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My Journal Is Gone! [Hargeon Town > Magnolia Town | Foot Travel]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

My Journal Is Gone! [Hargeon Town > Magnolia Town | Foot Travel] Empty Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:14 am

Daiko Flayme
Ah, the sand on Hargeon Town was getting on Hyōen’s nerves. Never did he know how much it could burn when standing on glowing sand on a hot day at the beach, while Coda flew around the sky, careless and free like that bird she was. Thinking of it, Hyōen also had to do something back at the small apartment where he lived for now, so he stuck two fingers into his mouth and whistled for Coda to return to his shoulder. Then, he would march across the hot sand towards the building, watching many things as he passed. The ice truck, a few alleys and boulevards, and of course, the sandwich bar where he had his first sandwich with Ana. He was sure that Coda still remembered her face, but Hyōen mostly remembered the way that she beat the poor guy up using his own bat. Having witnessed that already gave him some respect for the guildmate - that too, she was the first or second mage that he had ever met from his guild. That alone was an achievement too, and definitely something that he would remember for now and as long as he could. And he was good at remembering…

Once finding out that his journal was gone - yes, he had a journal which he wrote on now and then about his adventures - he suddenly remembered the baths in Magnolia where he was waiting. That was the last place that he remembered having written in that journal, in which… he had to go back to Magnolia Town and regain it now. It was a very important journal, and despite that he had already been there a couple times already, he was willing to return to the city of the fairies in order to get his damn journal back.

My Journal Is Gone! [Hargeon Town > Magnolia Town | Foot Travel] EBm9FQq
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