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[Event] Operation: Quick Clash

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#1Faust Noire 

[Event] Operation: Quick Clash Empty Fri Sep 08, 2017 4:13 pm

Faust Noire
The weather was delightful; a kiss of summer without the fiery heat of high noon in September. The sky possessed pristine, white clouds, decorating the light-blue sky. They danced around and about, fast enough so that positions would change, yet slow enough so that the event could be captured. The warm concrete was extraordinarily clean. There were no gum marks and the majority of it seemed unscathed or untouched. These were unambiguous facts to all. Hargeon Town was one of the most mesmerizing towns the Coyote had set foot in. After all, it was tied together with the legal mage guild, Blue Pegasus. Filled with stunning ladies and gentleman, the guild was not only recognized for their aesthetics but their power as well. Nervousness and excitement clashed against each other when the Grimoire Heart mage remembered that he was to tackle them head on. But first, he had to tackle the demon that wrestled its way out of his arse and into the well of happiness.

For once, the apparel of the Coyote was befitting to that of the weather. A thin long-sleeved shirt engulfed his upper body, colored white with a few patterns along the sleeves. Fabric as black as his heart entangled itself onto his lower half, cutting off just above his knees by a few inches. Soft hairs of a Cashmere goat were slapped upon his feet, accompanied by running shoes. Hopefully, they had the durability to last what was to come. They looked nice and all. Now the face was the most important feature of all. Not only did the Coyote not need to wear the ugly fox mask anymore and suffocate himself, he didn't have to hide his face for the most part! Ever since the last important crime he committed, he spent half a year in solitude, punishment brought upon himself, courtesy of himself. As soon as he got back up on his own two feet, the Coyote ventured towards Oak Town for a renovation, a makeover. And with the new makeover came a new attitude towards masks. Instead, Faust took advantage of the fact that he had a new face and instead, wore a black dust mask that went hand in hand with his cap. While the black dust mask was definitely used to cover up his tongue's mark, the dad cap was for aesthetic purposes. On his face were his new stickers that he enjoyed putting on. While they were normally colored, today he slapped on black ones instead, a star and a teardrop.

Alas, the demon was exempted from the body of the male. From the restroom of a nearby prank shop, Faust Noire made his way onto the streets of Hargeon Town. Each street was 35 feet wide and 50 feet long, shops alongside shops filling up both sides. A street would extend for those dimensions before meeting with another one, forming an intersection. Such a scene provided more of a city vibe than that of a town. Despite the large streets, they appeared to be empty for the most part, with only a few civilians wandering around.

The entirety of the operation was to take down the guild of Blue Pegasus entirely. As for the Coyote alone, he was to draw as much attention towards himself as possible and in time, get rid of those nobodies. Other members of the Ark were to create their own distractions and events, all throughout the town of Hargeon. However, if he recalled correctly, he wasn't to do it alone. Who could the boss have sent alongside him? In the meantime, it was best to play innocent until backup arrived. "I'm hungry." So with the little money the Coyote had, he hopped inside a little bakery shop full of delicious sweets. Stealing them would normally be a piece of cake, the irony. But he refused to screw up a mission again.

While he was enjoying himself, chomping on a strawberry shortcake, the Coyote's nose never stopped working. His eyes remained alert, focused on the slightest change in scenery. Operation, commenced.


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[Event] Operation: Quick Clash URfIrNm

[Event] Operation: Quick Clash Empty Fri Sep 08, 2017 5:21 pm

Crazy Eight wandered into the streets of Hargeon with Arcane following by her side; each street holding few people minding their own business.  Though Alyssa knew they were not all just random.  Some of the members on the streets belonged to the guild Blue Pegasus, the guild that her own was given a task of taking out.  They were scum that needed to be rid of sooner rather than later.  She had got the message that morning, a paper delivered to her.  She had red it, giving her a brief overview of what was going on and where she had to be, also who her partner was.  Once she had read the paper, it incinerated before her eyes.  She was to go to a local bakery and look for a man with a teardrop on his face, the one known by Coyote.  As she approached the bakery, her eyes soon landed on a man that met the description perfectly.  He seemed to be eating a piece of pie at a table.  Soon, she would approach the man with confidence as if they knew each other and had planned to meet.  She did not need anyone having any clue of who they were quite yet.  Sitting down at the table beside him, she gave him a curt smile.  "Coyote," She would say quietly in a greeting, unable to be heard by others around them.  "I'm Crazy Eight and this is Arcane, a pleasure.  It seems we will be taking on this task together."


#3Venus Rosé 

[Event] Operation: Quick Clash Empty Sat Sep 09, 2017 10:02 am

Venus Rosé

To say the least, the early morning wouldn’t have been unpleasant. The sun could have settled nicely on the corners of the neighbourhood houses and the clouds drifted across the blue yonder in lazy puffs, endearing her enthusiasm to continue her lovely early walk. Her snow-fox familiar would be snuggled on her head, tipping its tail to and fro to the beat of a fellow Fiore wizard’s steps. Birds would be glorified shadows amongst the sunrise as they flew overhead and the songs of the new day would be the comforting silence of a still sleeping city.

But then it wasn’t, dawn had long since passed and it didn’t go as pleasantly as she originally thought. The young woman woke up with a migraine to spare, her sweets missing from her bag, assuming Vysella must have eaten them while she was asleep. She’d stare at her own reflection in the mirror and brushed the tangles out of the silver silks on her head, learning how to style her hair for who knows why. She’d dress in her usual attire; a black dress embedded with intricate patterns and with an eyeband to finish off her entire look, before leaving the small, rickety inn without so much as a word apart from paying the old woman who worked at the register, her wrinkles holding untold stories.

The markets always attracted hoards of people who’d crowd amongst themselves as soon as the morrow drew its first sunrise. They’d bargain with the merchants to give up their coins for better prices, goods were shipped all the way from high seas and the temperament of traders gloated around as they load and unload their galleons. The stalwart process of give and take was busy as ever and everyone lined up to keep it going, everyday, even on that morning, when a stranger with white hair gathered herself a crowd of stares as she passed by the stands.

Her face was a foreign one, although her name was known among a few mages in Hargeon after she had amassed quite a decent amount of fame for herself. People whispered among themselves as she weaved through the crowds but they did not stir from fear, rather, people liked to stare at odd, shiny things from afar and she was no different. The android did not want to acknowledge whatever they found interesting on her features as she simply busied herself with her daily routing of picking up food for the long road ahead.

#4Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric was sleeping on the top of the Guildhall as he had chased a mouse the night before. He was having a nice dream of thick forests and sleeping in huts that were built in the tops of the forest. When you would stick your head through the thick leaves of the trees you would be able to see for miles far. Here and there birds would fly up and make it even more beautiful to look at. He looked as far as he could before suddenly a darkness fell over the jungle the sun darkened and a huge water wave rolled over the mountains swooping the forest away till it had swallowed Chelvaric before he could move. He woke up in cold sweat from that dream.

The morning sun blinded him for a second while the drops of sweat rolled as cold ice cubes over his hot skin. He breathes in deep while grabbing the little wall on the roof to have a steady anchor while he regained his conscious. It felt like he really drowned and his chest was hurting like hell. Did he have a vision? Maybe it was one but he could never tell. Since he became a druid they some times sporadic came. Something was coming but he didn’t know what, when or how. It could also just be a bad dream so he just waved it to the back of his head as it wasn’t concrete enough to do anything with it anyway.

He opened his back pack and took a piece of steak out. He made a circle in the air over the package before opening it up. He laid it carefully in front of him before he took out a small tree from his back pack and placed it next to the steak. He took his water bottle out and poured a small amount in a small cup and placed it next to the tree. “I offer this meat for a bountiful day”, he would say and cut a small piece off as he buried it in the ground. “I offer this water to your daughter Ceralin, Praise to your offspring Sekat my one and only God” he said and poured the water over the ground. He meditated on his knees in front of the tree for a while before he packed his stuff and jumped down the roof.

He needed to do some shopping so he walked through the streets of Hargeon towards the docks. There was one thing the awful sea did give that his kind loved and that was fish. He wanted to eat one already as he was starving for some food. He walked by many stalls on his way through the market. Most of them sold fishing equipment or clothes. Some had foreign spices you couldn’t find anywhere else as it was a harbor where lots of exotic trades were done. That was also the reason so many different ethnic people were walking around. It was a nice day and he would make the best of it he thought to himself pushing the dark start of his morning back.


[Event] Operation: Quick Clash HVEbuMl

#5Faust Noire 

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Faust Noire
His eyes were trained on some invisible specter, his heavy eyelids a fraction too gradual to blink, his irises too stationary. It was as if his brain was suffering a massive short circuit and was struggling to tote. Though backup had finally arrived, another obstacle arose, credit per the new arrival. The scarlet haired male not yet noshed the entirety of his dessert, fulfilling in both essence and flavor. Each and every spoonful of the sweet, savory pastry attacked his taste buds in the most sensual manner. Surely this snack took priority of the event at hand. "Sit, sit." Faust ushered his companion towards an open chair directly across from him, forcing his right hand to drop the spoonful of tempting sugar. The sin was fetid, having to stop his ritual for someone who he just met. His irises took a break from the red and white at the table, placing themselves on the individual and her ally. A million questions dashed throughout his cranium, each one zapping itself with the resolution. His lips split for a second, adamant on starting a conversation but stopped himself and considered the threats that would come. Whether this Crazy Eight was a senior member or his junior, Faust wanted to take the reigns and lead the charge. Some may have considered it egotistical, but he'd only shrug at those comments. Confident, he wanted victory in their grasps and he believed that the best chance of doing so would be tactically, under his jurisdiction. "Order something to eat. It's on me." Despite his cruel nature that applied to most others, he wanted his partner-to-be in the best possible condition. What better way to do that than to have a big snack before the big surprise?

Whether or not she chose to accept the sign of good will was a choice she'd have to make herself. He was here to discuss business with her, seeing as how they had no time beforehand to formulate an animus for the situation. There was no reason for introductions; she had already offered her own and suggested to know enough of Faust. How the guild functioned never ceased to amaze the Coyote. He still had to apprise an executive of the changes that transpired in the past months, but they identified him quite effortlessly. "How was your day?" he inquired. One could not make out a smile from his mouth, but his eyes and cheeks tightened as an attempted grin was presented. It was only human instincts to befriend those who would have your back, after all.

As he finished up his sweets and ordered a second batch, he kept his eyes on his 'partner' and his surroundings. His nose twitched every so often as it penetrated the air, hoping to smell someone or something out of place. Had there been any chances would he react accordingly, but for now, it was a moment of accompaniment.


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[Event] Operation: Quick Clash URfIrNm

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Alyssa sat across from the man with a grim smile upon her face.  He had offered her food, something she would never turn down in a million years.  She swiftly ordered a slice of cheesecake as well, waiting for the waiter to walk away before turning her attention back to the man before her.  "My day?"  She thought to herself momentarily.  She had quite a good day, collecting a few more skulls for her collection before cleaning herself up to meet with her partner here.  "It was...eventful.  Quite fulfilling if I do say so myself.  Got a lot of work done."  She would explain quietly as her piece of cheesecake came back.  Her eyes roamed the streets before her, keeping a watch on everyone as they walked by.  She put a piece of the cheesecake in her mouth, humming at the flavor coating her tongue.  It had been a long time since she had anything sweet.  Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a treat for Arcane and gave it to him where he would not feel left out.  The girl then sat quietly, eating her cheesecake with a smile upon her face all the while thinking about how this whole operation was gonna go down.

#7Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

The snow haired woman selected an orange fruit located in front of her, observing it carefully to ensure that it was healthy and not soft and rotten inside. An old merchant leaned back in his seat as Snowflake bundled several vegetables and fruits into a bag, jewels rolling across the table as the trade was dealt with. She offered the old man a quick glance, only to find him peeling a potato with a small kitchen knife in his seat. ”Thanks for the produce.” She’d say and eased her shopping bag over her shoulder.

”Yer welcome, drop by anytime!” The man cackled, hallowing like white noise against the bustle of a busy market.

The youth gently tugged onto her eyeband with her gloved fingers before she gestured an idle goodbye to the merchant and continued to walk along the stands. Crowds and bizarre locations were not the best place for her to be in, since she had an aversion to those sort of locations and was never fond of people gathering close around her with all of them speaking them at the same time, if it was not for her decision to cook dinner for herself and her familiar.

"I swear you're more like a dog."

She'd speak, sapphire eyes gliding over to her snow-fox companion sniffing at the ground and people’s feet that some of them would randomly start screaming at the sight of the fellow creature. It was an aimless bout, now that she was done grocery shopping, where the woman was already considerably lost among the crowds, albiet, was easily led by the streets paved with cobblestones and rocks. Despite the fact that she was a wizard of Blue Pegasus, she was still unfamiliar with the streets of Hargeon and her horrible sense of direction would lead her to a strange place that she’s never been to before.

The wind howled and the harsh gales blew across the undulating lands of Hargeon and there were almost barely any people in the vicinity, apart from a number of townsfolk wandering around the area. Snowflake stood in the middle of the road, glancing around, bewildered and all she could see was a long row of shops on both sides of her petite figure. A few meters away on her right was a bakery that easily caught her attention and she could smell the rich odour of cheese and bread, as the fragrance assailed her nostrils and her mouth would water immediately.

#8Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric walked further through the streets of Hargeon as he was nearing the location where the shop was located. After walking for a while he finally saw the shop in the distance. It had a huge sign above the door of an octopus trying to swallow a boat. Well, that wasn’t a very encouraging sign. Maybe people actually liked It as there was a huge amount of them waiting in front of the store. He had to squish through the mass of people before he could enter the white door leading into the shop. He entered and came into a very blue room. All the walls and furniture were painted blue and the floor was pure white. Was not really how Chelvaric liked his colors inside buildings but, eh, it was okay he guessed.

Everyone was standing in front of a table that was surrounded by windows in the front. Inside the glass, there was fish and ice stacked to keep it cool. He walked up to the place and ordered some forel and squid. He already knew what he was going to cook and had the ideas going through his heads. After he paid he went outside of the shop and walked back to his home. But he was so lost in his thoughts that he ended up lost in the city. He entered a part of the town that kind of looked dead. There was barely anyone around. He wondered where he was and looked around, when he suddenly recognized the white hair of Snow walking together with her snow vulpix. He walked to her while waving and shouting, “Hi Snow, funny running into you here!

[Event] Operation: Quick Clash HVEbuMl

#9Faust Noire 

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Faust Noire
A twitch of the nose flagged an interloper entering the environs of his gift. Tints of human flesh, but mixed with the whiff of mechanical parts had jumped into his range. Needless to say, the bizarre emanation piqued the male's curiosity and wariness. The very moment he noticed their presence, the Coyote took initiative. "We're leaving." he stated, without a single explanation. His eyes were the only form of communication, staring deep into Crazy Eight's eyes, hoping it'd be enough to persuade the woman that he had reasons behind his actions. Reaching into his left pocket, Faust pulled up enough to cover the price for both shares and then some, dropping it upon the table and departed the patisserie. The scene was a dismal one, the divorce of a man and his sweets.

Problematic, but it was the duty of a Grimoire Heart member to adapt to all outlandish plights presented. The moving pile of metal seemed to drag itself closer, homing in on the two Grimoire Heart members. Faust weighed his choices, considering multiple ways to play it out, ensuring both safety and accomplishment as factors of his scheme. His feral instincts took over, bringing over his canine side. His brain no longer thought about things on the defensive, but a mix of both offensive and stealthy tactics. "Could I borrow your axe?" he'd ask, though the fire in his eyes numbly stated he wouldn't take no for an answer. The humane side of the Coyote didn't prefer attacking from the shadows; often times it seemed barbaric and without class, definitely missing the chivalrous aspect of it all. However, the agent sought redemption. The symbol on his tongue lit up for a second, though no one could see it through his dust mask.

Always using hand signals and utter silence to direct his partner on how to tail him, how to move about, Faust ventured to another shop across from the bakery. The coffee shop was perfect. Inside, there were tables and a common folk, playing with what seemed like a new tech lacrima. Just right outside, there were a few more tables, starting from the window until the slabs of stone that provided a little space before the door blocked it from extending any further. A waiter immediately approached them, despite the intimidating and interesting features the three entities provided, wanted to serve them. "Just two iced waters please." Faust asked, thanking the man with a nod of his head before allowing him to retreat into the shop. Seconds later, he approached with fresh coffees. But Faust wasn't adamant on paying a second time. He simply wished for some time to inform his partner of the events that were to transpire. The very second the waiter dispersed, Faust initiated the conversation. "Something interesting is going to show up soon." he began. "Perhaps it's the call the begin the mission. It'll be here soon."

As if in correspondence to his prediction, the heap of metal appeared. A women walked towards them, carrying a bag filled with mysteries. He sniffed once more and confirmed the suspicions; she was the one. Whether or not she was the objective wasn't evident to Faust till her left hand displayed the white tattoo of the guild of wonders. "She's the one." he'd whisper to his comrade. There was no likelihood for her to determine what was just discussed; she was still at least twenty meters afar. In time, she made her way just a meter from the group of three. The mission had initiated.

The very moment the metal-girl turned her head ever-so-slightly right towards the bakery shop, the Coyote had launched the axe in his right hand like a projectile towards hers. His form was considerably perfect. Before release, he had eyed the female's neck area and calculated the rough estimates for the axe the attack. Noting the size and weight of the weapon in his hands, he brought it towards his right, twisted his upper body towards the right for windup, and executed the blast with precision, letting go of the axe only half a second before his wrist was perpendicular off the floor. Such an attack should have severed both the subclavian and carotid arteries, resulting in a momentarily stunned target. Had that been the case, the Coyote'd rush towards his target and knock her flat on her feet. With a push and pull motion committed by his arms, attached to the blade from when he rushed up, he used his right foot to kick the woman in the chest. This action brought the axe back into his arms, in which he slashed the same area once more, providing a clean cut to demolish the individual.

With the axe in hand, the Coyote analyzed his surroundings, hoping no one else was here to attack. He had sniffed out someone else entering the area not long before, but didn't have time to react. As timing had it, a partner seemed to have shown up. What luck.

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[Event] Operation: Quick Clash URfIrNm

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The man had stated that it was time to leave, not wanting to argue with him, she shoved the rest of her pie in her mouth unable to waste the delicious dessert.  Following the man closely behind, she heard his request to hold her axe.  She was not sure what the man had planned on doing with it, but she handed it to him anyhow.  They made their way to a coffee shop that was on the streets edge and took a table outside near the corner of the building where anyone coming from the opposite direction would not be able to see them before it was too late.  She heard the man order two glasses of water before explaining to her that something was coming.  Alyssa looked upon the woman that he had pointed out, seeing the guild tattoo upon her hand.  It was a matter of seconds before the man would throw Alyssa's axe perfectly hitting the woman in her artery.  Being as they were in her blind spot, there was no way for her to react, no way for her to know what was coming in the surprise attack.  He would then jump into action while the woman was stunned, slicing her once again while Alyssa and Arcane stood guard, making sure that no one would attack them while he was finishing the job before him.


#11Venus Rosé 

[Event] Operation: Quick Clash Empty Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:42 am

Venus Rosé

”Hmm” – was the first thing she managed out of her lips upon her arrival at a strange place, remaining still at her precise location, as her snow vulpix continued to sniff at the ground. The ambience of her surroundings felt out of place and she could sense a bad premonition befalling either on the android or the entire town. The fox produced a quick series of barks, as if it intended to warn her owner that suspicious presence was near her and that something was about to occur. It was at that moment, she noticed a cast of shadow just slightly over the left side her face when her eyes would widen upon seeing a large axe being thrown towards her. She’d lift her hand towards the direction of the weapon and opened her palm just for the weapon to fall into her hand.

Due to the force of the weapon being thrown at her, Snowflake was pushed back at least two meters back from her original location and formed a small crack in her palm instead of blood pouring out of her wound, for she possessed a body of a cyborg. Taking the weapon in her hands, she studied the appearance of the man that had attacked her and her lips dug into a firm line. Her bag of groceries had slipped off her shoulder, fresh vegetables now soiled with dust particles on the ground. Anger surged through her body as she tightened her grip onto the weapon, only to break it into smaller pieces and tossed the wooden handle over her shoulder and the buildings to God knows where.

When she looked over the man’s shoulder, she realised that it was not just one person who had planned to ambush her. Numbers flickered before her eyes, displaying the statistics of each person, both the man and the female. It was when she heard a familiar voice called out for her and she could assume who the person was without glancing back. ”Chelvaric, mind doing me a favour and shut up for a moment. We’re on a battlefield.” Her voice was grim with an apparent hint of irritation in her tone. She could not be more pissed than she was at that moment and took several steps back closer to where Chelvaric was located with Vysella growling right between her legs. Now, she was exactly 4 meters away from the enemy, still on the middle of the road and facing the man at a 45 degree angle. The woman figured that making rash decisions would not be the best idea and throwing herself into the fight would cause more casualties than she’d have wanted to.  

”What is this?” She’d ask, though she had high doubts of the receiving an answer from enemies like them.  



#12Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was 8 meters away from Snow when he was walking to her. He was already waving and shouting at her when he suddenly saw something flying from in front of her. But it seemed that Snow had seen it too. It looked like an axe and it flew right towards her. Chelvaric didn’t wait for a second and started running towards her. He kept his eyes on the man who was standing right in front of the shop with his red hair he looked like a crazy person. Something was off about him though there was something he just couldn’t lay his finger on. When he approached Snow and after he ensured himself that the enemy was in range of 8 meters, he pulled his sword out and slashed it towards the location of the enemy. Upon doing so, the blade started to glow as he pushed magic through it. A slash in the shape of a white arc that was one meter long left the blade and flew right at the man. Right after he did he made a card appear with his left hand in front of Snow.

Card of Leviathian”, he would call out while the golden card went over Snow's body leaving a golden snake wrapped around each of her arms buffing her strength. He stopped running when he was around three meters away from Snow and five meters from the enemy. “Let’s do this Snow!”, He said to her while keeping the shop in detailed view. You never knew if he had some back up somewhere.

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[Event] Operation: Quick Clash HVEbuMl

#13Faust Noire 

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Faust Noire
The idealistic vision deteriorated in a matter of seconds. In a split second, shoulders arced. A slender arm extended and thwarted the life-taking projectile from doing its task. Faust did not consider the unfortunate event a loss, but another opening for his antics. The second Snowflake turned, the Coyote decided to ditch the original method and ignite plan B instead. No point in standing still when the target had caught onto them. Reactionary, he quickly ran towards her. Once he was within range, quadriceps contracted, sending him flying towards the white-haired bimbo. In the midst of his dash, a thin line of blood erupted from his raised left hand towards her right eye, hoping to eliminate one of her major senses right off the bat. Crossroads multiplied in his head and the Coyote proved ready for all situations.

His dash sent him within the closest proximity possible to the inhumane female, notably to her left, staring directly at her ear. The weapon he called the left hand weaved its way into her remaining eye, piercing it with two fingers of his own. His right hand remained in a slightly heightened position by his side, ready to block any incoming physical resistance from her. If she blocked damage to her eyes, his wary hand pushed it off-course. If she decided to knock him out before he did to her, the wary hand traced his opponent and acted defensively. Her eye wasn't his only target, however. If she ignored his right hand altogether, he'd give her a strike chop to the back of her neck, directly on the spine. It prioritized the defensive but attacked if the opening existed. Under the assumption both attacks were successful, Faust concluded his story with her with the chop.

His body turned to face the remaining member of the betrothed guild. "You're next." he'd announce with a devious grin planted on his face. His eyes screamed blood lust and his lips craved it.

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[Event] Operation: Quick Clash URfIrNm

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It was bright out that day and soon blood would be spilled.  The neko and the woman had figured out the two were there so it was officially a fight now.  Knowing that the neko was like a cat, she inferred that he must be somewhat frightened of water, meaning he would more than likely try to keep himself out of range of the girl and her attacks.  She knew if she could keep him at bay, they might have a chance.  The smells of the coffee shop infiltrated her nose along with the screams of the few citizens that were running by. Arcane was on full alert as well, keeping his eyes peeled ready to jump into action if it was needed.  Slightly wondering to herself exactly what the two's plan was, she thought of every possible thing that they could do in order to knock the two of them out.  Would Alyssa need to pull a hostage into the mix?  She knew the guild would have a hard problem killing any of the innocent people in their town, but Alyssa would have no problem with it, if it would get the two of them out alive.  Quickly taking note of the citizens still around them, Alyssa never took her eyes off of the two before her.  She would watch closely to see that movements that the two would make, watching for any sign of attack from either of them, though the smell of coffee was still burning her nostrils.  She silently hoped that her partner had a plan to take out the stronger looking woman while she kept the neko at bay.  She guessed that if she had to, she would just spray the neko with a water hose to keep him away.  She would hope her assumption about the water was correct as that was her element, which the man would see based on the spell she was about to use.  Alyssa kept her eyes on the scene before her, taking a deep breath with the man she called her partner went in, being the moment the woman made a move.  As he did, she quickly pointed her finger at the man and snapped, forming a shield to his front where he could get attacked from.  At the same moment she would do that, she would position herself between the man and the woman creating a barrier with her and Arcane, having Arcane angle his way towards the man about six meters away and would proceed to open his mouth and blow flames a meter wide and would reach a range of ten meters long at the man angled slightly towards the side that was nearest the woman, making sure not to hit her partner.  Either the neko would have to move away from the woman or completely be engulfed in flames.  If the neko would move, Arcane would follow his movements with his flames.  If he would try to move forward and attack, the dog would dash forward and duck under the weapon if the man tried to swing and launch himself to attack his throat effectively knocking the man out.  If a hit was to somehow hit her shielded teammate, Alyssa was at the ready with a healing spell to help him and if the neko was to move forward to attack Arcane, she had readied a barrier for him as well to block damage while he went for the knock out.  The movements were all done in a singular moment to prevent the spread of any further damage throughout the three of them.


#15Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

Snakes engulfed her body as her partner casted a spell on her figure and felt a sudden rush of energy within her body. The woman released a grunt as she ceased the axe from splitting her head into half and before she could react, her enemy broke into a run towards her with some sort of shield that was casted in front of him by his female ally. A slight gasp parted her lips, fearing for her life and after the man located himself behind her and it was at that brief second, she registered into her mind that it was her turn to counterattack, even if it meant risking her life. She quickly switched the axe onto her right hand and swiftly, she turned around to face the man directly, before pushing her feet forward into a quick dash while her companion remained in the same position.  

As she dashed, Snowflake balled her palm into a tight fist and raised her left arm, folding her fist inwards into her chest so that her elbow was pointed outwards in a powerful stance. Right before she located herself in front of her enemy, she tilted her body at a slight angle so that her elbow would be directed in front of his face. Then, she thrusted her elbow outwards, pummelling it through the shield that the woman had casted earlier and right into his face. Had all of this had worked just as she desired, the force of her strength would knock the man back off his feet, into the direction of Chelvaric’s and onto the ground before he passed out. A smirk made its way onto the firm line of her thick lips and her cerulean gaze glided over to the woman standing nearby. Her cruel intentions were something she did not want to share towards anyone, albeit, it tends to grow through every battle she’s had.

Snowflake wasted no time dashing into the direction of the long-haired female the moment she was done with the redhead, a wide grin growing across her lips. The second she lifted her feet, Snowflake swung her blade in her right arm behind her and bolted within the woman's closest range within a matter of seconds. The weapon cleaved through the stranger's neck behind her after she's exerted her maximum force, slicing off her vital parts in the area. The grin that remained on her lips slowly faded into a grim line and the android returned to her original self, once she was satisfied with what she had done.



#16Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric suddenly saw a movement from the shop. A girl that was nearing them with something really bright beside her was suddenly standing up and walking towards his and Snows location. He didn’t know yet if it was a friend of the dark mage or not. He kept her in vision when she suddenly made a water wall appear in front of the dark mage. A fucking water wall. Who the fuck has such a kind of magic? Of course, she would be an evil mage. He disgusted it and he rather not come near her. To top things off she had a  creature like a dog by her side.

He would rather chop it up into pieces then let it live. But at the same time, he didn’t want to get close to the water mage. It’s best if I retreat for a bit now and let Snow handle things. He threw a card on his chest just around the time the water mage was getting in range of him. A little small engine appeared on his chest and shot him back wards for five meters just when the flame was coming towards him. He felt the heat on his face when he was just barely out of range of the flame. “Suck it water mage and mongrel. You’ll feel the judgment of Sekat on you!” he shouted at them to distract from what was happening behind them.

spells used:

[Event] Operation: Quick Clash HVEbuMl

#17Shura Ranzu † 

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Shura Ranzu †

The evidence

Starting from Post #7 Snowflakes Post

“Snowflake stood in the middle of the road, glancing around, bewildered and all she could see was a long row of shops on both sides of her petite figure. A few meters away on her right was a bakery that easily caught her attention and she could smell the rich odour of cheese and bread, as the fragrance assailed her nostrils and her mouth would water immediately.”

Middle of street, 10 meters wide street = five meters away.

Faust Post #9

First off, you don’t make hit claims until the next round of posts. You make hit calls when someone has acted incorrectly towards your actions or ignored them as a whole. So to call hits when they haven’t had a chance to react is wrong. It comes off as auto hits and considering you wet behind the ears. This is your first and only warning from me. Next time you will be penalized.

"Could I borrow your axe?" he'd ask, though the fire in his eyes numbly stated he wouldn't take no for an answer.

What axe are we referring too? One that was just conjured up from nothing? This axe was never referenced until you were ready to attack. See here is the case with weapons.You have to keep track of stuff on your sheet. Alyssa’s sheet she has no axe, she has a sword but no axe. And not her profile thing when you hover over it. Her actual sheet that you have to pay attention too. Therefore this axe does not exist. Snowflake could have called BS on this voiding your entire post initially but she didn’t so I can’t. For all we know Snowflake could have said this axe was a toy and squeaked on impact. But hey that’s just my thought on the matter. Let’s push on.

Snowflake and Pupper goes, spider senses tingling “The ambience of her surroundings felt out of place and she could sense a bad premonition befalling either on the android or the entire town. The fox produced a quick series of barks, as if it intended to warn her owner that suspicious presence was near her and that something was about to occur.”

Alright I am gonna come out and say it. This is real metagamey. Why? You have no sensory as a android or equipment for that. Nowhere does it state that vulpix can sniff things or sense shit like races can. This man had long crossed the street carrying on about his business. Made no sort of movements towards you two and your senses were focused on the bakery.  Sudden bad feeling but the dog went from sniffing to barking at the axe? Now had you said the dog picked up on the sound of the axe being thrown or it whizzing through the air I would allow it. Or even if chel heard this shit coming cause cat ears. BUT cause Faust did not draw attention to it and accepted it into the timeline you blocked it congrats. Weapon confirmed destroyed.

Alyssa #14

“Woman had figured out the two were there so it was officially a fight now.  Knowing that the neko was like a cat, she inferred that he must be somewhat frightened of water, meaning he would more than likely try to keep himself out of range of the girl and her attacks.”

Lolno You would have no idea he is a Neko. For all we know he could be a furry and just liked wearing cat ears. Unless there is known information that you researched before hand knowing of all the possible races in Fiore (I really doubt that) in character. This is clear indication of metagaming from my point of view but, I am not voiding it why? You screwed your partner over. The laser would get blocked and therefore Faust’s attack never goes through. Snowflake could have voided it in her  post but instead used it against you both. I will allow it.

Same issue here also, making hit claims as you do actions. This is auto hitting and a huge no no.

Snowflake #15

Again the running gag of people calling hits before any reaction is done. Sure your actions are there but they are not confirmed. Not till the next round of actions so no Faust and Alyssa are not called out. If they do not react correctly to this incoming attack then sure you can call hits. Otherwise these are just actions with no foundation yet. You are acting upon these and nothing is solidified yet.

As for chel Uh you do you.

The Verdict

After much thought and such I have my response. You three (cause Chel didn’t do this) DO NOT make hit calls until after the round of posting. Why? That’s auto hitting who knows they may have a way to deal with your shit. If they mess up then you can call the hit and straighten it out. Rule of thumb is to make hit calls BEFORE your actual post so people can read what you are calling out and dispute if need be. Anyone else reading this let this be the only warning to everyone. After dis no more freebies. I will just look over all the premature ejaculation of hits this one time since three people did it.

No Faust and Alyssa are not down for the count yet because they haven’t had a chance to react. If they mess up or incorrectly deal with Snowflake’s advances then we have a hit call worth reading. Posting can resume at Faust turn 48hrs from this point on. You all have 24hrs to dispute this.

#18Faust Noire 

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Faust Noire
The laser that exited his fingertip was immediately subdued by a water shield, courtesy of his partner. It seemed that their correlation was completely off, much less relevant. The shield soaked up the entirety of his blast and forced him to skid to a stop. Being water, it was transparent to some extent, but seeing as how it soaked up his blast and was still standing, there was no passing through. In the sudden change of events to occur, his eyes never left the Blue Pegasus mage; thankfully the shield was transparent. His opponent didn't take a breather either. She matched his dash with one of her own and her body shifted into the attempt of an elbow strike with her left arm. Charging in, her eyes seemed to ignore the shield in front of her and forced the calm-minded warrior to be wary of the robo-lady. With her approach, Faust shifted his right foot behind his left, forced his left heel to follow the direction of the incoming blow, and allowed his body to flow with the movement. With his left hand raised and balled into a fist, the man struck his target on her right temple with the knuckle bone of his middle finger. His right hand remained at his side, in case she decided to block his attack, it'd be ready to match it and present itself as a wonderful servant, refusing to let anything intervene with its master's battle. But this servant wasn't going to sit around if there were no obstacles in his way. He'd dig his way into the robo-lady's right eye, shredding it out and dropping it on the floor.

Hopping back five meters, he ventured further and further from the fight. That was no problem to him, but it would have been one for Crazy Eight. They were at a disadvantage, a fact undisputed the moment the robo-lady crushed the axe with her bare hands. Faust was unsure of what the man in the back did, but some spell was casted and it floated towards the girl on his side. Perhaps it was a buff? Though of what, the Coyote was not confident of. Nevertheless, his eyes now had a wide view of the entirety of the situation. His focus was on the woman and her pet fox, something that didn't seem to be doing any work at all. In his head, he only asked one question to himself. I don't have to pay for that weapon, do I?


417 words

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#19Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé


Two meters into the dash, the android saw enough movement from her enemy to confirm that her strike was going to fail and her right hand was ready, slightly bent by her side to block any kind of incoming attack from the man. The second she saw him shift his feet, she was already conjuring up the next plan to take this man down. A meter before she was located right in front of him, the cyborg immediately reduced her speed and skid to a stop, where he had his fist aimed at her temple after breaking the water shield placed in front of him by his ally. Her right arm flexed instantly and grabbed his fist, protecting herself from getting punched in the head. With the sole intention to crush his bones, the woman exerted all her might onto the grasp and tightened her fingers around the man's fist. Her left arm was still bent into an elbow strike, however, she was ready to use it as her weapon if she needed to, with just a stretch of her limb.

The pain that she had directed upon the man’s fist would surely incapacitate him and undoubtedly, she used the opportunity given to her advantage. Snowflake tightened her grip onto the man’s limb firmly, not wanting to let him escape from her grasp and quickly slipped her feet underneath him in an attempt to knock him off his feet. At the precise moment the clown-like man lost his balance, she pulled her left elbow backwards, her fingers uncurling and shaped into the edge of the knife, the Blue Pegasus mage jabbed at his throat to finish him off while still holding onto his broken hand. Once his defeat was confirmed, Snowflake stepped back to return where her companion was. The vulpix begins to open its mouth and released frigid harsh gales in front of her, to where the enemy was laying. The cold air freezes the ground underneath the man, creating a layer of ice so that anyone within the range would lose their balance. This was to ensure that the lycan wouldn’t be able to get back to his feet if he had enough luck to survive her blows.

Spells Used:

#20Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric still felt the heat on his face when the flame had died off in front of him. God that was a close call . he thought by himself before putting his sword in front of him. He had to do something. Snow was still in a fierce battle with the clownlike bad guy. He hated the dog near the other dark mage as he was still feeling a fear of it inside him. But he couldn’t give up on Snow. It was time he faced his fear once more. He put his sword up just above his shoulder and started charging towards the female mage. She seemed to be overwhelmed as she stood there watching him come at her. Just before he reached her he turned around slashing his sword in one fast sweep aimed at her neck. He felt his sword cut the fibers of her skin. It was slicing her neck nicely in two, although the sword had a bit of trouble with the bone the speed was fast enough to cut through it. His sword came out from behind her body as it started to fell to the ground the head was making turns around its own Centre. When the two objects fell on the ground with a nice squashing sound he was satisfied and relieved that his fight with her was over.

One dark mage defeated and erased of existence. He then quickly kicked the dog into his chin with his leg before it could do anything turning its belly towards him. With a slash over the whole length of the underside, it was split open and its intestines were coming out as it felt dead to the ground. “Your teammate is gone mage it’s just you who’s left. Prepare for your judgment”, he shouted to the other mage that was fighting Snow.


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Venus Rosé

The attacker remained motionless on the cold layer of ice that the Blue Pegasus mage had created, yet, under the frail cage of those shattered ribs, his chest rose and fell with each shallow breath. The female took a moment observing the body until she reassured herself that the man was indeed, passed out from the blows that she had rewarded him. Upon approaching his body, the woman nudged his body with her feet before bending down and studied his appearance carefully, slowly etching it into her brain so that by any chance the incident ever occurs again, she would not hesitate to kill him. If Snowflake had let her guard down, she would have been already defeated way right before she could even get a chance to blink albeit, it seemed that luck was on her side this time.

The woman made a mental note to herself not to underestimate her opponents regardless of their appearances, for looks can be extremely deceptive. Sapphire orbs glided across the street where her teammate stood with blood dripping off his sword. Underneath the female's body was a pool of scarlet as her life blood flowed out in slow pulses, each weaker than the one before. Silence reigned supreme within the area and it seemed that due to their combat battle, all the civilians nearby had already fled for their lives. "I think we should go now. We need to check on the rest of the members." She'd say, breaking the silence within the vicinity before turning around to walk away.

{ EXIT }

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at the bodies he made and held a hand on his forehead. Trying to calm his breathing. Did he kill because It was necessary or because he was afraid of the situation. He didn’t know exactly and his mind was running wild. Not that he cared much about the person. Evil had to die no matter what. Redemption didn’t exist for the people that went bad in their lives. No matter what they did to make up for it. He looked over at Snowflakes place and he saw how she had dealt with him too. He was a bit sad that he didn’t see how she handled as he could have learned from that. He cleaned his sword using the clothes of the fallen girl and then slided it back into its sheath. A sword needed to be cleaned always or it would rust and go bad.

Snow said to him that they should check on the other members and he agreed to it they had to make sure no one else was being attacked. “Let’s rush to the guild hall then so we can make sure it’s safe there”, he said to her and looked around if no civilians were hurt but it seemed everyone had run away. He quickly ran to her side and walked together with her.

[Event] Operation: Quick Clash HVEbuMl


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Blue Pegasus has stopped the operation.

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