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Bang Bang [Training/Finn]

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#1Selena Maelstrom 

Bang Bang [Training/Finn] Empty Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:41 pm

Selena Maelstrom
The Port of Hargeon, a blissfully serene part of the Harbour town. The sound of crashing of the waves against the stone docks, the bobbing up and down of the ships the fresh smell of the salty sea, the whole area was stimulating to the senses. The beauty of the day was also found in it's relative silence. The day seemed to be a quiet one. No one was selling anything of the sort in the local shop and many of the boats lay empty, anchored at the pier, as if left to relax also. A local holiday perhaps? There was a few people walking around the docks, but many were just passing by. Overall Selena was gladly left alone to her own thoughts, enjoying the scenery, if only to the fullest.

Selena was sat comfortably on a bench looking out at the sea. The docks lay in front of her as well as the large pathway leading to many other. The bench Selena was occupying was just behind some shrubbery that acted as a patrician from the large footpath. Every 20 meters on the path there was a jetty leading out another 30. The path itself was about 15 meters in width and it's length was undefinable from where Selena was sitting.

As she sat, passers by would see she had her eyes closed, resting her head on her fist that was being propped up on the armrest of the bench. It looked as if the girl had fallen asleep, however that was only partially true. Selena had figured out to talk to the Beastly soul residing within her body all she need do was close her eyes and ask to speak with her. A simple task but once done Selena would be in a sleep like state, unresponsive to the smaller of stimulants, hence the trip to the quiet docks.

"I've told you everything you need to know. You should be able to call upon my power whenever you need. If things get too dangerous I'll be taking over fully. Do we have a deal~?" The voice spoke sweetly, echoing within Selena's psyche. "Yes, deal." She would echo back. Selena continued to talk with the Slime regarding the Take-Over and it's powers. She would have no clue of what was happening in the outside world unless made to. If anyone did wish to remove her from the trance she had put herself in all it would take was a tap on the shoulder or to speak louder than the waves that continued to crash agaisnt the docs.

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#2Tenshi † 

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Tenshi †
How had things turned out this way. From many peoples perspective, Finn was in the wrong here. His body was covered in what was most definitely blood, and his sword itself that was gripped firmly in his hand also dripped the nectar of life onto the road as he walked. His eyes were set firmly ahead, and his face was devoid of any sort of emotion be it anxiety or embarrassment. As he walked, the gazes of many passerby had been captured. Many felt it fit to scream in fear. Others jeered at him, calling him a villain but keeping their distance.

They couldn't be further from the truth. Things had all gone strangely, but certainly not criminally. He had been in the butcher shop with the owner, a man who had bought much meat from Finn in the past. The individual was a kind man, and he had remembered Finn when he first joined Blue Pegasus. The two of them had caught up as old friends do when the butcher noticed the new hilt sticking out from behind him. The blade was passed to be inspected and all was well.

In the back, however, blood was being drained from fresh corpses into a bucket. The new employee was carrying it, and as Finn retook his blade, the employee tripped. Covered in blood from head to toe, sword dripping in the mess, he mad his was from the butchers. Completely innocent and yet he looked like a damned serial killer.

As he approached a bench with a sleeping patron of the city on it, he figured he'd just walk by. He hardly registered the individual. Walking in the middle of the street, the person would be about seven and a half to eight meters away from him anyways. They'd not pass near each other, and she was asleep. There was nothing there that needed noticing! Until another bystander, near the bench, saw Finn and screamed.

"MURDERER!" With that shrill word tossed into the air, the woman sprinted from the scene. There Finn stood, slightly shocked, covered head to toe in blood of an animal. How would he explain this?

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#3Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
The dozing Selena became alert almost as soon as the shouting had begun. What was an instant was little more than  a moment within her own mind. "looks, like I'm up~" The sweet Voice would say before Selena could object. All at once Selena's insides began to feel warm to her as she began to drift further and further to sleep. When the Slime had Taken Over this was a usually occurrence, but what was unusual was that Selena remained somewhat conscious. She could see what the Slime saw and what the Slime saw was surely something dangerous.

On the exterior, once Selena's body had awoken she would be standing. If Finn had looked over to her, he would see her skin begin to turn a waxy, translucent blue. Her hair would turn a shade of turquoise along with her eyes. The Slime had Taken over and was looking happily at Finn with her large eyes. he Slime had recognized the person despite him being drowned in the colour crimson. "Relax citizens! I shall dispose of this Clearly evil looking man!" The Slime would say a little over dramatically to the deserted Dock. Once Finn had entered it seemed as though everyone else had fled the scene. The Slime sighed a little. She had only said that as a joke but thinking about it this was a perfect opportunity to fight him and she had a somewhat decent excuse of "He looks suspicious." Still rather than have him presume something himself considering she announced that she would dispose of him. Laughing it off she spoke again.

"Hey there Finn, It's me, Selena~! Remember?" The Slime asked happily waving. The wave soon turned into a fighting stance soon after. "Sadly It'll look bad if I let someone suspicious looking as you go, considering everything that's happened. You understand right?~" The Slime giggled again. The Fighting stance was more than to prepare herself as she would also reinforce her own slime to take more hits. From Past experiences The Slime knew that Finn was fast and strong and given how much time had passed she was sure he had improved a lot. The Slime was sure to remain their in her fighting stance, two fists in front of herself like a boxer and keeping light on her toes. The Slime also kept note of Finn himself to see if he was going to move at all. She had learned to keep a close attention to one's hips to get a nice indication of when they were going to move. She had learned this from Finn who had done this many times to Selena in the past. As for who was going to strike or even move first that was to be decided, however the Slime was ready for Finn to move first. Since Finn was on the other side of the path, closer to the shrubbery, almost brushing up against it as he was 8 meters from her. About 5 meters down the path was a little intersection 3 meters wide, cutting off the flower bed where one could go to the remaining 7 meter of the path and further out to the pier.


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#4Tenshi † 

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Tenshi †
Finn slowly drew in his breath, staring at the woman in front of him. He recognized her, albeit hardly. He remembered her name as he did with everyone he'd crossed paths with in the past. Salena Maelstrom, a warrior whom he had fought with during a tournament. Something was very obviously different about her though. Her mannerisms and the way in which she carried herself had become completely different, and it put him on edge. People could change a lot within a relatively short amount of time, and it made him realize that she could have been a completely different individual than the last time they met.

He was wearing his armor and headset, his sword already gripped loosely in his hand. "You're the one who wishes to fight here. If you want to fight so badly, come at me. Just don't hold me responsible for what happens as a result." His words were ominous to say the least, but he obviously meant them. This was not the best way to get his respect as an individual, but it was now her chance to earn his respect as a fighter. It was her opportunity to prove that she was ready to back up her aggression.

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#5Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
As Finn Spoke Selena clicked her fingers. Although there would no notable change she had made herself somewhat more Slime like. More slippery in a sense. The moment Finn uttered the words "Come at me" Selena took this as a sign to Dash straight at him. Although Selena would have to build up speed and would ultimately reach Finn in little over a second Finn did not seem to take any stance. He stood there slack and spoke as if trying to intimidate the girl, not looking prepared at all only holding a sword. Selena took this all into account before attack. As soon as she had dashed off her mark, she began to do small flicks with her left wrist. The first flick would make her hand extend 2 meters, transforming it into a kind of sword while the remainder would reinforce it. The flicks were small and circular as her arm half extended. She was aiming for his upper chest and with her wrist movements if Finn did decided to move she could full extend her arm to try and pierce his armor. While Selena was moving she made not of Finn's body, trying to determine to see if it would move or not. As an added measure Selena decided to use another spell. As she ran she made sure she was within 4 meters of Finn. As her right foot touched the pavement the ground underneath it would be coated in Slime and as Selena reach Finn it would explode upwards like a large Geyser. Selena was sure Finn would be caught within it if she was close enough. She would be safe from her own spell thanks to another that she cast by clicking her fingers. Selena hoped everything went as planned. If all the attacks did connect then the armor would be rendered useless for sure. If everything did go to plan Selena would get in close enough to punch Finn in the Solar plexus with an under armed punch with her right hand then following that up with her (left) open palm, she'd thrust it up towards his neck after this, with her fingers on the trajectory of Finn's Wind Wipe. Selena's thinking was that after being punched in a vital spot such as that, Finn would fold over slightly exposing his next a little more. Even as she began the plan she would make sure that she was flexible. If needs be she always had her right hand free to retreat, or even manipulate the plan to suit the situation. If Finn decided to meet her she would use the geyser spell sooner than expected and go from there. She was hoping there would be no errors, however she was still prepared for that risk. All the while her book floated at Selena's stomach.


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#6Tenshi † 

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Tenshi †
As he spoke, she decided to interrupt him with her movement. It was fine- He had said what he needed to say. She pushed off at him, causing him to delay only a fraction of a second. It was not due to her speed, but rather his own surprise that she had chosen to react in that manner. At the tournament she had been timid, trying to avoid front on confrontation. Now she seemed very trigger happy, choosing to jump on the opportunity to attack him rather than take the fight slowly. Where she had made a mistake was assuming that his stance made him unready for combat.

They say that at a certain level, one learned to feint weakness to draw in an enemy. That wasn't necessarily how Finn was doing it, but the idea was still the same. His loose grip on his sword that was as light as a broomstick served as a strength, not a detriment. It allowed him quick maneuverability both offensively and defensively that no one else could hope to match. So as she charged in, he chose to watch her close the distance. The only stance he had was a slight bending of one of his knees, but that had been that way while he was standing still. He made no obvious changes.

Finn had seen the blade that had been extended from her wrist, and its length. He knew, even if he'd be unable to see her, the timing it would take for her to reach withing striking range. As her foot stepped down at the four meter mark, he saw from the corner of his eye a blue something moving below her. He had to act in the moment, and currently he wished to test out his better mastery of his sword.

As she stepped on the ground, much faster than she herself could move, the blue slime below her spread out and rose. It was four meters in diameter with her at its epicenter, but Finn was four meters away from her. Due to that, it was much too short to reach him. However, with its speed, it did well to surround her and block out most of her vision, as it was too thick and full. Her blade, however, was piercing out at the same speed it had been going. With that, Finn could act appropriately.

Finn had cocked his elbow slightly as she had stepped at that four meter mark, the timing as such so that as she had reached that distance his elbow was already slightly bent. Twisting his left arm back as if to build momentum, he stabbed his sword forward and at an angle that it would collide with her blade as she recklessly charged forward at speeds that were roughly eight meters per second. As she came through her own attack, she'd have the time to see her swords pierced and destroyed as his sword would ram into her chest, through her own armor and piercing rather deep.

Her defensive spells that were cast prior, unbeknownst to him, were mere instant spells. They had long since left her body, as they would only last as long as they were fed mana. She did not have a full understanding of her own magic, and that had cost her this battle. As his sword pierced deeply through her chest, her own momentum had run her through it along with his stab. Twisting to the left now, Finn would grab her face with his left hand and rip his sword from her body. He stopped himself from slamming her to the ground, and instead tossed her backwards as if her body weighed nothing at all.

"I preferred the you I fought at the tournament." His words were cold, almost sad.

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#7Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
As Selena ran through her spell she realized she had miscalculated. However she had been prepared for this, hence why her hand was making a fist. As She left her spell, her sword being destroyed she had made a fist with her right hand. At once her torso shifted downwards, avoiding the horizontally striking sword. As the two were roughly the same height, only an inch in the difference the sword was aimed fairly high. Selena held her left arm out and Finn was thrusting his sword diagonally to break the sword and to stab her in the chest, her upper chest, just bellow the collar bone on her left side a inch or two from her head. With this spell Selena's Torso would be compressed down enough to avoid the horizontally stabbing sword by a a foot (12 inches), yet not influence her running speed. Once past the sword, at around Finn's Wrist Selena's torso would expand to it's usual shape once more, knocking Finn's right arm into the air, but not damaging it in any way. Once she rad run far enough under the sword she was poised to strike as her arm had not moved from its semi extended state. Her open palm, fingers first, would be thrusting towards Finn's neck like she had originally planned the moment her shape returned to normal. There was no build up to her straight strike as she had already had a slight bend in her elbow so once she straightened it with force towards Finn's neck, her middle finger on the trajectory of the delphian node. However she was planing to go straight through that and through his wind pipe. She had to disregard the armor as of now. This would be a difficult feet but not impossible. Since Selena kept her legs the same size her momentum would not have slowed down and she would remain at her speed. Although her torso was compressed it would make no difference to how it was before she had cast.
Little did she know she was already beat and in the ground unconcoius. Exit

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#8Tenshi † 

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Tenshi †
Her plan was not a bad one in any way, but she had not the timing to execute it. Her vision of him would come just she was exiting her own spell, with Finn's sword already all but closed in. His blade, due to the stab, would have crashed through her spell without any sort of resistance. She may have noticed the impact, if it were not for her own area of effect slowing and influencing her sword. It would have made the difference all but impossible to make, and little after seeing fresh sunlight again Finn's blade would connect, and the rest of his aforementioned attack would take place.

As she was thrown to the ground and Finn looked at her, he sighed. He took a knee beside her, taking from his bloodied backpack some dry bandages. Using them to patch up the hole in her chest and back and apply pressure to it, he would carry her to a nearby healer whom he knew of, and who knew of him. Explaining the situation quickly as the man worked to heal her without any sort of scars or blemishes, Finn thanked the man for his time and then left the area. The fight was done. Finn had used the mans house to clean off his blood, and the man used a basic spell to get the stains out. It had been an eventful day yet again.


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