. The speed of this spell was no joke--but more importantly, the area of effect too. The way Maarschalk moved Spion was akin to a tennis racket, pretending that the spell that was fired off had been a tennis ball, and in turn serving the 'tennisbal' with an underhanded technique. By doing this he minimized the contact that the spell had with his hand. But it was no doubt that his hand suffered cuts, because of the minimal contact he had with the spell. More importantly, what followed was a thick explosion of dirt, because of the explosion of wind, since the paths were made of dirt.

Maarschalk was in mid dash when the explosion occurred, and having picked up enough speed to go at full running speed--he didn't stop. He didn't notice that the man still had another spell loaded with his other arm, but given the size of the dust explosion, there was no way to make visual contact between these two fighters. The cloud of dust quickly covered both fighters, leaving them both without vision.

Maarschalk immediately loosened his grip of Spion and dropped him to the ground, and in rapid succession he turned a full circle after closing the distance; tunneling his momentum, having closed the gap enough to make easy contact--he held his spear with both hands, and as firm as he could, given that one hand had suffered injuries.

All his strength, and momentum carried over. Even though he couldn't see his enemy, Maarschalk moved with surgical precision. He knew where he was before the explosion occurred, and moved fast enough to not allow him to escape his evil clutches. The reason Maarschalk moved in a circle was to throw off his enemy, should he try to throw another attack at him, it'd be very unlikely that it could land--he had under a second of reaction time to respond to this. Since dust covered the distance between the two, and went a little bit past the evil entity, there was no way of him finding Maarschalks body in time--lest not his spear. For his opponent to move out of this attack would mean he'd have to literally blast himself away. Since Maarschalks attack was more of a swipe instead of a stab, it'd hit anything within the range of his spear--which was basically everything in front of him, at the height of his opponents heart. And the only way to avoid this devastation was having to move backwards, which should occur at a limited movement speed.

In Maarschalks rational mind, there was no way of avoiding this attack; but being the natural born fighter that he is--he made contingency plans.

If his spear couldn't find anything in the dark smoke that he couldn't see through, he'd move left, using his previous momentum to make this easier. If possible, he'd move until he left the dark cloud of dust that begun covering the park. He had no idea what Atlas was up to, he certainly was too intent on striking his colleague. No external threats have made them known to this point, and fighting this villain seemed quite straight-forward. Maarschalks body was covered in a thick shroud of darkness. As intimidating as it could be; the embodiment of his darkness--this was the first time he'd activate it and have a witness see it, that witness being Atlas.

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#6Atlas Prime 

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Atlas Prime
Atlas at first intended to watch to see what was going on but changed his mind. He remembered that there was a battle going on around him. He still needed to get to Blue Pegasus to help out, so moving around at a park wasn't going to help him. Atlas still wanted to watch what Maarschalk was doing though. Atlas didn't know when trouble would strike. Atlas closed the distance around the men. Atlas noticed something seemed wrong though. He figured that Maarschalk was preparing to go against this man. He wasn't sure where they might of knew each other or maybe Maarschalk figured this was one of the guys they needed to fight and take down. Atlas drew his lance and noticed Maarschalk drew his spear. Atlas saw the the man facing Maarschalk dash forward so Atlas felt like, this was indeed their enemy. So he rushed forward, as fast as he could, to the man who was about to attack Maarschalk. Atlas would coat his weapon in an a thin layer of energy adding to what damage he would deal. Atlas would most likely reach the man while he was preparing and using the spell. Atlas at the moment would have Totodile do nothing and rest on his shoulder, keeping his balance. He would aim for the mans torso, aiming for the heart there, when he would strike. In case the man would move Atlas would try and aim his lance into the new direction of the man. If something obstructed Atlas's view of the man he would still remember where the man was and aim for that spot should he not reach in time. This strike would most likely injure the man enough to stop the fight going on here.

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OOC fun stuff:

The tall man that Caius had faced seemed to have some type of magic skill as his body was covered up in a black substance. Dashing forward, he pulled out some type of animal to deflect his attack. Though, it blocked part of the attack, the blast of black wind was still bigger than the animal so no doubt his hand and the lower part of his arm were struck with slicing damage. Not only that but the momentum from the attack would surely slow down the charging man. A thick cloud of dirt formed after the wind spell was hit into the cement causing dust to fill the area. This put Caius at a disadvantage because he had no type of detection in his arsenal. As soon as the cloud was formed, Caius was able to react and take action. His left arm was down at his side with a clenched fist facing forward. This in turn was aimed at the last spot the man in darkness was last seen which was straight ahead. The wind beam fired almost as soon as the dust started to form. Instantaneously this also served as an activator for another spell which allowed the user to fly in the air. Because it was a flying spell, he was able to move at his max movement speed in any direction he liked despite being stationary. In this case, Caius flew straight up in the air at 20m/s and went up 10m. This only took a fraction of a second after the dust first formed. He did this because the man was charging with a weapon and it was a way to get out of dodge.

Once up in the air, he had a birds eye view of the battlefield which gave him a big tactical advantage. The opponents would be lost in the cloud. Emerging from the dust was the man covered in darkness from before about 6m from the cloud. Surely he would be looking around for Caius on the ground from the previous attack and if he kept moving Caius had speed that was faster than he was moving. Caius moved at full speed towards the darkness man until he was above him. At the same time, his fists clenched and activated the S rank spell from the previous attack. Once he was above the man, he lowered his left hand and would fire the attack like a plane dropping an airstrike. The wind attack would blast of black wind would no doubt spike the man to the ground breaking several bones and taking him out of the fight.

Once the man in darkness was struck down from his attack, the dust would settle and reveal a new combatant with a lance and a strange blue monster on his shoulder about 10m away. Having a weapon on the battlefield deemed him a threat so Caius would react by flying towards him with his right hand clenched ready to cast the A rank damage wind spell. Surely attracting attention by now, Caius flew straight towards him and would lower down to 5m in altitude. Once he was about 5m in range of Atlas, the blast of wind would fire aiming at Atlas' head and chest area that would strike him and send him flying towards the ground. Afterwards he would veer off to the right of Atlas about 5 meters and increase his altitude back to 10m. He would turn around and scan the battlefield to see if there was anymore reinforcements or if his opponents had anything left in them.

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Hi I'm Caius

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The Master.

My claims would be that Larvitar is 2ft and the diameter of the blast is 3.2ft. So when this hit him it would knock it out(call PETA) and since it was a crit by being bigger than his body and it would hit Muzi’s hand and forearm holding it for A rank damage which would tear it up for the rest of the fight.

Not sure where you invented this crit rule, but it's irrelevant since I don't intend on continuing to use him in this battle anyway. Larvitar covered up most of the explosion since he met it head on. It is certainly true that your spell is bigger, but with Larvitar having taken the brunt of the damage by facing it head on, and with my having my arm removed far away from the impact--the damage converted to me in this context is almost minimal. It'd actually be nothing considering Larvitar consumed all of the damage, simply physically blocked.

The other would be full speed can't be built up since this happening in in a second or two and it states it takes around 3-4 for full speed. Not only that but blocking the attack going at 20m/s and causing an explosion would certainly kill off or slow any momentum of running forward.

I already stated in my last post, there wasn't a moment where I've stopped. If you look at the timelines I wrote down, you'd see that Maarschalk didn't stop moving since your character began doing things which my character reacted to by moving around, essentially voiding myself. Your spell doesn't explicitly push people back, it only does damage--it doesn't push as it's not a 6000lb car that moves at 20meters per second.

As soon as the cloud was formed, Caius was able to react and take action. His left arm was down at his side with a clenched fist facing forward. This in turn was aimed at the last spot the man in darkness was last seen which was straight ahead. The wind beam fired almost as soon as the dust started to form.

Your spell moved at 20 meters per second, and while it fired--you stated that your other arm wasn't up like this one was. The time it'd require you to raise your arm to fire again at the same position gives me ample time to move out of its way.


Atlas drew his lance and noticed Maarschalk drew his spear. Atlas saw the the man facing Maarschalk dash forward so Atlas felt like, this was indeed their enemy.

He knew better than to make eye-contact, and make it obvious to the enemy that there was a figure behind him. And that's why he couldn't tell his exact position, five-to-eight was all he could estimate.

In this context of 'behind', Atlas isn't perpendicularly behind you. My character couldn't make eye contact if that was the case, considering the wall is in place as well. In my description I stated that Atlas was five to eight meters behind you, invalidating your claim of Atlas being behind you for ten meters prior to both our actions chaining off of each other. This means that Atlas has ample time to reach us two and strike you with his lance. Considering his own speed(he was already moving prior to him rushing over) and the length of his lance, it's a definitive hit.


The insane momentum that Maarschalk carried over in his spear collided with his opponents’ chest. The raw trauma was a result of all the kinetic energy that Maarschalk carried--that got converted into a huge impact. Fire and Fury led the tip of his spear through skin, digging deep and severing multiple arteries at once. His raw strength wasn't vast enough to sever the evil entities torso in two--but his spear certainly made rounds, the hilt was slowed down at the sternum, though the tip still dragged on--critically cutting the heart at its left side, the impact also cut through the right lung. The stab got delivered between the ribs, the lower portion of one rib got scratched.

And then came what Maarschalk didn't anticipate as accurately. The sudden force that originated from behind the evil entity. It was Atlas--his red lance had driven itself into the man’s back, the duo had essentially pinned him down with both of their spears driven into Caius. The result of Atlas' force, and Maarschalks steady footing, was Maarschalks spear being driven up deeper into the evil entity. His heart completely slashed, left lung now cut open. Their strikes got delivered before the entity activated his spell to fly away. The distance between Atlas and the evil entity prior to Atlas crashing in was so small, it took only a moment of notice for him to come arriving at his full force, preventing him from taking away. The impact occurred in almost perfect synchronization of Maarschalks spear impaling the entity--holding him in place; and the finishing blow being Atlas's red rod that went deep in Caius' insides. If the evil entity still attempted to fly away, it'd result in deeper and more grievous wounds, Maarschalk became visible through the dust cloud after his hit had landed, and he could see his opponent being impaled. His companion Spion certainly had seen better days in his life, but he still stood strong, in the dust--ready to strike should anything happen to Maarschalk. Maarschalks hands were wrapped around his spear, not really in an ideal situation to cast a spell; but it'd be possible to leave the spear in one hand and use the other hand to activate a spell to shield himself from any other incoming damage. He mentally prepared himself for this, and already let go of the spear with one hand, using his other to keep it in place.

These measures most likely weren't necessary if his foe hadn't moved after getting stabbed critically; if he still dared to move, the countermeasures was going to be the use of more force--but, Maarschalk prioritized keeping himself safe; he cared little for Atlas, expecting him to take care of himself, but if the moment came down to it, Maarschalk had no qualms in sacrificing Atlas to bring this evil man down.

"Who is behind this attack?"

Maarschalk spoke out, hoping that the beans were going to get spilled before his opponent could pass out. There might be a need of Maarschalk to help out Blue Pegasus if there were more people like this guy walking around.

Spell activated: None (God TO is still ongoing +10 speed)
Mana: 400
Weapon: Straight spear (+18)
Companion: Larvitar

#9Atlas Prime 

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Atlas Prime
Atlas felt the spear pierce the man but felt weird that his momentum was stopped. From the dust clouds Atlas couldn't see that Maarschalk was on the other side of him with a spear in him as well. Atlas felt a little bad double teaming the man, but he knew they were sent for a mission and they needed to complete it. If the man wanted to get in their way, well it was his problem. Atlas didn't know what to do because of the dust cloud that had formed from the previous attack the man did. Atlas did know that the man, might not be fully down for the count with just his attack though. When the attack would connect Atlas would shout a word ,"Now." This would let Totodile, who fell forward from Atlas's shoulder due to the momentum to launch at the man. With the man being that close Totodile would head but the object in front of him. This blow, with how Totodile was positioned on Atlas, would land around the mans neck, hopefully injuring him more then what they had done to him. The dust would soon clear and Atlas would be able to see the man they had pierced with Maarschalk on the other side. Totodile would have landed on the floor after attacking the man. Atlas would keep his lance in the man to keep him from moving but would try to be wary if the man tried anything. Atlas would hear Maarschalk speak out loud asking who was behind the attack. "Sadly, I don't know," he would reply.

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The Master.

OOC 48 hours has passed, claiming all my hits


Maarschalk received no reply from the entity. His spear had completely obliterated the black-spiky haired man. His spear had pierced his chest, and within an almost instant the male had been rendered unconscious, after the damage of his spear carried over to his heart, lungs. Maarschalk was victorious in this battle, although with little help of Atlas--it didn't matter, it was all the same to him. He begun pulling out his spear out of the entity, expecting the Rune Knights or whatever to pick up his unconscious rendered body. Maarschalk looked carefully around him before continuing to move around; making sure the coast was clear.

"Alright, I'll see if I can help other people in Hargeon--you go do your own thing now and we'll meet up later to talk about this I suppose."

Maarschalk said before calmly walking away, unless the entity they had just defeated had some kind of way of getting up--in which case he'd stay and spear his head or whatever again, given that he was rendered immobilized, there was no viable way of him to flee the scene. Not that Maarschalk could see in any way. The left over feeling of adrenaline of defeating someone still remained in his body; truely in this moment it showed how important winning was to him. This was going to stick to him until his end, and ironically, it might make him meet his demise as well. His lust for battle is a two-edged blade. It has its ups and downs.

Spell activated: None (God TO is still ongoing +10 speed)
Mana: 400
Weapon: Straight spear (+18)
Companion: Larvitar

#11Atlas Prime 

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Atlas Prime
It seemed the man would give no resistance to there attacks and wouldn't try anything either. Totodiles headbutt would successfully damage man as well. When the dust cleared and it was confirmed the man was knocked unconscious it would seem Maarschalk would remove his weapon from the man. Atlas felt it was right to do that as well. With both weapons out of the man and him being unconscious from the damage, Atlas was sure he would fall over. Maarschalk soon spoke about going to check out more and meeting up later. "That can work,
I know hes knocked out, but I wonder if its save to leave him. Well with those damages I'm sure he won't be able to do much anyway,"
Atlas said. He looked down at his lance after and noticed all the blood on it. He wondered if he should try to clean it off or leave it, but figured it was best to get rid of it. "Totodile, come over here and spray my weapon off please," Atlas said to him. Since Totodile could spray water from his mouth it would be convenient to help clean it off. Once Atlas felt it was satisfactory he would walk over to a near by tree and sit down. He felt like it would be best to watch the man here until someone came to pick him up.

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"What's he going to do with that spear? Stab me?" Caius thought as he fired off his other one of his wind attacks. Sure enough that's what the man did along with his partner who came out of nowhere from the side. Two spears would penetrate his body as he was defeated in a flash. The man shrouded in darkness grabbed him and asked who was behind the attack but Caius just smiled back at him while not saying a word. Loyalty was something Caius took great pride in so there was no way he was going to betray Grimoire Heart. Not only that, but Crowly could do things to you that were worse than death if you were a traitor. As blood poured on the ground, Caius fell over face first unconscious. Though he might not have defeated his opponents, he had done his job to stall the reinforcements even if only for a moment. Icarus would be cleaning up shop at Blue Pegasus by the time they would have arrived. As long as the main guild objective was completed, that was a victory in his book.


Hi I'm Caius

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Atlas Prime
Atlas waited to see if the man would make a move again or if something else might happened but he seemed to be disappointed. The man lay there still unconscious on the ground. After a good amount of time some people came and took the man. Atlas felt like he did a good job but knew there was other things that might still need to be done in Hargeon. The place was being attacked and felt like he could be of help to other places. He made sure Totodile was on his shoulder before taking off from the area. He didn't use to much effort in that fight so if he had another to do he could still be a great help. He wondered though how Maarschalk was doing. He took some damage earlier, even if a little, from the mans spells. Atlas wondered though as he was walking, of what was the point in this attack. He also had to wonder who these people were. He wondered also if they were from some dark guild. Atlas then felt regret in himself. He could of checked the man they defeated for a guild mark. He might not be able to identify it, but he could try bring it up later for others. But for know he would walk towards Blue Pegasus guild to see what else he could do.


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