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Era Town - Hargeon [Foot Walk]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

Era Town - Hargeon [Foot Walk] Empty on Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:18 pm

Adelaide Sokolov
People might wonder where the new Lieutenant had been, had she just been promoted since her arrival in Era and suddenly she was gone. Well that was because some answers were found and had made her not the healtiest person on the planet or in Fiore for that matter. She had fought a demon, had not been able to do that in the way she wanted and well so many more things to consider and to think about. She sat in her office filling in the papers, she had not seen any of the members of her team again and decided to send them a letter to invite them over to Hargeon, which might be dangerous but still. She also send an apology letter to Evangeline for suddenly disappearing again.

She held her hand in front of her lips, a rush of nausea hit her but nothing happened as she was able to simply sigh deeply and get over the feeling. She had never expected it to be so annoying and heavy feeling. Lately it felt like she was getting used to this feeling, eating wasn't that difficult anymore and not every smell that she disliked made her puke anymore. That saved herself from a lot of trouble. She stood up and walked to the door to hand the letters to her squire and mentioned she would pack her bags and they would leave soon. She just needed to be sure that she would be able to walk for four days.

With one last look in her room here in Era, she made sure she had everything, followed by Brandon her Squire at this moment she left the Headquarters and headed down the high hill towards the town itself and towards Magnolia, Dahlia and her last stop Hargeon, she had to be quick and have a clear mind because of everything that was about to happen. There were a lot of things on her mind, but she had sort of opened a vault in her head and locked everything in there that could wait, wait a couple of days before she would have to spill that out. She didn't know if the other knights had already arrived but she sure hoped as hell that they would listen to an order from the higher ranks.

Four days walking while feeling shitty like her, made the walk feel particularly long but she didn't complain, she didn't speak about it and didn't say anything about it, it just needed to happen for a course and she would make sure to protect herself very well.

Wordcount: 436/400 arrival in Hargeon.

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