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Era to Hargeon [Foot Travel | Marina]

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 Era to Hargeon [Foot Travel | Marina]  Empty on Mon Sep 04, 2017 6:54 pm


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Back home again... This journey to Era had been the furthest from Productive... Alisa met a couple other mages and though she attempted to stop a demon raiding the city, they did nothing to prevent it from doing the same again. Thankfully, that demon harbored humans no ill will, and claimed no lives as a result of his attack. The property damage had indeed been troublesome, but Alisa didn't really care about that. What worried her mostly was the possibility of unsavoring characters attempting to fight this demon for fame and glory, and as a result reaping more lives than the demon itself ever would. And then there were the usual kinds of demons, like the one who raided Era. One of the reasons why she was heading with Marina to Hargeon was so she could protect the girl in the wake of the attack to come, surrounded by other strong people like Finn. Plus, it was a place where the brunette's healing abilities would be needed most.

Perhaps because she couldn't get her mind off thoughts of combat and strategy, Alisa had chosen to travel in her most traditional of fighting uniforms, complete with the distinct Blue Pegasus armband around her bicep, sword slung across her back. She waited patiently under the shade with Lumen standing next to her, carving a little crystal statue to pass the time. Hopefully seeing Marina would distract her, and she'd quickly greet the girl with a smile the moment she saw her:

"Good morning Marina~", greeted Alisa delightedly, waving her friend over, "Are you ready to see Hargeon for the first time? You'll finally get to see the most lovely beach in Fiore."

This might have possible been the most fun they'd have touring around Fiore. Alisa loved the beach there, and with more than half the summer days behind them, she genuinely looked forward to spending the rest of them with a new friend, possibly even lover. The chemistry was defenitely there, and sometimes it really felt like things were heading that way, but between Alisa's passive views on romance and Marina's inexperience, it felt as if they might stick around the in betweens for a while a longer.

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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 Era to Hargeon [Foot Travel | Marina]  Empty on Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:14 pm

Marina Wulfstan
So it looks like the beast master is going to travel once again. Despite that once attack from some crazy demon or whatever it was that attack Era not too long ago. Her stay in Era has been good. She managed to get a new companion in form of firey monkey or would appreciate be a better turn. She managed to make some friends. Most noticably her friendship  with Alisa, a crystal mage from the guild Blue Pegasus. In speaking about Blue Pegasus the desert wander find her joining the guild. While she haven't met any of the others members besides Alisa she was sure that the other members were at least decent. A part of her wonder if she should have at least look at other guilds before joining Blue Pegasus, but the deed was already done and so far there wasn't any regrets with her decision.

Marina was lounging around in her room, laying on her bed as she listened to some music and munching on an juicy pear. Meanwhile her pet was swing around on the curtains which cause Marina to laugh a bit. Today was a slow day and she didn't had anything to day as she wasted time before she had to meet up with her partner. Once it was close to time to meet up, Marina would arise from her bed and do a few movements to get her blood pumping. After that was done she would whistle to her pet causing it to stop it fooling around and to land by her side. "Good boy. Now let's get out of here. After all we can't keep our friends waiting for too long." Petting her fire monkey on the head, Marina would leave the room and head off to meet up with Alisa.

It didn't took her long to find her friend or maybe friends with some benefits would be better way to describe them. "Good morning you two and sure I'll be as ready as I could ever be. My experiences with beaches are lacking, so I wouldn't know if Hargeon offer the best beaches in Fiore." Once they were done talking they start they trip towards Hargeon. What new experiences would the beast master get to explore.

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