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Scold The Brat [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Scold The Brat [Quest | Shin] Empty on Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:05 pm

Shin Katari
"Come one, come all!" yelled an old man standing atop a wooden crate. In one hand, he held a megaphone that was used to enhance his voice while his free hand was used to direct those passing by to his shop. This was the nature of shopkeepers. The shopping district was a zone of war. Shopkeepers competed with another to bring in customers, hoping to turn earn a pretty penny. Most used methods of peace, using their voices to bring in customers. However, some were more persistent and could pester customers into their shops. This was the same in any shopping district.

Today, Shin was here in the shopping district of Oak on some business. He had taken up a request that was put out on the request board. It was a simple request which involved talking to a boy who was stealing from local shop owners. Apparently, this had been an ongoing problem and despite having tried reasoning, the boy failed to listen. The kid had to be quite annoying if the client was turning to a dark mage for the job. Whatever the reason was, Shin was not going to complain. It was a good way to earn money for a little babysitting. With Gastly by his side, Shin proceeded to the shop owned by the client.

Sitting outside a shop was a middle-aged man with a bald strip down the middle of his head and two patches of hair to either side. An odd looking man for sure but one that appeared to have a hefty business, as was demonstrated by the size of his shop and materials within. Approaching him, Shin pulled the request from within the pocket of his coat and revealed it to the man. Almost instantly, the man got up from his seat and dusted himself off. "I wasn't expecting someone so soon," he began to say as he put his hand out for a handshake. "What needs to be done?" Shin asked, ignoring his handshake offer and cutting straight to the point. "Ah yes, that boy there is Jerr. He is the one shoplifting. Please teach him a lesson so he doesn't steal from anyone again!" the shop owner said as he pointed towards a little boy. Was this guy serious? If the kid was right there, why not talk to the boy himself? It was almost comical. Putting the request away, Shin and Gastly made their way over to the boy. However, it appeared he was one step ahead. As he heard the footsteps approaching, Jerr took off like a jet. He attempted to use the crowd and size to his advantage, running in a straight line as to avoid Shin. "So that's how it's going to be..." Shin thought to himself as he let out a deep breath and cracked his shoulders and knuckles. Gastly also appeared ready to chase the boy down. It was going to be annoying but it had to be done. If the boy thought he could escape, he would sadly be mistaken.

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#2Shin Katari 

Scold The Brat [Quest | Shin] Empty on Mon Sep 04, 2017 8:06 pm

Shin Katari
Splitting up from their spot, Shin took off to his left while Gastly drifted to it's right. Gastly was a slow creature but it had the element of surprise, being able to drift in and out of existence. That could be used in cornering the kid when he had his guard down. On the other hand, Shin would use his knowledge of the layout of Oak along with his natural foot speed to find the kid. Even though the kid was fast, he was simply focusing on outrunning Shin. As a result, he would definitely hide in the one place he would think he's safe, an alley.

Taking to the rooftops, Shin began to skip from roof to roof at an impressive speed of his own. His hair danced in the wind as he glanced down at the ground. He could not see anyone out of the ordinary nor could he see anyone running. However, there was one thing that was out of the ordinary. From above, Shin noticed a few people glance in the direction of an alleyway to their left, some even mumbling to themselves. With that, Shin darted off from the rooftop and landed with a loud thud in the alleyway, dust kicking up as he was now face to face with Jerr the bandit. Without saying anything, Jerr turned around and prepared to run but appearing from out of know where was Gastly, it's tongue out. Jerr simply fell to the ground from surprise and fear and was about to cry it appeared. Shin now had him where he wanted him. Grabbing the kid from his collar, Shin turned him around and gave him a somewhat light punch to the stomach. Clenching at his gut, Jerr fell to the ground and began to cough as he began to cry. Lifting him up once more, Shin pinned him against the wall of a building as he held him up by the collar. "You're gonna stop stealing you hear me? Otherwise, my buddy is gonna eat you while I roast you up my fire," Shin threatened the boy. With that, Shin took off with the boy in hand and Gastly behind him.

Coming back to the shop, Shin tossed Jerr in front of the shopkeeper who got up from his seat. Wiping his tears away, Jerr continued to clench his gut as he began to speak. "I-I'm sorry sir! I won't s-steal anymore!" Jerr said before he fell to one knee, clearly still in pain from Shin's punch. Almost as if he had a look of guilt in his eyes, the shopkeeper nodded his head and pulled out Shin's reward and handed it to him. "Just don't do it again Jerr. Otherwise, I won't be able to control what his man does to you," the shop keeper replied as he entered his shop. Satisfied with his reward, Shin left Jerr on the ground and returned to his hotel with Gastly, awaiting on what his next request would be.

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