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Troublemakers [Shin]

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Geb was sitting in the park, a picnic blanket set out as he looked onwards to the wonderful scenery of Hargeon Town, grabbing out a sandwich from his bag. He noticed how good everything looked, and as such unwrapped his sandwich to appreciate the moment. Taking it out of the plastic wrapping, he took a bite into the ham and cheese sandwich.

"What a beautiful duwang."

He wasn't quite sure what a duwang was, perhaps his circuits were malfunctioning. Taking another bite, Geb noted the nice texture of the sandwich he was having for lunch today.


Swallowing, Geb leaned back against a nearby tree, looking to the blue sky. It was noon, in a large park in the middle of Hargeon. Now that he noticed it, the architecture in Hargeon was pretty good as well.

"There must be no other place as pretty as this town."

Finishing up his sandwich, Geb moved onto some applesauce. Using a plastic spoon to scoop it up, he enjoyed the sweet taste combined with the smooth texture of the sauce. Smiling, he noted -

"This feels like a picnic." Finally, he would finish off his applesauce and lay down on the mat, closing his eyes as he slowly but surely fell asleep, drifting off into the world of dreams. Surely nobody would be rude enough to steal his wallet or something, right? Or worse, his basket that was probably worth more than the contents of his wallet? That would be quite rude of them, if someone did decide to do that to him. Lots of mean people out there.

Geb slept through it all and 10 hours later woke up. Wow, he really was losing out on sleep.

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Troublemakers [Shin] BORZAPv
#2Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
The park was always an annoying place. Children ran around and about, screaming their lungs out without a care for those around them. Parents cared very little, engaging in talks with other parents. Couples covered the areas where there was shade, often putting on a public display of affection. All these annoyances and yet, Shin found himself here.

The red-haired mage found himself following his companion Gastly. The black spherical creature roamed from one area to another, going wherever curiosity led it. Entering the park, a few children either screamed and ran to their parents while others stood in awe at the apparition before them. Paying the children no mind, a new curiosity intrigued the creature.

Drifting along the grass, Gastly set its wide eyes on a picnic basket that appeared to belong to a man sleeping atop a blanket. Without a care in the world, Gastly opened its mouth revealing its two fangs. Grasping the basket in between its lips, it flipped the basket upside down spilling the contents inside all over the place. Catching it's eyes, Gastly dropped the basket and tore into a piece of meat. Stepping up to the scene, Shin could only look in amazement. He knew the creature bore a mischievous personality but this was something else. This was magnificent. Rather then scold the creature or tell it to move along, he stood next to a tree with both hands in the pockets of his denim jeans.

"Save some for him!"

But Gastly did not listen and ate it all. With that, Shin and Gastly took off leaving the man alone to his sleep.


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