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Dozing Kids [Quest: Seira]

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Seira stumbled through the streets of Magnolia Town without exactly knowing where she was heading to. The young woman was rarely out during this time of the day, but much to her dismay it had become a little difficult for her to find proper jobs lately, especially those that were set to be completed during the night time or at least the later hours of the day. Magnolia was crowded as always, and as one of Fiore’s biggest cities, there was no shortage of mages either. There was always Fairy Tail, of course, the local mage guild that got offered most of the better jobs as well. so Seira had decided to leave the next during the day time to see what she could find and do. She had been residing in Magnolia Town for quite some time now and very much enjoyed the time out from working, but it was about time for her to get going again, after all work was important and she couldn’t just do nothing for the entire day. She took this as a little vacation but now it was time to get back into business so the sorceress decided to find a job or two to do before going to another city and looking for work that paid better. In a way, she couldn’t wait to travel again either considering how much she loved doing that after all. Seira was always on the go and she was too young to settle down somewhere anyways—too young and to unsure. She hadn’t exactly made any friends, only an acquaintance which had turned out to be rather weird and she wasn’t exactly sure where they were standing anyways. None of that mattered for now, however, and the girl would be glad if she could find some work at all. The local request board was, as always a good place to find work for the day and when she approached she noticed what was a bunch of mages gathered in front of it, each and every one of them skipping through the flyers that had been put on the board. There was usually something for everyone and she quickly made her way through the crowd, worried that the easiest jobs would be gone if she was too slow. Seira eventually spotted a familiar name from the corner of her eye and quickly picked up the flyer. The name of the client was none other than Sandine, a friendly woman in her late 20 or early 30 who was a rather famous and well known teacher here in Magnolia. She taught many classes of children at the local school and surprisingly she had a job for mages as well, quite often on top of that. You would think a simple teacher a a school wouldn’t require assistance from mages but sometimes they did and although her work was never really exciting, it was often fairly simple and the woman paid well. On top of that she was friendly and easy to handle, so Seira decided to go for it.


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Of course Sandine was already present at the school when Seira had arrived and they met each other at the teacher’s dining room where the mage was already waiting and waving with the flyer to signalize that she had come here to do work. Seira had worked for Sandine before, as had pretty much every other person here so there was no need for awkward introducing. Of course Sandine could perfectly remember most names, she was a teacher and had to remember a lot info regarding the children after all. “Good to see you again, it’s been a minute,” she said with a smile and offered Seira a coffee, which she gladly accepted with a thanks. “Yes. What do you need done today?” Sandine’s expression changed and she shrugged a little helplessly. “I have a class soon. They are good kids but I haven’t been teaching them very well and unfortunately some of them are sort of slow. They rarely seem to pay attention, I haven’t figured it out just yet. They fall asleep or get distracted and I want you to help me keep them focused. Just make sure they don’t get distracted or doze of during class, be nice about it but remind them to stay focused. You can do that, right? It’s just a bunch of kids after all. They will get used to it after a while.” Seira nodded slowly. “Just this class then? Of course I can do that.” After all it was just a bunch of kids. Seira was wondering why so many children were falling asleep and dozing off that a mage was required to help out but as soon as Seira entered the class and sat in the back while Sandine taught them in the front she understood why. The class was incredibly boring and Seira spotted several kids dozing off quickly. It was actually quite funny to see them like that, but Seira had to do her job and approached the children when she noticed them dozing off. Being a vampire and all that the girl had rather cold hands which came in handy, because she used them to put them onto the kids necks which startled them and woke them up immediately. She walked around class doing that a few times and also spoke to them and offered them some water to hopefully refresh them. Seira had absolutely no intention of being strict or rude to the kids about it and Sandine seemed to appreciate that. The cold hands practice seemed to work rather well and if not she would simply talk to them and remind them what awaited them if they brought grades home because of sleeping and such. The kids weren’t exactly pleased by the idea of having to go to bed earlier to make up for the apparent lack of sleep so they behaved rather well until the class ended and they all left one after another. Seira waited until every child had left before she approached Sandine to speak to her about the reward.


Dozing Kids [Quest: Seira] LqKLdpe

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