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Winds of Change [Foot Travel to Hargeon]

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#1Sylvester Hercules 

Winds of Change [Foot Travel to Hargeon] Empty Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:26 am

Sylvester Hercules
The transition between being a Fairy Tail wizard and being guildless was fairly smooth. Sylvester spent a little more time in Magnolia, but quickly deduced that there were few new things to do in the city he had spent so much of his life inhabiting. Thus, once again it was time to travel. Syl did not know where exactly he would roam to, just that he was due to leave soon anyhow. He did not want to let himself stagnate, and allow days to turn to weeks, and weeks to turn to months. Such a period had occurred in the past, and when Sylvester decided to return to action he felt hopelessly behind; as if tons of things had changed in the world while he effectively lay still, maintaining a constant state of being while others lived dynamically. If anything, he could return to Hargeon. He’d heard of the wizard guild Blue Pegasus which established its base there, and while Sylvester enjoyed his life as a guildless wanderer he was open to exploring new places and meeting new people- maybe even making new friends. Even so, he would not know what things would be like without experiencing them first-hand- a notion which gave him more reasoning to travel far and make discoveries, both personal, and among many other contexts.

He laced up his adventurer boots, and got ready for- well, an adventure. Fiore was a grand land of opportunity, and Sylvester’s optimistic, can-do personality was not simply going to change due to his no longer being a Fairy Tail mage. The boy’s strong sense of community drew him to meet new people and see new places. Furthermore, there was always the chance that he could meet someone, some powerful wizard or master fighter, who could help him channel the new and unfamiliar magic energy within him which replaced his original wind magic.

Thoughts clouded his mind as he set off down the road. He decided on Hargeon as his destination; he could go elsewhere if he so pleased, but he would start his new journey there.

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