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Smuggler's Schemes[Caius]

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This smuggler knew no end to his work. It was anothim mission from that old bastard Reagan. He had helped him before and then he would help the pirates that asked for him to smuggle his goods. He paid well so Caius had no choice in the matter. It was a mission by the docks of course because that is whime the smuggling took place. Caius was silently observing the docks in Haregon, the place whime he was ordered to go to complete him next mission. he remembered back to him meeting with Reagan. He was an older man looking for some help, promising to make it worth while in money. He needed to make sure a ship with smuggled wares got off of the dock without being stopped and checked. Apparently security had been increased along the docks with the number of murders that had been increasing. It was mostly from Caius doing all the dang missions. He had murdered so many people that he had lost count for this man. At least they did not suspect him .he had been watching the docks for the past hour, waiting for the ship to get ready to leave. he had become quite bored but he knew he should not start becoming a nuisance until it was time, otherwise he might not distract the guards long enough to keep them from checking the ship. he had noticed time were five of them so far, three checking ships, two that were patrolling to make sure nothing went wrong. Boy were they about to get fucked by his darkness sword that wanted blood Seeing that Reagan had positioned himself to the far left of the docks, pretending to be a fisherman, he readied his body. He was watching the ship just as he was, and he would give him the signal when it was time to make his move. Caius would unsheathe his blade and then he would start to run towards the nearest guards. He would slash across their neck and it would be a clean kill as blood sprayed everywhere like a fountain and it was a beautiful sight.

After all the guards were dead that were on the outside. , it was time to continue through docks so he would complete the request for Reagan. M It was at that moment, Reagan gave him the signal to go in. he saw that the more guards were pointing at the ship and he knew he needed to hurry. Jumping up, he jogged down to the docks and decided how he was going to go about the distraction. Honestly, he should have been coming up with a plan the entire time, but it was too late for that so it was a yolo moment and he would improvise being a cunning dark guild member. he could wing it. Caius would attack the metal chain so it rang out. He kicked open a barrel of the oil on the ship and would kick it and then a spark from his sword would light it. They quickly began running back to put out the flame that had grown over the dock. Three of them were too worried about the flame to notice him, the other two shouted at him and began chasing him.he took off, heading for the forest with them on him heels as the boat began to sail off with none of the guards realizing. he leaped up, grabbing hold of a tree branch and pulled himself up. The guards yelled at him to get down but he simply flipped them the finger as they began to climb as well. With a laugh, he jumped to another branch and then let himself drop back to the forest floor. he heard a click of metallic behind him and then a loud bang. They shot but their aim missed and hit the trees that were in his path. The forest made a very good cover. Kicking himself into high gear, he ran, evading the bullets. Finally he managed to lose their trail after he was running for a few minutes. HE was very fast and not many could keep up. he made him way back to the docks seeing that the ship had got away and the guards were still trying to put out the fire. Regan was still just chilling like a villian and he was fishing and they didn't even notice him. Reagan he took the bag beside him, without saying a word, and walked back off into the woods. he opened it and saw the cash . Maybe he would have to start doing work for this man more often. he met up with , who was lingering in the edge of the woods, and they quickly slipped away back into the town, hoping that no one had gotten a good enough look at them to identify them. The mission was done. Reagan certainly was a man that was one that would meet his end of the bargain. Now that he had been paid it was then the time for now he would be able to get back to his room and he would rest for the mission that was coming up for the guild which was a dark guild and it was also the guild that was Grimoire Heart. Caius would wait in anticipation on seeing what his main assignment would be so he could unleash his full power.


Hi I'm Caius

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