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Crash the Cash House [Quest | Yumi]

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Yumi stood in a clearing in Oak, by herself. She held her Executioner’s hand in her right hand as she stared at a large Oak tree just opposite her. Yumi tightened her single handed grip and dashed forward, propelling herself at max speed towards the thick tree. She pulled the sword back and brought it round in a right side swing. Yumi’s muscles bulged as she released a loud battle cry. The sword cut through the air creating a sword shadow as it struck the side of the massive tree. The entire tree shook under the force of Yumi’s blow. The tree quivered as leaves rain down from above. The edge of the executioner’s sword cut into the bark, slicing through with very little resistance. Yumi gripped the blade with both hands and roared pushing the blade through with every bit of her strength. Yumi’s full might exerted onto the blade as it cut through the tree with a single simple side swing. With a kick of her right foot she struck the back sending the tree toppling backwards away from Yumi. The tree hit the ground with a loud thud shaking the ground from the impact of the fall.

Yumi swiped her massive blade through the air, holding it with only one hand once more, her right. She hefted the massive blade up onto her right shoulder and admired her handy work. Her strength was quiet impressive, A rank just below S rank, with a little nudge in the form of a B rank or equivalent Strength buff and her strength his S rank allowing her to slay weaker foes with ease. Her sword was like the grim reaper’s scythe stealing the life from all it connected with. Through but a single stroke of her sword she could take lives with very little effort. The little huffed as she positioned the sword onto her back and strapped it in with the leather strap. Turning on her heels she departed making her way from the surrounding Oak forest back towards Oak town. That was enough training for today, it was time to work on some more quests in order to get closer to repaying her Black Wood Bank loan. Yumi only needed fifty thousand more jewels and she would be squared up. The demon made her way through the forest arriving at the gates, flashing her fake but quite real looking Id to the gate guard, Yumi entered the town.

The demon made her way through the streets of oak making her way towards the Dark Mage Bad Quest Board in order to find a new quest to take. On arrival her eyes narrowed and an annoyed grown escaped her lips, there was nothing but D ranks left. With a huff she snatched one at random. As long as she completed 2 D rank quests she would have earned enough to finish paying off her loan. Yumi scanned the contents of the quest to see who the client was. Low and behold the client was none other than Martin Martello. Yumi snorted in mild amusement, she had earlier taken a quest on behalf of Jerr to rob the Martello and make it look like the Tessio Syndicate had done the job. Now she was taking a quest for the man, most amusing.

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An hour had come to pass since Yumi accepted the quest and she now found herself outside of the Martello Family House, a map in hand. She had visited the Martello’s to get the details of the quest. The job was to break into one of the Tessio cash houses and rob it blind. A map had been provided to show just where the cash house was, apparently it was an old diner. Martin wanted the place ransacked before being burnt to the ground. He had even so graciously provided Yumi with his personal lighter for the chop. Yumi accepted the task, after all money was money and she wasn’t going to deny a quest especially when she got paid. Yumi scanned the map finding the location of the safe house and took off at max dash speed of eight meters per second. She took to the roof tops and as she ran her speed gradually increased; the cash house was on the other side of oak, in order to get the job done as quickly as possible Yumi wasn’t holding back.

Yumi dashed along the roof tops reaching running speeds of up to fifteen meters per second and slowly increasing as she continued running faster and faster. Leaping from roof top to roof top she soon arrived at her destination, landing atop a building roof. She looked down from the edge towards the deserted diner, it was pretty secluded from the rest of the street, with a few guards patrolling. Yumi watched the guards until night fall figuring out their pattern. As they began to move, Yumi used the cover of night to sneak over. She left her sword behind on the previous roof top so not to impede her abilities. Yumi snuck up behind a guard and moved with him not making a sound. As he turned the corner she quickly darted through the back door shutting it softly behind her before the next guard came. Once inside Yumi began searching the cash house. She searched the kitchen, bathroom, lounge room, dining room and bedroom before coming to the storage room. Yumi’s eyes narrowed as she spotted some loose tiles in the corner of the room. Yumi approached and lifted the up, someone had neglected in putting them tiles back properly. Underneath the tiles was a bag overflowing with jewels.

Yumi tossed the jewels over her right shoulder and searched the storage room, finding some kerosene. Yumi unscrewed the lid and began spreading the kerosene through the diner spreading it all over. She placed the can down as she moved to the back door. Yumi took out Martin’s lighter and tossed it onto the floor after lighting it up. The flame struck the kerosene and a stream of fire engulfed the house. The guards burst in moments later. The one who came through the back door Yumi swung with a left hook knocking him out. She then left out the back returning to the previous roof top to retrieve her sword. Strapping her sword Yumi left returning to the Martello Family home. Yumi handed the money over and retrieve her reward, pocketing the money and left, a graze blaze could be seen in the distance.

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Crash the Cash House [Quest | Yumi] FIXCi2K
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