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Era To Hargeon [Foot Travel]

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#1Venus Rosé 

Era To Hargeon [Foot Travel] Empty on Fri Sep 08, 2017 6:30 pm

Venus Rosé

There wasn’t much left to do in Era town so Snowflake decided that she would leave the city once all the matters have been solved. Now that all her businesses have been attended, she was not going to stay in the town for much longer and truthfully, she hardly remained in Era for a week. Besides, she was only in Era just for a quick drop by on her way to Hargeon. A day prior, when their quest was done, she had promised Chelvaric that they would meet in Hargeon to visit the Blue Pegasus guild and perhaps, might take a visit around the entire town, since she hasn’t done it yet, not entirely and she has been wanting to take a trip to the beach in the guild’s hometown.

”Vy, let’s go.”

The snow haired wizard spoke, taking one last look in her apartment to make sure that nothing in her bag was missing. She grabbed her baggage nearby and opened the door out of her room for her companion and eased her bag onto her shoulder before sliding out of the room.

The morning prior, Snowflake received a letter. And, this wasn't just any letter. It was neatly sealed with a scarlet stamp. It was dancing idly across the gloved hand of an unknown man, and more so, it had an unfamiliar name scrawled across the front. She stared at it carefully as she flipped it open between her fingers and scanned along the lines that was written on the brittle page. Somehow, it seemed that there's some kind of incident occurring in Hargeon and required her immediate presence, along with other Blue Pegasus mages.

She walked up to the counter of the hotel that she stayed in and faced the receptionist, who greeted her with a smile. She shoved her hand into her pocket and reached for the jewels before placing it on the desk for the room that she had rented in for the time that she remained in Era and left the hotel.


{ Travel Completed }

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