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Proletarian Shopping [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Proletarian Shopping [Quest | Shin] Empty on Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:47 pm

Shin Katari
Another day, another dollar. It was a blissful morning in Oak as the morning birds sang the aroma of breakfast filled the streets. It was an early six a.m and most of the streets were still empty as folk were asleep, awaiting to awaken within a few hours. Of course, there the early birds that were going around for a walk and the shopkeepers that liked to open their shops early in the day in hopes to attract as many customers as possible. There was also the odd mage, that had woken up early as possible to get a head start on getting requests done. A red-haired mage by the name of Shin made his way over to the request board with a stretched out yawn every so often.

Reaching the request board, Shin began to scan through it with his groggy eyes. It was not before long he found a request that barely readable. It was written in a hurry but what was readable was the location of the client. All the other requests required some degree of work so Shin was hopeful this would be the easiest request of his life. Hell, it was six a.m so it damn well be an easy request. He was not prepared for something that involved a series of steps. With the location in mind, Shin took off from the request and proceeded towards the alleyway described by the request.

Entering the alleyway, Shin noticed a small shadowy figure with his back to Shin. "Hey," Shin said aloud as he let out a yawn. Turning around was the figure, it's face revealed in the light. "YOU!" the boy said as he stumbled and fell to the ground. Rubbing his eyes, Shin's expression changed to that of surprise. The client for his request was Jerr! This was the brat he had punched a few days back for stealing from shopkeepers and now the same brat was going to be his client? What the hell was going on?! "L-look, I don't steal anymore, b-but, I was hoping you could steal for me!" Jerr blurted out as he lifted himself up from the ground. This was surprise turn of events. The kid he beat up was asking for his aid. Interesting. Walking up to Jerr who looked as if he was about to piss himself, Shin put his hand on his shoulder. "As a mage, I do requests for anyone. However, I need to see the reward in advance," Shin replied. Nodding, Jerr showed the reward for the request. With this money, the kid could've bought food or something but instead decided to spend it on a mage? Kids these days were truly stupid. "So what do I gotta do?" Shin asked as he straightened himself up. "Easy! Steal from the guy that hired you to beat me up! I want a week's worth of food from that man!" Jerr exclaimed. The kid appeared to hold a grudge against the shopkeeper more then Shin which was comical. Understanding the request, Shin nodded his head. "Wait here, I'll be back soon."

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#2Shin Katari 

Proletarian Shopping [Quest | Shin] Empty on Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:47 pm

Shin Katari
What a start to his day. He had been asked by the kid he beat up for stealing, to go steal from the person who had hired to beat up Jerr. Laughing at the thought, karma sure was a bitch. As a mage, Shin's only focus was making a living for himself. He did not care of his relations to the employer or anything. If someone told him to murder someone, he would most likely do so for a sizeable reward. This was no different. Previously, the shopkeeper was his client but once he had paid Shin, he was some regular John Doe. Money only protected someone for so long.

Standing in front of the shop, Shin noted that this area of the shopping district was empty which was good. At this early of a time, there would be no one to see him committing the crime. However, it appeared the shopkeeper was awake as he cleaning up within his shop. Shin had multiple ways of taking food from the man, all of which were plausible. However, he decided to go with a hit and run tactic. Knocking on door of the shop, Shin hid to the side and as the shopkeeper opened the door looking for whoever knocked on it, Shin punched the man square in the face, knocking him out instantly. This way, the man did not see Shin's face. Next up, Shin grabbed two shopping baskets and began to fill them up with whatever he saw. He grabbed different things from vegetables and fruits to meat and junk food. Jerr had never stated what exactly he wanted to eat so Shin grabbed whatever he could without the care of whether Jerr would like it or not. Once the baskets were filled to the brim with essentially a twenty-five percent of the man's produce, Shin took off and headed back to the alleyway where Jerr awaited.

Entering the alleyway, Shin placed both baskets of food down on the ground. All in all, the process of getting to the shop, taking the food and coming back took about an hour. With his mouth drooling, Jerr could not believe the amount food that lay before him. It was more then enough to last him and his friends for a week. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the money and handed it to Shin. "Thank you mister! I appreciate it!" Jerr exclaimed as he began to drag the baskets full of food. Shin would have helped but alas, the request was over once the reward had been distributed and it did not state within the request that Shin was obliged to help. With his reward in hand, Shin took off the from the alleyway without saying a word. With the time being about seven a.m, Shin made his way back to his hotel. He would take another shower in attempts to awaken himself even more. All in all though, the grocery heist was a fantastic start to this beautiful day.

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