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Back and forth II [Foot to Marigold]

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Back and forth II [Foot to Marigold] Empty Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:51 pm

Back and forth, back and forth, Arisa continued on her training and mission ways. She wasn't going to stop helping people rather it costed certain things besides one thing. There was someone she loved so much that she would sacrifice her light for them to a certain point. Her sunset eyes looked forward as she was heading to the farming place. A small smile would appear on her lips yet they started to quiver after leaving Hargeon behind. It was because she went up and left him behind as soon as she got to see him after what? Months? Weeks? She wasn't sure as it felt a long time ago ever since they had a long peaceful time together. She hopes that when she becomes a higher rank and all that she won't be as busy. She started to think on where Yasumki could be because she wasn't at the hotel that they booked. It was kind of sad since she was hoping to go with her to Marigold. The farming area was rather fun and peaceful. She had a smile yet it turned into a frown as she continued to travel all by her self, alone....



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