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Blameshift [Quest | Yumi]

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Blameshift [Quest | Yumi]  Empty Thu Sep 07, 2017 5:47 am

Yumi moved through the streets of Oak a dull expression on her rosy red lips. The little demon hummed a low level tune, it was not cheery nor was it depressing it was quite bland and monotone, no depth or emotion to it. The little demonic Lolita paused as her crimson hues landed on a small shop tucked away in the corner street of Oak, it was a small candy shop. The demon headed on over, her massive sword had been repositioned so it didn’t scrape on the street floor. The twisted Lolita of grimoire heart code name Carnage pushed the door open with a single hand, the bell on the top of the door rang out loudly with a jaunty tune to signal someone had arrived. An old man was behind the counter, a friendly smile on his lips as he greeted Yumi asking what he could do for her, appearing unaffected by the massive sword on her back. The old man had owned the shop for fifty odd years and had seen many strange things in his time while living in oak, this didn’t affect him in the slightest.

The demon surveyed the goodies trying to decide just what she wanted to buy. In the end she settled on purchasing a bag full of multi-coloured jelly beans. The demon approached the counter and rested the bag which weighed close to five kilograms on the counter. The clerk weighed the bag and told Yumi the price. The demonic Lolita extracted the necessary jewels and paid the friendly old man thanking him before turning on the heels of her high heel combat boots and walked out the shops front door. The demon opened her back of yummy treats and plucked out a green jelly bean, where she proceeded to pop it into her mouth and chew away enjoying the sweet taste as a wave of flavour erupted on her dance. Her taste buds had exploded with flavour that sent a pleasurable shiver down her spine. Yumi swallowed and licked her lips still able to taste the jelly bean. Without hesitation she began to pluck out more eating them with gusto red, blue, green, yellow, orange, black and white jelly beans she ate them regardless. Each time she enjoyed the taste she was not fussed when it came to sweets, candy, lollies, cake, ice-cream you named it she loved it and would eat without hesitation. Sweet treats could be said to be her weak spot.

The demon made her way to the dark mage quest board, thinking it was time to take on another quest. She was praying to her demonic god malum that a B rank or even an A rank quest would be present, if not at the least a C rank that involved some sort of combat. She didn’t want to take some boring C rank like she had in Hargeon, this was Oak town home of the dark mage’s, surely it would offer a much more amusing array of quests for her to take. The demon came to a halt at the board and her eyes widened, the board was completely empty there was not a single quest in sight. Yumi almost dropped her jelly beans, almost, while looking at the blank board. This could not be where we all the quests? This was the first time she had ever see the board empty. A scowl formed on her lips as she held her jelly beans in her left hand. Using her right she unclipped the leather strap that held her sword in place, then her right hand shot up grabbing the handle. With a single move she drew her sword and gave a loud annoyed cry. The sword swung down and struck the quest board cutting it in two, suffering from Yumi’s anger. With a scowl she sheathed the sword and walked off.

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Yumi walked through the streets of oak with an annoyed scowl on her lips. A foul aura hung around her body, her jelly beans clenched in her left hand forgotten as she was no longer in any mood to eat the sweets. People made room for her not wanting to annoy the pissed off Lolita any further, everyone subconsciously made sure to make plenty room for her clearing a wide path for the tiny demon. However soon things turned sour as a tiny figure blitzed through the crowd at high speed where it then crashed into the little demon knocking them both over. Yumi hit the ground with a loud thud her sword’s tip piercing the ground with enough force web like cracks spread out from the impact. The bag of jelly beans slipped from Yumi’s hands hitting the ground and split out. A dark glare formed on Yumi’s brows as rage built up inside. She turned to find out who knocked her over, spilling her jelly beans. She reached up to draw her blade when a familiar voice cried out, “Wait I have a job for you!” shouted out young voice in a rushed quivering voice, the tone told everyone the owner was scarred of the sword wielding Lolita.

Yumi paused and looked down eyes narrowing as she recognised the form of Jerr, the young street urchin who she had taken quests for before and had to deal with on behalf of another client. The demon released the grip on her blade and glared daggers at him, if looks could kill Jerr would have been incinerated into ash from Yumi’s stare. The young urchin gulped as he stood up brushing his clothes off and bowed in apology for knocking yumi over. A growl sent shivers up his spine indicating he needed to get to the point. “I got tired of stealing pocket change and stealing food, doing small time crimes that get me know where you see. So when I heard the Martin Martello, the big bragget, bragging about something big coming to town which echoed up through the underground and reached my ears I couldn’t help but want to find out what it was. So I found out where the Martello’s were meeting and eavesdropped on the meeting to get the location of this ‘big thing’. Turns out itsa big cart load of cash coming into Oak from the outskirts. Sadly I got caught, but I managed to out run the gang members, when I ran into you. I’m not strong enough to knock the cart off as its going to be guarded by four Elite Martello Guards. Here’s the deal, you take care of the guards and bring the cart to me and we split it fifty fifty. However you need to make it look like the Tessio Syndicate did it.”

Jerr dug around in the bag over his shoulder pulling outs business card that belonged to the Tessio Syndicate. Jerr handed it over to Yumi, “I got a hold of this months ago, thought it would come in handy. Plant this on one of the bodies.” Yumi accepted the business card and looked it over, all it had was the Tessio Family symbol, the rest of the card was a blank white. The little Lolita clicked her tongue against her teeth contemplating if she should take the quest or not, with a shrug off her shoulders she stuffed the card between her bosom and nodded her head indicating she was accepting the quest. Jerr’s eyes lit up with joy as he looked up at the woman, even though she was short she was just slightly taller than him, “Thank you, you won’t regret this!” Yumi rolled her eyes and walked off leaving Jerr be.

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Blameshift [Quest | Yumi]  FIXCi2K
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Yumi walked through the streets of oak heading towards the outskirts in order to get the job done that she had accepted on Jerr’s behalf. Yumi began to think of her strategy, four elite guards of unknown strength guarding a single cart coming from the outskirts. She didn’t know their strength so she would have to be careful. She began to devise a plan. She would attack with her A rank spell Death Beam Barrage. Since there were only four guards she would split here spell into four beams to deal C damage each. It was a low level damage but it would be enough to shake her opponents guard. After that she would raise in activating her Black Swords and Apocalypse Limit Break. She would manipulate the swords to attack and distract while bolstering her strength with the limit break drawing her executioner’s sword at the same time, giving her the strength of S rank. She should be easily able to hack away at the guards with such brute force.

Arriving at the outskirts, Yumi looked around, the cart had not arrived yet. Yumi moved to a large grouping of boulders amongst an array of trees and hid behind it and began waiting. Time began to tick away and as an hour passed, she heard voices. Coming over the horizon were four men and a cart. They were accompanying the horse drawn cart in a square formation. Yumi’s eyes narrowed as the distance closed soon they were only ten meters away. Yumi immediately stepped out as the walked passed her and raised her left hand pointing an index finger. With their backs to her she could get the drop on them. Tongues of black magical energy converged at her fingertip compressed into a sphere before a beam of black magical energy 25cm in diameter shot forth. Immediately a second, third and fourth followed. She changed the projection of each beam with a single move of her hand.

Each beam connected to the back of the heads of the guards the force sending them stumbling forward. Yumi kicked off the ground shooting forward at maximum speed eight meters per second. As she moved she swung a hand through the air, her left and four 2m long, 30cm wide, 2cm thick swords of black magical energy formed. With a wave of a hand the swords shot through the air as the guards began to turn. The guards moved for their guns at their sides, but the swords were faster piercing into the palm of their hands. Yumi clenched her hands and an aura of magic burst out from her body increasing her strength. Her left hand unclipped the leather strap as her right hand grabbed the handle of her sword and drew it. She appeared before the first guard swinging the massive blade with one hand, while commanding her swords to return to her side revolving around her in a protective manner.

The sword connected and without any resistance cleaved the man in two, Yumi’s strength easily over powering the man. Yumi shot towards the next guard before he could recover, to the right of the one he killed. These were the two at the very back. Yumi swung her sword up and bisected the man at the waist spilling out his internal organs. She twisted on her right heal and threw the sword sending it flying towards the third that was directly across, to right. The sword pierced through the chest of the guard and nailed him to the floor blood spilling out of his mouth. The other guard had drawn his gun with his other hand and aimed it to towards Yumi firing. As the bullet flew at Yumi she commanded her four swords to appear in front of her taking the blow, one shattering into pieces leaving three. Yumi acted leaping over the cart and reached out, her right hand coiling around the face of the guard a she planted him face first into the ground with enough force it made web like cracks. She applied pressure and crashed the man’s head like a grape. Once he was dead Yumi removed the business card and placed it in his top pocket, half sticking out. Yumi retrieved her blade, sheathed it onto her back and moved the cart, after killing the horse. She dragged the cart back to oak, sneaking her way in where she met up with jerr in a back alley. The kid was jumping for joy. He counted out half and tossed it to Yumi thanking her before collecting the rest and left. Yumi quickly departed taking the money with her.

WC: 781
TWC: 2075 / 1800


Renzoku Death beam: -140mp
Black Swords: -140mp
Apocalypse Limit Break: -140mp
Int -30% mp reduction
Mana: 1280 / 1700
Strength: 56 + 45 (sword) + 40 (buff) = 141 (S damage). Str greater than guard end

Blameshift [Quest | Yumi]  FIXCi2K
Character Profile | Character Sheet | Speech colour #ff0099

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