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Missing Child (Job| Snow & Chelvaric)

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

 Missing Child (Job| Snow & Chelvaric) Empty on Tue Sep 05, 2017 7:36 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Era the town he hadn’t been in for a while. But he still remembered the jobs he did here. It was a fun and long time ago though so he didn’t remember to much of the city anymore. He threw his travel bag over his shoulder and entered the inn he was standing in front of. He had to rent a room before he went looking for the job location he needed. Snow was renting her place somewhere else so he had to wait for her. Not that he minded that. He waited on his turn and then wrote down his info on the paper before giving it to receptionist. She processed his request and asked him a few questions. The influence of the rune knights close by made it so that people would be very secure and strict about everything. He didn’t mind it though he loved when a city was like that there was less crime and a lot more safety. But a lot less jobs too although there were stuffs he could do beside from catching bad mages. He wondered if snow would be settled in already. He took his room key and went upstairs. He walked up to his oaken door and opened it. The room was quite small but he didn’t need much space anyway. It wasn’t like he was going to sleep here a lot in the first place. He shoved his stuffs into a closet and walked outside of the room towards Snow’s place.



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Snowflake had been hopping from one town to another and recently, she had just decided to stop by in Era on her way to Hargeon town. She would only travel to cities whenever she wanted to but now that there was some kind of business that required her to attend, she had no choice but to return back to her hometown. It had been months since she last visited Era and despite that, the town barely changed anything, apart from the fact that there was a subtle increase in the town’s population.

The markets always attracted hoards of people who’d crowd amongst themselves as soon as the morrow drew its first sunrise. They’d bargain with the merchants to give up their coins for better prices, goods were shipped all the way from high seas and the temperament of traders gloated around as they load and unload their gallons.

Her face was a new and foreign and people whispered among themselves as she weaved through the swirls and eddies of people, edging herself to the end of the crowd. But, they did not stir from fear, rather, people like to stare at odd, eccentric things from afar and she was no different. Snowflake did not want to acknowledge whatever they found interesting on her features as he simply busied herself with her daily morning routine of picking up food for the long road ahead.


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#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

 Missing Child (Job| Snow & Chelvaric) Empty on Tue Sep 05, 2017 7:55 am

Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric walked out of the door of his hotel and to the place where Snow was supposed to be. He pushed the people aside and tried to get through them as he had to be at Snow’s place quickly. He had heard a rumor that a child was missing. The rune knights would probably be searching for him already but he didn’t want to do nothing. He wanted to help them so he was searching Snow to go along with his plan he didn’t know if she would want too but it was better to ask then not to.

He walked into her place and asked for her room. But the receptionist said that she saw her walk outside a while ago. Ah damn he had missed her that would be quite a pain to find her. He walked through the streets of era to find her. He asked around for her and people would recognize her for sure since she was such an exotic beauty. He wandered around for a bit more when he suddenly saw her walking out of a shop. “Snow! I need you to help me”, he said to her as he ran to her out of breath. “There is a boy missing. I want to help them find him and I would like you to join me”, he said to her and gave the flyer of the job to her so that she could read the details.



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An old merchant cackled as Snowflake bundled several vegetables into a bag, jewels rolling across the table as the trade was dealt with. ”You’re quite a charmer, aren’t you?” The old man said, collecting the jewels before placing them into his pocket and sank back into his seat as he peeled a potato with a small kitchen knife. ”Everyone’s got their eye on you.” She offered the old man a quick glance, while she continued to search for more vegetables that she might want to add to her purchase.

Unsure how she should respond to the old man’s remark, Snowflake decided to remain silent and managed a small smile at him. She eased the bag over her shoulder and just when she was prepared to leave, a young man who was no other than Chelvaric, came rushing at her, entirely out of breath as if he was in a hurry to do something. ”What’s—“ She began, only to be interrupted by her partner, declaring that there has been a missing child and he needed her assistance to help him find the boy. After listening to his story, the woman nodded upon agreement of his request.

”My apologies. Seems like I’ll have to rush. I’ll drop by tomorrow again, sir.” She apologized to the old merchant, slid her shopping bag off her shoulders and placed it in front of the man who only bid her farewell with a smile before adding, ”Good day to you, ma’am. See you again, tomorrow.”


#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

 Missing Child (Job| Snow & Chelvaric) Empty on Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:15 am

Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric awaited her answer and felt a bit sorry that he had interrupted her like that. But it was an urgent matter and he didn’t want the kid to be in danger or die so he had no other choice. He nodded to the man and they walked off to scout the streets if they could see the girl. “Maybe we can scout the streets for the missing kid”, he said to her. They would walk between people and sometimes bump into someone but after a quick apology, they would be further on their way. There was suddenly a magic council member shouting at them from a distance. “You two there! Come here!”, he shouted at them. Chelvaric wondered who it was but since it was a council member they had to comply with his commands. “Let’s see what he wants”, he said to snow and they walked to the man dressed in a cyan outfit. Chelvaric shook his hand and then waited for him to explain himself. “I was sent by Marin Awedin. He needs your immediate attention, you’ll find him at the restaurant not far from here. Just take this road further down and then take one left and then a right and you should be there. Better hurry though he is not a patient man”, the council member said and then walk away. “Let’s get going then I guess”, he said to Snow a bit weirded out about the whole ordeal. They walked all the way till the arrived at the restaurant where they were supposed to be.



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It seemed that Chelvaric was in a hurry to go to a place, somewhere that she was not aware of, but nevertheless, she followed him anyway. While they were on their way, they would be abruptly interrupted by the presence of a Magic Council Messenger, who declares that their attendance is immediately required by Marin Awedin. The messenger would lead them to where this man was located, which was at a restaurant a couple of blocks around the corner. Hesitating no further, the two Blue Pegasus mages made their way down the street, making a couple of turns until they stumbled upon the aforementioned restaurant by the messenger.

Snowflake pushed the doors open, followed by a soft ring of the bell which gestured the action that guests have entered the building. Upon their entrance, they would be greeted by impatient glares of a couple of men, including the man called Marin Awedin, who had summoned their presence. According to the appearance of their outfits, the rest of the men seemed to be from the Rune Knights faction. Confused by the entire situation, she was not sure what to do nor why she was brought here, apart from the fact that Chelvaric had requested her assistance to help him find a missing child.


#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

 Missing Child (Job| Snow & Chelvaric) Empty on Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:11 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric entered through the doors of the eating place and looked around. It was a place that looked like it belonged in the 30’s. Everything was old fashioned from the sofas to the lamps. It had a nice atmosphere though. There were five random people sitting around the place and they looked quite annoyed. He wondered why that was. Maybe because they hadn’t found any clues about the little girl yet or something. But the man would probably have more information for them to what was going on. They sat down on the couches in front of him as he pointed to them.

Thank you for coming so fast. I am Marin Awedin, a pleasure to meet you. Now back to business, there is a girl abducted. We already did an investigation but I am a bit stuck because they don’t trust the men from my squad and it’s hard for me to interrogate them. That’s why I want you to question these five men and then tell me your opinion of them to me. How you do it I don’t care but get the info out of them. I'll be in the back while you're busy. Come and get me once you are done.”, he said and then walked to the back of the room. Chelvaric looked at the man. They were old and young. This was gonna be a while before they finish this talk with each of them. “So how are we gonna do this Snow. We can question them one by one I guess”, Chelvaric said to her and waited if she had any ideas.



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Their arrival was greeted by a withering smile of an old man, whom Snowflake assumed as Marin Awadin. He suggested the mages to take a seat and thus, they did, crossing her legs on another while her hands were neatly clasped on top of each other. The old Rune Knight than began to explain about how a young girl has been kidnapped and the remaining Rune Knights were suspects of acting the crime. The woman nodded, understanding the entire ordeal as her eyes glided over to the table where the men were seated. They were obviously frustrated that they were brought to this matter, however, one of them would be pretending and might actually be a criminal.

“I’d like you to interrogate—“ The man began, his words cut short by the argument that was occurring in the background between the five people.

“You must be the one who did it! I didn’t do anything! Why must I be brought to his nonsense?” One of the men chided in, pointing his finger at another men and accused him of being the criminal.

“No, you must be joking! I was at work the entire day when the incident occurred. It must be you!”

“It’s not me! Then, it’s her!”

“No, you!”


“STOP!” The lieutenant yelled, pushing himself off the chair so hard that it fell back onto the wooden floorboards. His roar echoed through the walls of the building, immediately causing the entire room to remain still, even Snowflake was frightened to breathe for a moment. “Are you all children to have this stupid fight? Will you shut up for a moment while I’m discussing the matter with these mages?” Silence reigned supreme within the area once the old man raised his voice and everyone returned to whatever they were doing. The man released an exhausted sigh before sinking himself back into his couch and requested them to interrogate the five suspects.

Snowflake uncrossed her legs and stood up from her seat, nodding in agreement at his request. She fixed her dress and turned to face Chelvaric, who questioned her what they were supposed to do. ”We’ll question them separately in turns. You can take care of the first one. I’ll take notes.” She suggested and requested a sheet of paper from a waiter nearby as well as a pen to jot down every confession that they were going to make.


#9Chelvaric Walderkat 

 Missing Child (Job| Snow & Chelvaric) Empty on Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:21 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric listened to Snow as she explained how they should do it. He nodded to her and sat next to her at a table. She asked some paper from a waiter and a pen. Chelvaric looked at the five people and wondered who he should pick first. They were all blaming each other which was quite annoying. People always blamed each other and it was a hassle to find out who was the right one or not. Especially when they had no evidence it was always really hard to find the guilty one. He looked at them carefully. They all seemed a bit suspicious especially the young nervous one. But he would start with the old one first.

Come here old man it’s your turn.”, Chelvaric said to him and then waited for him to come. The old man came slowly over and then sat down on the chair in front of Snow and Chelvaric. He seemed a bit annoyed but not too much. “Name and age please”, Chelvaric would say in a monotone. “Charles Huston, age is 62, what is this even about?”, the man would say and Chelvaric waited for a bit till Snow had written it down. “So, where were you when the child went missing.”, Chelvaric asked him and looked him into the eye. The man didn’t look away but replied angrily. “What missing child are you even talking about? I was doing my tour as always through the streets trying to sell my apples.”, the man said and looked at them.

Hmm okay, so you’re an apple seller. Have you seen the missing person before?”, he would ask. “What!? You guys think I have something to do with a missing girl? I have nothing to do with that and I have never seen her in my life!”, the man would nearly shout angrily. “Alright then we know enough you can go back to your place”, Chelvaric said and waited for Snow to call the next person.



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The woman grabbed a wooden chair nearby and seated herself after they had entered a private room, specifically made for customers who’s had reservations, but since this case was important, the owner of the restaurant had permitted them to use the room. Placing the sheet of paper on her lap, she sunk back into her seat and waited for Chelvaric to begin interrogating the man. From the look of his face, he was obviously disappointed and frustrated that he was brought to this restaurant and does not seem to be involved with any of this business. Albeit, he could be putting up an act and to find out whether or not he’s a criminal, Chelvaric was put to task for that.

”Name, Charles Huston. Age, 62.” She mumbled to none other than herself as she jotted down the information of the respondent onto the paper. Her writing may not be the best in the current situation since she needed to be fast to catch up all the words that they were saying and to take note of important facts. The man, however, refused to answer some parts of the questions and kept denying that he ever knew of the missing child. Undoubtedly, he was furious with the entire situation and being an impatient person as she was, she would immediately suggest the man to calm down, her voice strangely emotionless and flat with a hint of distaste in her eyes, though she doubted the man would see how she was reacting to him.


#11Chelvaric Walderkat 

 Missing Child (Job| Snow & Chelvaric) Empty on Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:24 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
It seemed Snow was annoyed by the man as she said to him to calm down. She sounded quite cold in the way her voice was. He made a slight cough and looked at the people before he called the name of the next person. He looked at a blond girl who was wearing a bit too much make up in a purple crop top. She was wearing high heels and a leather mini skirt. He sighed she was gonna be a pain to interview. He hated girls like that they were so superficial. “Young girl step forward it’s your turn”, he said to her and she came walking to the table with an attitude. She sat down on her chair and leaned back in it. She was not even sitting straight.

Age and name please.” He said to her and awaited her answer. She looked at both of them and then twirled her hair. “I am twenty-three darling and my name is Melisa Cyrus” she said and looked at him deeply. “So what were you doing at the moment the girl disappeared?”, he asked of her and checked for any signs of lying while she would talk. “Ugh, I was doing my nails, my boyfriend was waiting for me. Why do you even need to know? I hope your not hitting on me cat.” She said annoyingly. “Look I had nothing to do with the disappearance, I don’t even know why you're wasting my time with this stupid talk”, the girl said while rolling her eyes and pressing her finger on the table.

Calm down ma’am, we’re just doing our jobs here. That were all the questions I had. You can go sit down again.” He knew she wouldn’t be capable of kidnapping a young girl so he made the talk short. Plus she already annoyed him too.



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Snowflake jotted down the name and age quickly on the piece of paper, the sounds of pen scratching against the sheet filled the air as they remained quiet and waited for her to be done with. She lifted up her gaze from the paper and onto the young woman seated in front of her as she let her eyes study over her feature. The young woman unwrapped a bubble gum and popped it into her mouth, chewing onto it loudly afterwards. The android girl was already irritated from the way she acted with attitude, apparent distaste in her eyes upon the two mages and to make it all worse, she wouldn’t stop her loud chewing. She couldn’t help but roll her eyes and hoped to get on with this woman as fast as possible. Just like the previous person, she kept denying the accusations and all the questions that were directed at her until she stormed out of the room, with heels clacking loudly against the wooden floorboards.

A sigh escaped her lips, partly out of relief that they were finally done with interrogating the woman but also frustrated that this questioning won’t be over until they go through each and every single suspect. The third person who had just entered the room seemed to be a rather pleasant person, compared to the other two who were interrogated. The young man was no more than a few years older than her, or Chelvaric and he would greet them with a smile upon his entrance in the room.

”Name and age, please.”

”Garret Reynolds, ma’am. It’s nice to meet you.” The man took a seat on the chair, his beaming smile plastered across his face and Snowflake would return a forced humourless smile which caused his smile to turn into a discouraged frown.


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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at the man coming inside, he was young but still a bit older than them. he was smiling from one ear to the other. He did seem very enthusiastic from the moment Chelvaric had laid eyes on him. He heard Snow take the name and age and then Chelvaric started to take over. “So where were you at on the moment of disappearance?”, Chelvaric said to the young man. He smiled even brighter and started talking like there was no tomorrow. “I was just training to be a rune knight sir! It’s an honor to speak to you. I can’t express it enough in words! Of course, I always hold up the law so no, I have nothing to do with the disappearance but I want to help find her!”, the young man said quickly and energetically. Well, he was definitely ruled out as a suspect with the attitude he was showing although he was mistaken that they were rune knights Chelvaric didn’t want to break the young man’s dreams.

Don’t worry your already helping plenty enough by answering faithfully”, he said to him. He waved him away and called in the next person. The guy seemed to be a bit disappointed that he had to go already but he walked away none the less. Chelvaric felt a bit bad for him. “Name and -”, Chelvaric started but got interrupted by the mid-forties women that entered the room.

Don’t you blame me for this! I don’t trust any of you!”, the woman said while she was sitting down. She was wearing a grandma jacket and had a lot of groceries with her too. It seemed she was doing shopping before she came here. Chelvaric looked at Snow for help as he didn’t know what to say to make things work.



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The young man was clearly enthusiastic of the whole ordeal and was surprisingly willing to help, although he did not have any information about the missing child as well. The man was quickly ushered out of the room and the next suspect was an old woman, who seemed very displeased about the whole situation. She stormed into the room and before Chelvaric could even ask her name or her age, the woman declared that she should not be included in this matter, and even showed her disapproval of the two mages who had not even done anything to her.

Snowflake quickly exchanged glances with Chelvaric and with one glance at his expression, she could tell that he was already sick of dealing with these people with horrible personalities. A sigh escaped her lips as a stern voice left her lips, with not even a slight hint of emotions. ”Ma’am. Can you sit down? We need to get our business done quickly.”

That would have probably showed the woman that neither of them liked spending time interrogating her as well and thus, she would quickly move onto the case. ”Meredith Lyson. 45 years.” The elder woman stated her personal information before taking a seat on the wooden chair in front of them, embarrassed at her own outburst. Snowflake flipped the page between her fingers, faced towards Chelvaric and nodded, indicating that he may begin the questioning.


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 Missing Child (Job| Snow & Chelvaric) Empty on Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:46 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric waited for Snow to do her thing and he wasn’t surprised when he put her in place. Chelvaric giggled inside when the woman was shut up and settled down. Finally sitting on the chair. She seemed to be quite embarrassed about the whole ordeal. Seems she wasn’t too full of herself at least. Now he would continue while Snow would note everything down again. Her name was quite funny and he guessed her age correctly. He gave himself a pat on the back.

What were you doing the moment the girl disappeared?”, he asked of someone for the fourth time today. The women looked at both of them like they had just asked the most stupid question in the world. “I was shopping don’t you see my grocery bags.”, She said to them. it seemed she was in her old annoying mood again. That didn’t take long. He waved her away and called the last person in. In came a very shifty man. He kept looking to his surroundings like he wanted to escape at any second. “Name and age?”, Chelvaric asked the man . the man would look around before he looked back at them but was silent for a while. Chelvaric looked up again to await his answer.



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When they obtained no further information from the old woman, she was guided out of the woman, which in turn invited the last and final suspect for them to interrogate. Unlike the other suspects, this man appeared the most suspicious, considering how he was observing everything, dazed and scared at the same time, as if he was hiding something. He was fidgety, as he sat on the wooden stool and when Chelvaric asked for his personal information, the man did not reply, more like he did not seem to be paying attention to the Fiore-bound wizards, although they were the only ones in the room. Instead, he kept looking around the tiny room as if he was worried about something.

”Excuse me sir, what’s your name and age?” She squinted at the man, partially out of scepticism upon how he was acting. The man seemed to be startled at her voice before he stuttered out the words.


”…That’s it?” She waited briefly to give her his full name but somehow, he seemed so distracted and thus, she jotted down his first name only. ”So, is there any information you want to give us regarding the missing child?” The white haired lady raised an eyebrow at him, hoping that he would at least say something. The man called Aiden, just shook his head and he looked so insecure that Snowflake thought something was wrong with him. When she kept asking the question concerning the child who was kidnapped, but indirectly, he dodged the question, saying that he doesn’t know anything and only repeated that he wanted to get out of the place.


#17Chelvaric Walderkat 

 Missing Child (Job| Snow & Chelvaric) Empty on Wed Sep 06, 2017 6:00 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric looked at the man while Snow was trying to gather the intel they needed. The man was very evading about everything and barely said a word trying to go around every question. He was from now on suspect number one. He was showing all the signs that he was guilty. Chelvaric said that the man could go and he got up and quickly walked back to the four other people. Chelvaric leaned forward to Snow and whispered, “That was very suspicious let's report it to the rune knights.”

They walked over to Marin as they passed the five suspects they looked all quite angerly at them. except for the young man and the shifty guy. He wondered what they should say when they arrived. “We did the questioning, The first four suspects didn’t really give anything that really made them stand out to be the person who abducted the girl. But the last person this Aiden was very nervous and he didn’t seem to trust us at all.”, Chelvaric said to Marin. The man nodded before he spoke. “Thank you for the help Chelvaric and Snow. We’ll handle the rest don’t you worry”, Marin said and then Shook their hands while he smiled at them.



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Once their line of questioning was done, they approached Marin, who was responsible of this entire ordeal and explained how they could not obtain any information from the suspects however, they revealed their scepticism towards the last suspect that had entered the room. The lieutenant thanked them for their hard work, concluding that he would take care of the rest now that the interrogation was completed. Sighing, she was glad that this was finally over and no more involvement with irritating people. She could not wait to get back home and relax for the rest of the day but something stopped her from proceeding onwards.

Snowflake pushed the door open to exit the restaurant, only to hear quiet sobs nearby. She stood still in her tracks, her brows creased in concentration, listening carefully where it was from and followed towards the source of the sound, which was located in the alleyways behind the restaurant. There, she would find a young girl curled up in a corner while she buried her face in her hands and cried to herself. Approaching the girl carefully, she placed a gentle hand on her arm, causing her to lift her face and looked up at the snow haired woman. It was then she noticed that the features of this girl were highly similar to that of the missing child in the picture. Her eyes were blotchy and red from all the crying that she has done as Snowflake questioned her the reason of why she was in the corridor, all by herself, thinking that perhaps, she might get an answer from the victim.


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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric followed Snow while she went outside of the building. He sighed as it had been a long work to question every person in the room. Some of them had been quite annoying and it was realy frustrating to be able to keep up with it without getting angery. Chelvaric blew some air out of his lungs and wanted to talk to Snow when he suddenly heard crying. He followed snoed to behind the building and saw a little girl sit on the ground. She looked quite cute but her eyes were red. It seemed she had been crying.

Litle girl what are you doing here”, Chelvaric asked of her. “I lost my mama! Bring me my mama!”, the girl said while sniffing her tears in. Chelvaric knew what was happening. “Follow me the child I know where we can find your mama”, he said to her and they walked back into the place where they came from. Everyone looked up as he came inside with the child. Marin came running towards him and he explained what happened with the child. Marin sighed and said to the child that they would bring her mama quick to the place. He apologized to everyone and rewarded Chelvaric and Snow for the find. Job well done thought Chelvaric and they went there separate ways again.



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