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Dozing Kids [Quest - Phoebe]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
She was sitting on a bench and on the song that was stuck in her head, she tapped her right index finger against her own cheek. She had no idea what she was going on but everyone seemed to have left Magnolia for some reason, there was this event probably, some parties? She had no idea, she wasn’t that much of a social person, she was hanging out with a few people that she liked: mostly pretty people and very nice. But now she was all alone again. That’s what happened when you locked yourself up in a hotel room. Not that she could help it, she have had a stupid cold which made her beautiful red lips broken and look horrible and she had a dripping nose, bright red cheeks and a sloppy look in general. She didn’t like the way she looked and because she liked and think her looks were important, yes she was that vain, she needed to look good before she would head out. Only a few rainy days in summer and Phoebe Rainsworth, totally not honouring her name, was having a cold. It was absolutely ridiculous, she was aware of that but it was something she tended to do, besides her body felt heavy all the time because of that cold and only already thinking about heading down the stairs had made her tired. So she had slept it off for a couple of days.

Now she was very aware that she didn’t know people in this town and that made it all very boring, she wished she had something to do, which was perhaps what she should find: a job. The days spending inside had made her spend a lot of money on the rent and not making any money. She stood up, sighing deeply and headed out, she was probably not wearing the right outfit for a job but she wanted to wear her bright red heels and she was wearing a pencil skirt in a dark purple colour that it almost looked black. She was sure that she would have to change clothing, but it couldn’t harm to first check out the quest board before she would do that, at least claiming a job already would be a smart idea. She walked there, listening to the sound that her heels made on the pavement before she reached the board. There were not many people at this time, most people would have already picked up one but she was no longer motivated to work on her own since she had met King and Jeeroy, but they were perhaps no longer in town anymore. She sighed, it was stupid she went to leave Orchidia to grown up and find her mother. To become a better Fire Starter and so on and here she was again depending on people. It was childish and she knew she had to change that. Her lilac eyes scanned the papers on the board, there was one for helping the teacher out. That sounded like a great idea and! No need to change!


Dozing Kids [Quest - Phoebe] VZmj2zD
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Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe took the quest immediately off the board, this one was written for her today. She quickly walked a few steps away from the board in case people would want to get there and find other quests. She went to sit on a bench and read the quest carefully again. The message was very clear, help kids in class stay awake. That wasn’t so difficult. She jumped up and headed towards the school, hopefully she wasn’t too late for this class. She hurried towards the school, glad to see that the children were playing outside, it must either be break or they had some gymnastic thing. Which meant the time of the class that the teacher miss Sandine needed help for wasn’t right now. She hurried inside, making the same click clack noise inside on the wooden floor but a little lighter than outside on the pavement. She knocked on an open door to ask where she could find miss Sandine and held up the paper with the quest for the woman to see, the woman inside introduced herself as miss Sandine, so Phoebe introduced herself as well. Miss Sandine explained that the children would come back soon and that she would teach them about History, which was simply a boring subject as the limits of the school didn’t give miss Sandine much options to make the lesson much interesting.

This was the only solution that she came up with that the school did allow, so they shortly talked about the magic that Phoebe possessed, almost afraid that she would scare the kids too much, miss Sandine assured her it was fine, as long as they stayed awake. Phoebe stood next to miss Sandine when she was shortly introduced and told that she would keep an eye on everyone in this class. She would remain seated in the right hand corner of miss Sandine and only stand up in case it was necessary to keep a child awake. She didn’t plan to use her fire magic, it would only scare them. She had made that decision but she walked to a few students to pet their shoulders to keep them awake and pay attention to their notes as well as miss Sandine. When the lesson was done, they had another class and miss Sandine quickly made sure Phoebe was paid and could leave, a simple thank you extra. Phoebe told her she didn’t mind and that the lesson was interesting and headed out of the school building. She would put the money immediately away in her hotel room, just to make sure that she kept this safe for rent and would not immediately spend it. Which was a very good decision but a tea in the cafe of the hotel couldn’t harm a soul, besides it was really cheap but first the put the jewels away and with the last of her so called pocket money she headed downstairs to go and write a letter towards her father and sister Mary.


Dozing Kids [Quest - Phoebe] VZmj2zD
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