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Chaos At the Zoo [Quest | Yumi]

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A crimson gaze cast itself upon the lowly streets of oak, the gaze cast its condescending shine upon the pathetic mortals of Oak sneering at them in disdain. These humans were a wretched lot and only deserved death. A burning sensation of rage formed within the owner of the crimson gaze, as a desire to bring the destruction of chaos to these lively peaceful streets itched within them. The urge was forced down deep into the recesses of the owner's physique. The owner of the eyes sighed in annoyance as they forced their nature down deep inside them. They would remain behaved for now, but when the time came they would not hold back. A pink tongue ran its length along the owners pink supple lips as rays of light from the sun shined upon the owner.

The owner of the eyes was revealed to be a short lolita woman not even five feet tall. Her hair cascaded down her back and was a silky onyx black. Her skin was soft and supple, pale like snow but like baby skin to the touch. The young woman was dressed in a black and red gothic lolita style of dress, her dress short above the knees showering off her long delicate legs, covered by long black garter belt and stockings adding a seductive flair. On her back was a massive blade over six feet in length, and twice the girls own width. The massive blade was a contrast to the little lolita. She had a gentle, kind and soft appearance with an innocent flair, whereas the massive sword on her back held a deadly aura to it, a killing intent.

The owner, Yumi Hateshiginai, a member of Grimoire Heart known by the code name Carnage, keyed to her own Alias The Witch of Carnage. Yumi was a demon how had lived for over seventy years old. She left a trail of death and destruction behind her over the last fifty years she had been active as a dark mage. No one could catch her especially now, after all, she was no longer an old woman who would suspect someone as young as her to have lived for so long.

Yumi chuckled darkly as she took a step, she was atop of a roof top. Her foot touched the edge of the roof as she jumped down and landed in an alley. It was time to get to work. Yumi needed to earn some more money, time to take a quest. Yumi yawned softly as she walked through the alley making her way towards the dark quest poster board in the middle of town. Yumi had recently taken a B rank quest and was hoping to take on a new quest. She prayed to her demonic God Malum that there would be a B rank quest on the board for her to take.

Yumi moved through the alley ways, keeping herself hidden as she arrived at the quest board after a good ten minutes. Yumi looked at the board and began to inspect it trying to find a new quest to take to earn some jewel money.

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Yumi's crimson hues scanned the quest board as she locked onto a B rank quest posted by none other than Doctor Stephan Mabuz. Yumi raised an eyebrow in curiosity as she reached out with her right hand retrieving the quest from the board. Yumi looked over the details in order to find out what the doctor wanted. The quest didn't give too many details only that the doctor had a job for someone and wanted to meet them at his private laboratory. From memory, the doctor's laboratory was housed in his magic shop that was positioned in the streets of oak. Doctor Mabuz was known for being obtuse, he loved experimenting and coming up with all sorts of illegal goodies that could be purchased by mages. Yumi had undergone many quests for the doctor before hand, so she knew he would always come through and pay up when the time came. She just hoped this quest wouldn't be a complete bore.

Yumi departed and began making her way towards the doctor's shop to find out what he wanted. The quest details said that if the quest is completed the employee would receive twice the rewards, meaning instead of one hundred thousand jewels, they would receive two hundred thousand jewels. Earning that many jewels would put her even closer to paying off her loan to the Blackwood bank. Yumi had taken the loan out in order to purchase her new sword, the executioner's sword. It was a powerful sword so she had taken drastic measures in order to obtain the mighty weapon. The sword tip struck the stone roads making a loud screeching sound that irritated the ears of those who heard it, it was like nails on a chalk board. Yumi adjusted the leather strap in order to lift the blade up so it did not scratch the surface removing the nose.

The little lolita came to a halt at a nearby vendor who was selling caramel apples on a stick. Yumi removed a few jewels and ordered one of the caramelised treats, deciding to satisfy her sweet tooth on the way to the doctors. She could take her time as there was no specific time set by the doctor to arrive or to finish the quest. As long as she arrived today to get the details she could complete it at her leisure. The lolita paid for her treat and took a bite of the caramelised apple. A soft moan escaped her luscious pink delicate lips as a wave of flavour exploded on her taste buds opening up a new world. Yumi chewed slowly on the treat savouring the taste before swallowing and taking another bite. After the second bite she returned to her travels departing from the vendor making her way through the streets of oak towards her destination. Yumi happily nibbled on the caramel treat as she walked with a bounce in her step, almost as if she was skipping. Yumi's sweet tooth was satisfied by the treat she had bought.

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Yumi came to a halt outside of the Doctor's Magic shop. She eyed the front glass door eying the door knob with a blank expression. The lolita reached out with her right hand grabbing the knob, as her fingers coiled around the bronze metal. Once she had a firm grasp on the door knob Yumi turned it and pushed the door open, the bell on the top ringing to signal her arrival. Yumi stepped in as she looked around the lit up magic shop. Along the shelves were various magical items that radiated with a strong magical aura. Yumi ignored them as she headed over to the front desk where she spotted the Doctor sorting through his inventory.

The doctor looked up spotting the familiar looking lolita, "Well I didn't expect to see you again so soon. What brings you here?" enquired the doctor as he put his work down. Yumi retrieved the quest from her sleeve and slapped it down on the table revealing that she had accepted the job. The doctor nodded his head and dropped his work, stopping it and left his desk heading towards his laboratory, motioning for Yumi to follow after him. The lolita followed the doctor out the back where he headed down into the basement after unlocking the door. Yumi followed down into the darkness as they entered the doctor's blood stench filled laboratory. There was a mix of strong miasma in the air and many chemicals that flew up her nose.

Yumi sneered at the smell as they both came to a stop. THe doctor turned towards the lolita in order to explain the quest, "There is something I want you to do. Recently a new zoo has been constructed in town and a lot of citizens will be attending to take in the wildlife housed there. At the same time, I have created a new potion that I need to be tested. You see the option will cause any affected to go wild creating chaos. I want to you to test it out to make sure it works." Explained the Doctor as he went over to a table retrieving a syringe filled with a clear liquid. He then grabbed a bottle full of the same liquid, followed by a set of blueprints.

"THere is enough potion here to inject all the animals, only a small amount is needed. These blueprints are the diagram for the zoo allowing you to find the best entry points in order to infiltrate and perform the experiment." Said the doctor as he handed the three items over to Yumi, followed by a black satchel bag for her put everything in. Yumi stored the items away, but not before looking over the blueprints memorising the points. THe best point for entry appeared to be at the back where a door for staff was. Yumi would be able to easily break the door down and infiltrate the zoo in order to take care of the experiment of the doctor. Yumi rolled the blueprints up and stored them in the bag.

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Once the blueprints and the potions were stored away in the bag, Yumi turned on her heels, allowing her back to face the dear doctor. The demonic lolita took her first step. Thick high heel black boots thumped on the hard wooden floors as she departed from the hidden laboratory. Feet banging loudly as she walked up the stairs leading from the underground lab to the magic shops customer floor. She shut the basement door behind her and left for the front door. Yumis fingers coiled around the cold bronze door knob. With a twist of her wrist she turned and pulled the door open. The little demon took a deep breath inhaling the midday air allowing it to fill her lungs.

Yumi stepped out of the magic shop and entered into the streets of oak once more. The demon looked left before turning in order to look to the right. The streets were empty not a single soul to be seen. Yumi smirked and began making her way towards the oak zoo in order to start this quest on behalf of doctor mabuz. The reward would do nicely, and after yumi was contemplating another quest or moving towns to see what was new.

Yumi moved through the streets arriving at the destination that, was the zoo in only ten minutes. She had moved using the rooftops in order to cut down time. Once she arrived the demon lolita ignored the queue at the front, making her way around back in order to sneak in and begin the quest. Walking to the back Yumi found the necessary door. The area appeared still under construction. The demon approached the door and with a gentle touched nudged it open. By this she forced the door open with pure brute strength.

Once the door was open yumi snuck on in. Walking further inside the building she spotted a lone zoo member, with his back to her. She began her approach sneaking up behind him. Yumis arms coiled around his neck grabbing the sides of his cheeks and with force twisted snapping his neck with one move. As the zoo keeper fell yumi stripped him of his clothing and placed them over own fixing her sword over top having removed it to change. Yumi frowned as thr cloths were far to big on her forcing her to the pant legs and shirt sleeves so they fit.

Once adjusted yumi moved the body stashing it in a nearby bathroom and found an out of order hanging it on the door. Yumi dusted her hands off and inspected her uniform, straightening the oversized unifirm out. Once she was ready she reslinged her bag and took off to findfind where they kept the animal cages. It didn't take the little demon long before she found room but just her luck it seemed she didn't have access as the room was restricted to certain personal. Yumi bit her lip attempting to think of a way in, perhaps brute force was the answer. Luckily for the little demon a staff member walked past coming to a halt a confused expression on his face.

"What are you doing this is a restricted area" he had a weird expression, probably questioning why a little girl was here but seeing as she was wearing a work uniform she must have been of age.

Yumi turned to face the man "I was hired for animal control encase any got out of control" yumi pointed to her massive sword "I arrived today but no one was here to greet me or give me an access, card" explained the little demon giving an annoyed sigh.

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The zoo keeper eyed Yumi with a suspicious gaze, but as he locked onto the sword on her back he came to believe her words. After all she was standing there unaffected by the weight of the massive sword on her back which was taller than she was. If she could carry it around with such ease she must be able to wield it just as easy. This meant she would be strong enough to easily deal with the magical beasts and non magical beasts housed within the zoo. The keeper approached the door removing key card and swiped it against the magical lock. A flare of magic engulfed the door before it unlocked, “There you go. Head on in. I’m going to check on the front.” The zoo staff member than left leaving Yumi to her own devices.

Yumi waited until he was gone before she walked into the room that housed the animal cages. She shut the door behind her, the door locked behind her but could be reopened from the side she was on. Yumi walked deep into the cage room spotting the various animals locked within their cages, some growled at her, others eyed her with a curious gaze while others didn’t even care about her presence. Yumi extracted the needle from her back and approached the first of the animals a large grey elephant. The elephant was sound asleep in its cage allowing yumi to approach and stick the needle in its leg and inject the potion directly into the animals body. Yumi soon went to work injecting the potion into the bodies of all the animals present magical and non magical. The potion had a long delay time allowing her to inject all the animals without the effects flaring up. With the last animal injects, a large lion, Yumi departed closing the door behind her. Yumi quickly fled departing from her current location, making her way towards the back door. She would step into nearby areas to avoid coming into contact with patrons and employees.

Yumi arrived in the backroom and discarded the uniform tossing it into a nearby bin and left out the back door shutting it behind her. As she shut the door she soon heard loud roars followed by horrified screams. It seems the potion was taking effect. The sound of a loud elephants trumpet followed by the sound of a breaking wall confirmed this. Yumi left fleeing from the seen, she would hide out at home and wait to see what would come on the news. She fled back home arriving at her rented apartment locking the door behind her and allowed time to pass by calmly meditating. Her meditation lasted until the sun began to set, enough time should have passed for something to be shown on the news. Yumi left her apartment and begin to listen to the evening gossip. People were muttering about the Zoo rampage, about how every animal had gone berserk trashing the place bringing it down and injuring a number of visiting patrons. Yumi snickered in delight, everything had gone according to plan.

The little Lolita departed from the streets moving through Oak using the rooftops as she travelled towards the doctor’s Magic Shop. Yumi approached the front door of the magic shop and pushed it open walking on in. She was greeted by the sight of the doctor reading a last minute issued newspaper to cover the recent event of the zoo rampage. The doctor folded the paper over and gave him a single glance before pulling out an envelope from beneath his desk. He placed it on the counter and slid it over to her. Yumi opened it counting out the jewels for the quest, two hundred thousand was inside. With a greedy smile she pocketed the funds and left.

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Chaos At the Zoo [Quest | Yumi] FIXCi2K
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