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Trav Oak to Hargeon [Yumi]

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Trav Oak to Hargeon [Yumi] Empty Fri Sep 08, 2017 4:13 pm

Yumi looked at the clock it was midnight, time to leave. YUmi had a plan to leave under the cover of night, departing from oak and making her way towards Hargeon in order to participate in a guild attack. Grimoire Heart was planning to release an attack on Blue Pegasus shortly and in order to participate in the attack, Yumi needed to arrive as quickly as possible, so she was planning to leave as early as possible and instead of walking she would run the entire way, gradually increasing her speed to the maximum. Yumi’s maximum dashing speed was eight meters per second, but her maximum sprinting speed was twenty meters per second almost triple her dashing speed, with such a speed she should be able to cross a larger distance in a shorter amount of time. The question was Yumi’s stamina could she run the entire way. If she was to use magic to augment her abilities to make up for the cap she should be able to do it and once she got tired she could activate her Wings of the Demon to fly. An idea suddenly popped in her head, she would start off by flying in order to cover a shorter distance as it meant she could fly over mountains and forests, taking shorter routes instead of following the road, this meant her travel time could be cut down by more than a half if she used this method. OF course Yumi would eventually run out of magic and would have to then sprint for a while to recover her magical energy

Yumi nodded her head, her thoughts were fixed it was time to go. The demon made the bed in the room, collected all her gear making surerto put all the rubbish in the bin. Yumi collected the rubbish bag from the bin tying it off and headed downstairs towards the dumpster. She tossed the bag in the bin and returned to the apartment inserting the key and pushing the door open. She began packing her travel satchel, packing up her spare clothes. Yumi only had two pairs of shoes her gothic boots and viking fur boots. Her Viking armour she decided to wear. The demon stripped down and changed into her Viking Armour, setting the helmet in place, tucking her hair under, before strapping her massive sword onto her back, making sure the executioners sword was fixed in place by a leather strap. Yumi tugged in the strap to make sure the sword was secured and that it wouldn’t fall off. Last thing Yumi wanted while flying was for her sword to fall off and be lost forever. Yumi grabbed her travel satchel after packing her gothic Lolita dress in and a spare. The demon threw the satchel over her left shoulder, the strap going over her right as the bag rested on her left hip. With the satchel in place Yumi looked around the apartment making sure she didn’t leave anything behind. She raised her fingers to her lips and whistled. Her companion duskull floated off knowing it was time to leave. Venom bopped up and down laughing gleefully as he flew around his master.

Yumi patted the little grim reaper like creature on the head and left the room, closing the door behind her, Venom floating loyally behind. The demon headed downstairs to the reception. As she arrived the little demon scowled as she spotted a line at the counter. Yumi stepped to the back of the line, she was the third person. It wouldn’t take long but it was still time. It seemed the two in front of her were checking in late. This place allowed her late check ins and early check outs, twenty four seven. They asked no questions that’s what Yumi liked about them. The demon waited patiently as the first went off and the second, a woman approached the counter siting her bag down. The woman began talking to the man behind the desk filling in her details and paying a weeks in advance for a room. As she took her keys she walked off allowing Yumi to approach. The demon spoke to the man declaring she was checking out and would be paying for her months stay. Yumi placed a wad of jewels on the counter and signed her name, a fake name, before handing the keys over. With a bow of her head, Yumi left leaving the confines of the apartment complex and entering the streets of Oak, Duskull gliding along keeping a close to his master, a distance of one meter.

Yumi looked around, the street of oak were lit up by the street lights, as the moon hung high in the sky above. With a nod she marched on making her way towards the Oak town gates in order to sign out and leave to make her way to Hargeon, she couldn’t be late. The thought of attacking Blue Pegasus was making her blood boil, she couldn’t wait. She wondered just who she would encounter. Yumi wasn’t sure who she would end up fighting, maybe it would be someone weak, she hoped not.  Yumi wanted a strong opponent so she could attempt to test the full extent of her capabilities. A determined look appeared on her young Lolita features as she increased her pace walking faster. She flashed her fake ID to the town gate guard and left leaving the town of Oak behind her. Once she was a good twenty meters away from Oak Yumi stretched out her arms. Magic began to rush out of her body flowing out into the air taking the shape of black flames. The magical energy swirled around her body as it flowed towards her back, at the shoulder blades. Black magical energy expanded out as it exploded violently from Yumi’s body. The demon focused the magical energy shaping it was it extended one hundred and fifty center meters out from her back. The mana expanded into a pair of long black demonic looking wings. The wings expanded and began to flap creating a strong lift that pushed Yumi’s body up into the air. As she flew up she grabbed her companion holding him in her hands. Her companion had a limited floating height, meaning she would have to carry him.

With her companion under arm, Yumi turned in the direction of Hargeon and took off. Her demonic wings flapped loudly as she controlled the mana flowing through attempting to sustain the wings as long as possible. She would expand her magical reserves to the last drop before running in order to recover her magic before activating the wings against and repeat.

Wc: 1126 /1080
10% wc reduction. Gh perk
Wings of the demonmonster: -140mp
30% mama reduction

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