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To hargeon [Foot]

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To hargeon [Foot] Empty on Wed Sep 06, 2017 11:46 am

Once again she wasn't sure on how many times she was going to do this, but she will be back or will she?... Again. Arisa was surely fit yet still womanly plus. She has heard by some strangers that there was something going on, but what exactly could it be? Not only that, her guild was there and maybe she will finally meet one! Arisa was calmly and casually walking as she would grip her bag with her book in it, over her shoulder and started to walk through to the trails. ''Oh here I go. Oh here I go. I wonder what i'll find and do...but Marigold I'll be back for you.~'' she sang to herself as she would look around. She remembered being in Hargeon only once and it wasn't a very long moment being there.

She remembered on how her parents are kind of dead so it was really a random thing to think about. Her heart and her mind were then thinking they could make a family someday... the two of them or that they were just dreams. It felt the opposite, but she wasn't going to stop trying! Nope! She smiled cheerfully as her wide gold eyes gazed about with curiosity. Her red hair would motion a little from the wind as she would get closer to Hargeon itself. Her small arms dangled as she would pass some trees and spotted some butterflies. She was hoping that something would come out of all this walking, but who knows...

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