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More White Claudia [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

More White Claudia [Quest | Shin] Empty on Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:50 am

Shin Katari
As per usual, the sun was shining on yet another cloudless day in Oak. The streets were congested with tourists and citizens while others roamed the various parks and other historic sites taking in the heat. Enjoying the heat, albeit in his own unique way, was Shin. In this heat, he had left his leather jacket opting to instead wear a white t-shirt along with denim jeans. Gastly had also been left behind meaning Shin was alone. He was headed towards Dr. Mabuz's magic shop to complete a request he had taken from the request board. He did not know what to expect from the request the description was rather vague. Hopefully, it would not be anything like the previous request he had accepted from the doctor.

Entering the shop, Dr. Mabuz was already standing before Shin. He stood in front of the room he had taken Shin into the last time, the one that had been turned into an old factory. With a devious little smile, the doctor pulled on a book allowing the bookcase to shift over, revealing the entrance behind him. However, he simply pulled out a syringe that contained white liquid within it. "Today, you will inject yourself with this liquid. There is no chair so feel free to move wherever you want. I will be watching from out here. As you know from the last experiment, this will be harmless," explained the doctor. Hesitantly, Shin grabbed the syringe from the doctor and made his way into the dimly lit empty room before him.

Standing the middle, Shin looked around him. There were no windows so he was not sure how the doctor would notice what Shin was doing. Despite this, he would proceed with the experiment as there was a reward waiting for him. Along with the reward, the doctor was not wrong in that the last time he was injected with this liquid, no harm came to him. "Fuck it," Shin thought to himself as he took a deep breath and pierced his skin with the needle. Injecting the white liquid with one swift motion, he pulled the needle out and tossed it aside. It was not the most sterile way of injecting a needle but hey, what was the worst that could happen?

Slowly, the empty room began to shift and contort. Instead of being an empty room, it had now become long corridor with several door on both sides. The walls and ground were now rusty metal similar to that of the old factory previously. At the far end of the hallway, there was a staircase that was brightly lit compared to the dimly lit hallway. "Proceed to visit three rooms of your choice," a voice rang out from seemingly no where. The voice belonged to that of the doctor, but he was not in this room with Shin. Looking before him, he had various rooms to choose from. Cracking his neck and rolling his shoulders, he proceed to step forward, looking to both sides and selecting the first room that caught his attention.

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#2Shin Katari 

More White Claudia [Quest | Shin] Empty on Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:51 am

Shin Katari
Standing before a black door with the number 14 written on it in gold letters, Shin turned the door handle and entered. Everything around him felt so realistic, from the feeling of the door handle meeting with his hand to the scent of metal in the air. As the door shut behind him, he stood in front of a man sitting atop a wooden chair. The man was his father, his appearance as Shin last saw him. He sat on the chair with a bottle of alcohol not moving. Blood began to rush through Shin's veins as his face showed an expression of anger. However, none of this was real. It did not matter if he attacked his father, nothing would happen. The realism of this realm could only work so well.

Exiting the first room and proceeding to the room across, Shin opened it without hesitation. Taking a step forward, he felt a strong gust of wind nearly knock him off his feet. Instead of a room before him, he stood atop a cliff peering down at the bottomless demise beneath him. Swallowing the lump in his throat, Shin stood in fear. He had a fear of heights for as long as he could remember and although he knew this was not real, it felt as if it were. Backing away slowly, Shin exited the room and stood in the hall once more, catching his breath as sweat dripped down his face. Whatever this liquid was, it was a dangerous. What exactly did Dr. Mabuz want to do with it? Wiping some sweat from his forehead, Shin regained his composure and headed towards the final door of his choice.

Standing before the final door, Shin did not know what to expect. Was it going to be something from his past? A fear of his? Or would it be something out of the ordinary? Whatever it would be, there was only one way to find out. Opening the door before him, he entered what appeared to a room similar to the beginning. There was nothing in here besides a ceiling light. Standing around, Shin noticed nothing out of the ordinary until the walls seemingly began to shift towards him. The room was closing in on itself. Shin's claustrophobia kicked in, causing him to stumble a bit before he could focus enough to exit the room.

Stumbling into the hallways drenched in sweat, a loud monstrous groan could be heard from the back end of the hall. With a fight-or-flight reaction kicking in, Shin ran towards the staircase without any thought, his body doing all the work as his legs were going faster then they ever had previously. Reaching the staircase, the world around Shin shifted once more and he found himself sitting on the ground with the doctor entering the room, reward in hand. "Tell me, what exactly did you see?" asked the doctor. Attempting to regain his composure and catch his breath, Shin explained as best he could. Satisfied, the doctor handed Shin his reward, bringing the grueling request to an end.

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