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Basic Duties [Solo Mission]

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#1Takumi Yoshino 

Basic Duties [Solo Mission] Empty Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:11 pm

Takumi Yoshino
Takumi walked slowly on his way to his first mission, a simple task, that required him to stop some kids from spraying graffiti all over the place. The short mage had reluctantly chosen the job, mostly because the kids he had to stop reminded him of himself when he was a street kid. He was supposed to do this for some police officer, and hand in a bag full of the kid's spray paint cans as proof the deed was done. Takumi had chosen to wear his kimono today, with matching slippers, and though he seemed like a well-off, weak man, he was ready to stop these kids. His search started where he had been told the graffiti had started, after the rush was over and the kids were more likely to appear. Of course, he had no such luck. The kids were nowhere to be seen just then.

Takumi's blue eyes scanned the area, the side of a random building where the graffiti had started. One could clearly see graffiti had been sprayed there, ended up removed, only to be reapplied later. These kids didn't seem to want to stop just by looking at the graffiti that was everywhere, Takumi could tell as he observed the area. sighing, the man began walking, ready to check every area that could possibly be a target. The area wasn't huge, but it held numerous hiding spots and potential target areas, though Takumi would be able to figure it out. After all, great minds think alike, and he was a street rat like these kids once.

One building in particular caught his eye. It was old, and looked as if nobody had used it in years. It was also covered in graffiti similar to what he had already found. It seemed most the entrances and exits were blocked, but upon closer inspection and walking around the entire building several times, he realized there was a window through which the kids must have entered, if they were here. The small man looked at the high window, inwardly cursing his own height when he saw how high up the fire escape that led to the window was. It was just out of reach for him, he noted, and his clothes prevented him from being able to jump for it. The mage looked around for something to give him a boost, anything would do so long as he could get up there. After all, the kids were probably too short to reach as well, and would have something stashed nearby to use as a boost. A nearby garbage bin caught his eye, which he dragged over to the fire escape as carefully as possible, to avoid alerting the kids if they were inside, but also to spare his clothing getting dirty or ripped. The man clambered atop the dumpster slowly, and grabbed the fire escape, nimbly making his way up. Despite his clothing, Takumi was a definite street urchin, at least at heart, and had been used to these things before he was old enough to go to jail for anything he did on the streets.

Once he had finally clambered up the fire escape, the window was definitely open, which he promptly pulled himself through. It was dark, dusty, and cold inside, exactly what one would expect of an old, seemingly abandoned building. Telltale footprints in the dust, however, seemingly confirmed his theory. They were in here somewhere, and Takumi would find them. The mage inspected the room he was in, which had once been an apartment or a hotel room or something, it seemed, though he couldn't quite tell. The foot prints led away from the window, so after a cursory inspection, the man began to follow the trail. It led him to one large room that had been a meeting room or something, where several scruffy kids sat, fooling around with spray paint. Takumi walked right up, not caring that the moment he walked up, makeshift weapons of spray paint and broken glass were aimed at him.

"Kids, calm the hell down. I'm just somebody who used to be like you, here to talk." said the mage, sternly. The fact that he had figured out everything so easily was proof enough of that. "You need to stop it with the graffiti, it costs other people time and money to clean up, honest, hardworking people. I don't care what you do in this building of yours, but vandalism is not the way to go. You know, a lot of those people you treat badly, would probably actually help you out at times if you were nicer and didn't cost them time and money on fixing these pictures."

Takumi's words were simple, no embellishments or lies, just the simple facts, and he hoped they would reach the children. However, that wasn't the case as one kid charged him not a second later, brandishing a large piece of debris. The man sighed, swinging out his hand to knock the piece of debris away while he used his other to throw the kid to the floor. The man wasn't messing around, and he made sure to give off that impression, even though he tripped right after he pulled off this feat. He really wasn't going to let these kids keep on doing this, doing the kinds of things he used to do.

"Hand over the spray paint, and stop the vandalism, and I won't turn you in. But you need to stop this, it isn't a thing that will get you far in life."

The kids didn't respond right away, but they reluctantly handed over the paint and promised to stop.


*Timeskip to Takumi handing over the cans of paint*

"Here, officer. I managed to catch them and make them hand over the paint, as well as promise to stop with the vandalism." said the man, handing the police officer the bag, full to the brim with cans. The other man inspected the contents of the bag, and nodded to Takumi, who smiled gently in response, though he was also blushing a bit at the attractive man.

"And officer? Don't be too hard on those kids. You know, I used to be just like them when I was growing up. All they need is a bit of kindness." He said, still smiling. The man looked at the police officer as he accepted his pay, knowing that he had done something good by stopping those kids, and making them see that kindness and respect were the right ways of doing things, not rulebreaking and anger.

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