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Rum Diary[Caius]

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Rum Diary[Caius]  Empty Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:42 pm

The work never ended. Caius got another call from Regan and it was time to go to work once more for the smuggler that was famous in Hargeon town. It was a sunny day in the Town of Hargeon. Caius knew that Reagan's house was north, so he headed that way. The streets were quiet today, perhaps everyone was at work. Knocking on the door to Reagan's place, Caius heard the door unlocked as the familiar face of old opened the door. Ah, Caius. Come in, quick. he said, as Caius followed him in, Reagan closing the door after him. The place smelled a little bit, but thanks to Caius's lack of olfactory sensors he wasn't affected by it, considering, well, the fact that he couldn't smell at all.ext, Caius would sit on the couch as he usually did when he was at this place. Reagan sat down on the couch across from that one. So, I assume that you're here for a job, once again? he asked. Caius nodded. Yes, indeed. Do you have any work I could do for you today, sir? he asked, in a very formal manner. It was a good thing to do, to be respectful towards your employer like that. You'd be in big trouble if you weren't after all. Perfect, I've got just the job for you."Reagan said, placing down a map. See this dock right here? I got a shipment that came in. Just rum, but it's exported and illegal. So, in other words, I need you to retrieve it from the ship. Now the rum is in a small crate hidden in a bigger crate of bananas. Find the crate of bananas, dig through it, find the rum and get it to me, waiting on the edge of the dock. Got it? he asked. Caius nodded. Alright, seems simple enough Reagan nodded. good, boy. You understand. Alright, next up is the ship. I've told the captain and you can get on board, but in order to avoid suspicion from nearby commoners you're going to have to go to the lower deck yourself. From there, make a left then a right, and finally another left. There should be a large storage room. In it are 2 crates of bananas, one is red and the other is green. The red one is simply an honest bundle of bananas, don't touch it. At the bottom of the green one is the rum. Be careful not to squish the bananas while finding it. He was a dark mage and he had to worry about not breaking the bananas. It was crazy but so was the pay for the dark quest.

Caius would head to the docks and then he would make sure Raegan  would be found at the docks where he could get the crate and that way he would be able to go and he would get the crate with the banana's. T His is the location  where Reagan would wait on the very edge of it. Caius made his way into the ship searching around. The ship was nicely made too, so it looked top notch. Caius would honestly pay quite a bit for a ship like this, considering boats could be a form of art, even. Ah, the beauty of art.. it truly was a marvelous thing, was it not? Now, the next step for Caius would be finding the bananas in the ship. He made his way down to the lower deck, where he was told to go by Reagan on their way there. Now he had to remember the path. Ah yes, it was to go left at his first chance, then walk down a short hallway, go right, and then turn to the left side of the room.From there, Caius found the room that contained the different colored boxes and he would find the one that was the correct crate so then he would be able to complete the quest with it.  Turning on the light so he could see the colors, he looked at the red one. Right, this was the one he shouldn't touch. They were just honest to god bananas. Then, he turned his head to the right to see the green one. This was the crate that he wanted to look in. He had to make sure to be gentle when going to the bottom of the crate in order to avoid hurting the bananas, given his inhuman strength he had to make extra sure not to crush them by accident. Finding the small crate at the bottom, he picked it up, exiting the ship. Making his way out to the dock, he handed the rum crate to Reagan. Reagan praised him, handing him jewels. He also gave him a bottle of rum as well, telling him to "give the bottle to balthazar." that was the pirate in town, no? Caius wondered what the man meant. Then he remembered that he had worked with balthazar before as he was a pirate that helped him with the smuggling in the Hargeon Town. He was sure to be please with it. He had got the job done and got the money. The quest was now finished as he had gotten the crate of the rum bottles. I was at this point that Caius would go back to his apartment in the hotel and would relax as he prepared for the upcoming mission.


Hi I'm Caius

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