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White Claudia [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

White Claudia [Quest | Shin] Empty on Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:20 am

Shin Katari
As the chimes of the shop rang signalling the entering of a customer, Shin entered Dr. Mabuz's magic shop. He had quite an eventful time getting here but after a few distractions on the road, he found himself staring at the doctor mumbling to himself as he was scribbling some words atop a piece of paper. He had not heard or seen Shin entering the shop. "You good?" Shin asked as he walked over to the counter, standing in front of the doctor. Tensing his body, the doctor halted his writing and looked up at Shin, fixing his glasses as he did. "My apologies, I did not see you coming," he replied as rested the pencil atop the counter. Getting up from his chair, he took a deep breath and reached under the counter, retrieving a small vile that contained a white liquid of sorts.

"This vile contains a liquid that I've created. I need a test subject as per experiment rules. As a result, you'll be the perfect test subject for me. I do not know the exact effects of what will happen but I have a prediction, one that I cannot share with you. Of course, you'll be rewarded," Dr. Mabuz explained as he held the vile in his hand. Looking at the vile, Shin thought about it. This was a strange request for sure, one that was different from anything else the doctor had requested. But, like Shin had told Jerr earlier, for money, he could be enticed to do almost anything, if it was within his interest and the price was right. Without saying a word, Shin nodded his head and the doctor's face lit up with a mischievous little smile. "Most excellent. Now follow me," Dr. Mabuz added as he placed the vile into the pocket of his lab coat and proceeded to walk towards the back of the shop. Following behind, Shin came to a stop as the doctor did. Standing in front of a rickety old book shelf, the doctor pulled on a book which resulted in the bookshelf shifting to its side, revealing a secret door.

Entering the secret room, the place was essentially empty except for a lone chair in the middle with a ceiling light shining down on it. The chair was similar in design to that of an executioner chair as it had straps for the legs and arms. Not something someone wanted to see before agreeing to an experiment. "Take a seat please," the doctor said in a low tone. Hesitantly, Shin took a seat on the chair as the doctor began to strap in his arms first and legs last. "If this hurts me, you better watch yourself," Shin threatened as he was starting to be on edge. Ignoring his comments, the doctor simply offered a smile and pulled out the vile. Pouring the liquid into a syringe, the doctor stuck the needle into Shin's arm, injecting him with the white liquid. Although it did not hurt, the effects it had were something out of the ordinary.

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#2Shin Katari 

White Claudia [Quest | Shin] Empty on Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:20 am

Shin Katari
The area around Shin began to rapidly shift from a grungy old room into a place covered in sheets of metal. The ground beneath had shifted to that of an old factory, with red paint or blood marking the area. The walls were covered in rusty metal sheets, giving the entire area a feeling of being in an old, abandoned factory of sorts. Sounds of metal being scraped could also be heard along with the sound of smoke being pushed through a loud chimney. Everything felt so realistic. Shin was not sure how long this was supposed to last or if this was the entire effect of the liquid. However, Shin was not the only one in this new world. Standing a few feet ahead of him was Dr. Mabuz, or what was once the doctor.

Replacing the doctor was a creature that resembled something of Shin's past. Fleshy and ugly as it appeared, the doctor took on the appearance of Shin's mother. Shock was displayed all over Shin's face the creature took a step closer to Shin. "What the..." Shin thought to himself as began to become drenched in sweat from the enclosed space along with the presence of the creature. Struggling and squirming, he attempted to light a flame with his magic but alas, nothing happened. As the creature continued to get closer and closer, Shin could not do anything besides struggle. It was fear mixed with the ability to do nothing. It was uselessness. As the creature now hovered over Shin, it struck it's large arm down sending the world into black.

"Hello," the doctor said as Shin awoke from the cold ground. Dazed, Shin stumbled to his feet where it took him a while to regain his focus. The room that was once an old factory had returned to it's original empty state. The doctor was also standing there in his lab coat. Forming a fist with his hand, Shin was about to throw a punch but the doctor was a step ahead. He had tossed a stack of jewels towards Shin who caught them with his other hand. "Keep quiet of the events that happened here. I'm going to revise the effects of this liquid so I will most likely need your help again," the doctor explained as he adjusted his lab coat and motioned for Shin to get out of the room. "Whatever you say," Shin responded as he walked past the doctor. Now on the main floor of the shop, the doctor hid the secret entry behind him and took a seat on his chair and began to get back to his work from earlier, acting as if the events that had just occurred never happened. With the money in hand and the request over, Shin exited the shop returning to where he was staying the night. He wanted to forget sleep and rest from a long day of doing requests along with forgetting about the events that had occurred with the devilish liquid.

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