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Sirius Concerns [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Sirius Concerns [Quest | Shin]  Empty on Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:29 am

Shin Katari
The Phantasm Castle stood tall and beautiful, acting as the masterpiece of Oak. It's elegant stone walls were carefully engraved by master masons, and the gardens trimmed and kept to a high standard. The cone roofs of the castle were made of a rich purple stone that appeared to be rare. The windows caught a lot of the light supplied by the sun and the lone entrance into the castle was a massive duel wooden door. It was one thing to admire such a structure but it was another to work on it, helping to create a sight that would be admired by all. For those that spent their lives working on this castle, it must have been brutal but for Shin, who was about to work on it for a few hours at most, it would be fantastic.

He had met with Sirius Phantasm earlier, the man with the eternal frown, and was told to find a mole within the group of masons, potentially leaking information about the family. His last encounter with Sirius was a tense one, as the two locked looks, book attempting to state their dominance over the other. Sirius had his noble lineage behind his back while Shin had his self-absorbed attitude, taking shit from no one, not even a noble. However, he would play nice for now was a generous reward of 25,000 jewels was involved for providing any information about a mole. With this in mind, Shin had accepted the request from Sirius and found himself dressed in mason's clothing, blending in with the other mason's around him.

As Shin was being walked over to the wall the needed repairing, he noticed that there were at least a dozen other masons besides himself. This was to be expected of course, seeing as the noble family must have had a large sum of money to spend at their will. As a few of the mason's were strapped to the walls, patching up certain cracks and holes and painting other areas while re-engraving over previous engravings, a select few were sitting on the grass enjoying their breaks. He had two options before him. He could begin by looking for information by eavesdropping on the masons enjoying their breaks as that was when people enjoyed to talk the most, or he could climb up the wall and pretend to work, conversing with everyone to get some kind of information out of them. Both options were intriguing but for the sake of time and easiness, he would begin on the ground with those eating their food. Cracking his knuckles, he grabbed toolbox that was laying a few feet ahead of him and proceeded to walk towards the men. There were four men in total, two of which were bald and were eating sandwiches, another who had a buzz cut and was eating an apple and the last who was laying fast asleep. Although none of them looked to be spies, one had to expect the unexpected. With a nod, Shin sat down with the men and began to converse.

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#2Shin Katari 

Sirius Concerns [Quest | Shin]  Empty on Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:30 am

Shin Katari
After about fifteen minutes, the breaks were over and Shin found himself without a piece of information. The men were normal workers who were just getting paid to do their job and could not care for anything else in the world. Although annoyed, his first group of people were dealt with and now, he would need to converse with the men upon the wall. Latching himself up, Shin made his up the wall and began to work on some patchwork and painting along with some other heavy duty work that was required of him. It felt as if he was being tricked into doing labor by Sirius as a way of proving his dominance over the red-haired dark mage. To make matters worse, none of the men working on the top half of the wall had any information about the Phantasms. Things were not looking to good until finally, one man had let some words slip through his tongue.

Coming down the wall, Shin heard one of the men talking to another about some kind of dealing the Phantasms were working on. He told them that they had been receiving different packages day in night out from various people. More often then note, it was Sirius who was stopping the carriers and taking the packages up to the storage room. This was definitely information a random nobody like a mason should know, but it was important information to Shin. It appeared Dr. Mabuz's potion was not the only parcel that the Phantasm's had been expecting. As the mason man left the group to go to the washroom, Shin followed him until they were out of the other men's sights. With a swift strike, Shin pinned the man against a wall. "So you know some secrets of the Phantasm family eh? Tell me all you know or else I'll kill you before the Phantasm family does!" Shin demanded as he struck fear into the man. Complying, he spilled all he knew about the Phantasm family which was enough to satisfy Shin. Letting him go, the man scrambled to get away and Shin returned to Sirius to explain the outcome of his findings.

"Is that so?" Sirius responded to everything Shin had told him. In truth, Shin had told him that there was no mole within the mason's. He decided he would not relay in the information he had found about the Phantasm's to Sirius instead choosing to keep it for himself. It was a dangerous move but Shin did not like Sirius and this merely an act of spite. Pleased, Sirius rewarded Shin with the amount that had been agreed upon, 25,000 jewels. Taking the money, Shin exited the castle and headed over to a bar to spend a portion of the money he had earned. It was a day to celebrate, as he now knew things about the Phantasm family that could potentially hurt them, if it ever came to that. Ah yes, sometimes words more powerful then any kind of magic.

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