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Off to Hargeon [Era to Hargeon: Foot Travel]

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#1Selena Maelstrom 

Off to Hargeon [Era to Hargeon: Foot Travel] Empty on Wed Sep 06, 2017 11:06 am

Selena Maelstrom
Not long after Alice and Selena had met up, the two were being asked to drop everything and move to Hargeon. Word was that Blue pegasus was in danger. Since the Knights, including Selena, failed to stop the dark guilds causing havoc, a very very dangerous inmate managed to escape and was heading there to destroy the guild along with many other dark guilds that helped free him. Selena was honestly worried as she began to back her things for the trip. The person who got free was in a maximum security cell and was linked with the man who destroyed the cannon all those months ago. Folding some spare clothes and placing them into her back pack Selena wondered if it was because of any knights she knew, or had known that the person had escaped. Since she had met Alice they had both deduced that Selena had lost her memory not long after they had failed to stoop the explosion in the art gallery. Selena was annoyed that she could not remember much of her memories but was happy enough in her new persona that she could live without them. That being said the meeting with Alice brought another thing to light. The fact that Selena had the soul of a Slime residing within her. It too was worrying, but as she and Alice had discussed, the Slime seemed to feed of her despair and would be able to come to the surface. Selena was not sure if it was totally true. Her chest felt odd, not warm, not cold but a new sensation flooded it. Sighing Selena put her bag on the ground and sat down on her bed, closing her eyes and taking a few deep breaths. "Can you hear me?" Selena thought to herself, only it was not to herself. "Hmm~" A surprised little voice said. At once the darkness from Selena's eyes turned to a sea of Slime, where she stood just a few feet from a being made totally of a waxy green Slime. "My my, I didn't know we could do this. Im also surprised you could do this all by yourself." The Slime said with a smile. Selena felt the urge to ask her questions, however here the Slime had dominion. "Sorry Selena, we can talkj another day. But dont worry i dont plan on being a nuisance, and if you need help just ask and I'll lend a hand, so to speak~" The Slime said raising a hand. As she did Selena returned to the real world. Sighing heavily she took up her bag and left for hargeon. She was not sure what had just happened, or if she had imagined it.

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