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Disenchanted Potion I [Quest, Yumi]

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Yumi made her way through the streets of oak dressed in her usual state of attire, her clothing rarely did it change usually she only kept two outfits her Viking Armour with its Helm and her black gothic Lolita style of dress. Even when she was an old woman Yumi had only worn a single style of dress, kimonos and often a grey bland looking one. The kimono had never stood out with its plain and simple look but now with her gothic Lolita style of dress, that which she wore now, it stood out. The dress was low cut enough to show off her snow white thighs and the black garter belt underneath. The demonic woman looked around with her crimson hues as she shuffled the massive sword on her back, the executioner’s sword, into a better position. She had obtained the sword only weeks ago and had slowly been getting use to its massive weight and size. With her current strength she was able to wield the massively absurd weapon around with but a single hand. When using just one hand the blade did not lose its speed or strength as she wielded it like she would if she used two. If Yumi was to stack her strength with buffs it could reach the point with a single swing she could decimate entire teams of men wiping them out with ease. A single swing of this blade was like a swing of the grim reapers scythe, someone would die.

Yumi made her way through the streets of oak a piece of parchment rolled up in her hand. She had been at the Bad quest board searching for a new quest. Yumi had hoped to find a B rank or even an A rank as she dreaded the thought of doing any more D rank’s. Those D ranks were just far too boring for her, she wanted to take on real quests, ones that involved combat. Her blood was raging for a good fight. Sadly Yumi had not been able to get her tiny hands on an A rank bad quest let alone a B rank bad quest. Yumi however had managed to get her hands on a C rank quest for doctor Mabuz. She was heading to meet up with him right now in order to find out the exact details of the quest. All she knew was the crazy fat little doctor was working on some new potions and needed a little help to get the job done, not that she was going to complain after all a job was a job and this one would reward her with fifty thousand jewels, on the upside it said in the quest the employee would be fighting some rare lizard. The thought of getting the chance to fight, maybe even kill made her blood boil in excitement, she couldn’t wait.

Yumi walked with a bounce in her step as she skipped down the streets of Oak towards the doctor’s magic shop in order to get the quest done and out of the way. Along the way she was thinking of how to deal with this lizard whatever it was, she couldn’t think up a proper plan as after all she didn’t know how strong it was or just what it could do. She just hoped she wouldn’t be disappointed. If the creature was weak Yumi would only rely on her physical strength without any of her buff spells, she would real on her base strength and possibly her new sword in order to defeat whatever this lizard was. But if the lizard had an iota of strength she would not hesitate to use her strength buffing spells in order to enhance her combat abilities so she could deal with the beast efficiently and quickly.

WC: 642

Disenchanted Potion I [Quest, Yumi] FIXCi2K
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Yumi skipped until she came to a halt just outside the doctor’s magic shop. Yumi eyed the door carefully before grasping the bronze knob and walking in, a bell rang to signal her entry. The demonic Lolita spotted the dear old fat doctor behind the counter tinkering away on some experimental product. Yumi didn’t care, all she cared about was the current quest not whatever the doctor was doing. The demon approach and coughed to get the doctors attention. Mabuz looked up with a blank stare as he put down what he was doing in order to eyeball the demonic woman, “You again. Didn’t expect you to show up for this quest. But if it’s you I know the job will get done. You see I recently got hold of a recipe to make a certain little potion that can drastically boost the mana pool of the drinker. However it was banned by the magic council years ago, while its effects are nothing to be worried about it’s the ingredients that are required each is incredibly rare, often from endangered animals. The first item is the tail of an endangered almost extinct lizard that lives in the forests of Oak.”

Mabuz fiddled with something under he desk, fishing out an image. He placed the image on the counter and slid it over, “This is the lizard, it’s known as the Green Spined Lizard. As an adult it’s as big as a newborn baby. It’s tail is of the highest grade, highly valued for potions and as a delicacy. This is the first ingredient. Capture the lizard or kill it and take its tail. If you capture it alive and take the tail no fear it will grow it back. But I don’t care what you do.” Explained the doctor as he let Yumi take the photo of the lizard. Yumi collected the image and studied it before placing it back on the table. Turning her back she departed in order to begin the hunt of finding the strange lizard and collect its tail. The creature was reasonably large, but compared to the size of other beast’s still small. Yumi pondered on just what kind of strength the creature was has, since it had been hunted to extinction surely it couldn’t be that strong.

Yumi pushed the thought away and moved through the streets heading to the front gates. Showing her ID, fake in order to hide her true identity, Yumi departed from Oak and made her way into the surrounding forest. It was still early in the day so Yumi had plenty of time to try and hunt down this creature. With a yawn she entered the forest and began her search while the sun was high in the air, Yumi did not move swiftly but at a slow pace so not to disturb the local wildlife. If she made to much noise perhaps she would scare the creature off if it was in the nearby vicinity, she didn’t want that, so she was being careful with her actions. Time ticked away and after hours of searching away, Yumi found her prize. In the middle of a small clearing lying down on a large stone rock was the Green Spined Lizard. The lizard was soaking up rays of light appearing to be enjoying the warmth from the rock beneath it. A large hole was in the tree tops allowing the sun’s rays to shine down as the sun was directly overhead at this time of day. Perfect conditions for the lizard the size of a baby to do its sun bathing. Luckily for yumi it had not noticed her presence yet.

Wc: 624
Twc: 1266

Disenchanted Potion I [Quest, Yumi] FIXCi2K
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Yumi lowered herself to the ground, going into a crouched position and watched the little beast from the shadows of the bushes. Her crimson hues peaked out from the darkness studying the little lizard as it lay there on its belly, back in the air in order to enjoy the rays of sun. The green spines on its back prevented it from being able to lie on its back. It’s eyes were shut and tongue hanging out, sound asleep. Yumi held back and snort and thought about just killing the creature while it was asleep but where was the fun in that. A sadistic smile flashed on her features as she stepped out, purposely stepping on a stick making it snap in two. The loud sound of the snapping twig echoed through the clearing and immediately the lizard awoke it’s eyes shooting open wide. The lizard turned to the sound spotting the little Lolita with the massive sword on her back.

The lizard stood up and made a hissing like noise as it glared daggers at the human who dared to disturb his bathing. The lizard rocketed into motion at five meters per second dashing towards Yumi, the distance between them was fifteen meters, it covered the distance in three seconds. It sped towards Yumi and lunged rolling into a ball intending to impale her with its spines. Yumi raised hand grabbing her sword the moment it had moved, the other unclipping the leather strap. Yumi drew the massive executioner’s sword and brought the sword down impaling the tip into the air,  using it’s flat edge like a shield.

The little collided with the flat edge of the shield with a loud dong. The moment it connected Yumi drew the blade from the dirt and swung throwing the lizard back where it crashed against the rock. Yumi had held back only using a fraction of her strength, ten perfect. The force made the little lizard cry out in slight pain from the impact. It climbed back to its feet and glared at Yumi before launching into another attack speeding towards her. Yumi gripped the executioner’s sword with a single hand and the moment the lizard was in range swung, swinging it down. The blade cut through the wind a blink of light cutting through the air with the speed of the swing. The flat edge struck the lizard as Yumi swung down, smacking the creature into the ground this time using fifty percent of her strength. The poor lizard stood no chance and was instantly flattened by the force of Yumi’s blow as it died in the ground. Yumi then cut the tail off and threw the blade back onto her back. Yumi fixed the leather strap making sure the executioners sword was in place before leaving the forest making her way back towards Doctor Mabuz’s Magic shop.

Yumi entered the store, it didn’t take her that long to return to oak. She had gone through the front gate with ease simply flashing her id and heading straight to the magic shop. Yumi pushed the door open after turning the knob, Mabuz was still behind the counter tinkering away. The little demon approached and placed the tail down on the bench and didn’t say a word the look she gave the doctor was enough the look basically said ‘money’. The dear doctor took the tail and examined it, in order to make sure it was the desired product, after confirming he put the tail down. The doctor grabbed an envelope full of jewels and handed it over to Yumi. The demon accepted the envelope, opening it up and began to count the money inside to make sure she didn’t get cheated. Once she made sure fifty thousand was inside she pocketed it, tipping her head to mabuz and left. The demon departed from the store making her way back to her apartment in order to rest up.

Wc: 667
Twc: 1933 / 1800
GH perk 10% reduction


Executioners sword : 45+ 56 (Str) = 101

Disenchanted Potion I [Quest, Yumi] FIXCi2K
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