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Denouement [Private, Leaving FT]

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#1Sylvester Hercules 

Denouement [Private, Leaving FT] Empty Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:58 pm

Sylvester Hercules
When Sylvester arrived in Magnolia from Hargeon it was raining. The rain had not subsided, even as the night had passed. While journeying here, Syl made the decision to leave the guild with hopes of pursuing other grandiose adventures, or maybe meeting new people. He'd thought the decision over time and time again, and could not really argue with the logic he had set out for himself. Now, as he sat in his hotel room, reflecting still on the decision he was making, he began to have second thoughts.

Syl had been drafting a letter of resignation, which he would slip under the master's door at night, when most of the patrons and guildmates had left. He had not seen his fellow Fairies in a long time- he doubted that they would remember him anyhow. He wanted to do this to better himself- to further discover who he truly was. Being that this was the case it was still unusually hard to bite the bullet and leave. Change was always a tough thing to stomach. As he put the finishing touches on his letter, he set out towards the guildhall, in the pouring rain. He wore a lavish leather coat which he had purchased on his little shopping spree while leaving Hargeon. His body felt unusual, still not adjusted to the new power that was within him. The rain came down steadily, pitter-pattering upon his head until he arrived at the guildhall. It was late nighttime when he arrived, and very few people were even present to see him.

He made his way to the master's quarters; the door was closed but light emitted from the crack underneath, showing that the room was inhabited. Sylvester slid the letter underneath the door, through the crack, before turning to leave. Suddenly, hit by an urge to end things properly, he stopped himself. He turned, and knocked on the door. Slowly, it began to creak open, as the sound of raindrops on the rooftop began to stop.


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