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Call to Arms [Magnolia -> Hargeon]

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Call to Arms [Magnolia -> Hargeon] Empty Fri Sep 08, 2017 4:12 pm


The summons had been given, Odin was to make his way to Hargeon in preparation for something that was coming soon. He knew not what it was that he was being called for, but the members of Grimoire Heart rarely did, Crowley kept his plans to himself until they needed to be known, usually through the words of Icarus, the eyes, ears, and mouth of the guild master, a fact that led many to believe that Icarus was indeed the master himself, and Crowley a mere fabrication, for what reason they could never tell. Odin had his own beliefs on the matter of Crowley and Icarus, from their existence -or not- to their motives, but he followed nonetheless, believing Grimoire Heart to be the best way to ensure that chaos ruled in the world, for only through chaos could the world improve.

Pushing such demonic thoughts to the back of his mind, Odin quickly packed up all his things (which wasn't a large collection) and got on the road to Hargeon, having to pass through another town he had rarely noticed, having not ventured as far south as he currently was, despite the fact that Hargeon was even further. Oak was situated in the north of Fiore, and it was there Odin had made his home, and now he was in the southern most lands. What reason could Icarus have for this? His mind quickly wandered to the Swineherd pub, as he wondered how it was being handled. It had been a lengthy time since Odin had returned there, and he was missing the buzz of working in a bar. Once he was finished in Hargeon, as well as getting work in some of the other nearby towns, he would make a point of returning there. After all, in the home of Phantom Lord, there would always be work for a dark mage.


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