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More Intimidation Tactics [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

More Intimidation Tactics [Quest | Shin] Empty on Mon Sep 04, 2017 6:02 am

Shin Katari
"Another drink sir?" asked the elderly, bald-headed bartender. Finishing off his drink, Shin nodded his head in response. With a slight bow, the bartender placed some ice into a cup before drowning the ice in a rich looking liquid. Placing it atop the coaster in front of Shin, he took the empty glass and proceeded to serve other patrons in the bar. Grasping the glass, Shin took a sip from it as he swirled the contents inside. Sitting in the High Noon bar, Shin awaited to meet Frankie Marino. Frankie had contacted Shin via letter two days ago, asking to meet with him regarding the shopkeeper incident. If there had to be a meeting regarding a nobody, things were not looking good.

As if on cue, the door to the bar opened as a man with a slick brown hair and black suit entered the building. He reeked of cigarette smoke and drew looks from everyone. However, nobody dared to approach him. He was known around town as Vicnenze's right hand man, making him a powerful man with allies and enemies alike. Fixing his collar, Frankie motioned the bartender to bring him his regular drink, whiskey on the rocks. Sitting a space away from Shin, Frankie cut straight to the point. "That asshole hasn't paid Vic yet. It's been over a week. He's avoiding us and since we can't do anything about it, I need you to destroy his shop if it means getting him to pay. This time, today," finished Frankie as he grabbed his drink from the bartender's hand. Sipping from it, he placed the glass atop the counter before facing Shin once more. "Don't hurt him though, we can't have that. Just destroy anything in his shop or the shop itself, I couldn't care less. Vic is getting impatient and so am I. Get this done and you will receive 25,000 jewel, considering it is a simple job," Frankie stated. It appeared the reward for this request would not be negotiable, which was not a big issue. 25,000 jewel was a nice sum of money and considering the job was to only destroy the man's shop, it would be worth it. Finishing off his drink, Shin got up and fixed his jacket before walking past Frankie. "Consider it done," he replied and with that, Shin exited the bar.

As the cool air brushed against his face, a black spherical creature appeared from the darkness of an alleyway. Gastly, Shin's companion, was waiting for him outside of the bar as per his instructions. The last time they had to deal with the shopkeeper, Gastly left a hole in his shop. This time around, Gastly would be able to do much more. However, one did not do anything without a plan. The plan for this request would be simply to allow Gastly to blast the shop while Shin would use his fire magic to set things ablaze. In essence, a simple yet effective plan in thought. It was time to set this plan into motion.

506/1,000 Words

#2Shin Katari 

More Intimidation Tactics [Quest | Shin] Empty on Mon Sep 04, 2017 6:03 am

Shin Katari
As Shin made his way through the streets, nightfall began to creep through the horizon. People began to scatter and return to their homes but the night crawlers were also coming out. Shin was positive that his ruckus would cause a reaction tonight. If that was the case, so be it. It would be a way for him to get his name out there. The mere thought brought upon a smirk. Pulling Shin back into reality was when he heard the locking of a door a few meters ahead of him. Looking in the direction of the noise, Shin noticed a man locking the door of his shop. Upon close inspection, the man was the shopkeeper and Shin's target for the request.

With a sly grin, Shin snapped his fingers creating a fire atop his fingertips. Gastly took note of this and took it as a direction to prepare itself, so it opened its mouth wide, taking aim. Noticing a bright light behind him, shopkeeper turned around only to stumble and open his eyes wide in surprise. "Seems like you've seen a ghost?" Shin asked jokingly, approaching the shop at a steady pace. The shopkeeper swallow the lump in his throat before speaking. "Look, I promise I'll pay Vicnenze. I just, forgot you know?" Bullshit. Shaking his head, Shin motioned for Gastly to kick off the fireworks. With a quick bust of magic, a beam unleashed from Gastly' mouth and hit the side of the man's shop, creating a hole where the previous one had been boarded up. The shopkeeper fell to the ground. As a crowd began to form, he looked around as if crying for help but nobody dared to step up to a mage, especially one from Phantom Lord. Walking over to the shop, Shin pressed his hand against the wood of the building and slowly but surely, the shop was set ablaze. Turning around, Shin spouted wings of fire from his shoulders, captivating the audience around him as he stood over the shopkeeper, his amber eyes piercing the darkness as his wings brought with them an intense heat. "Vicnenze wants his payment tonight. Right now matter of fact. Otherwise, I'll kill you," Shin said with a straight face. Unable to gather his words, the shopkeeper scrambled to his feet and began to run. Where he was going was anybody's guess but Shin's job here was done. Whatever the shopkeeper was doing was not his business. Instead, he was to report back to Frankie with news of what had happened.

Returning to the bar, Frankie had an expression of gratitude written all over his face. "Just got word the shopkeeper has paid the boss. Good work," Fraknie explained as he reached into his pockets and tossed Shin a sack of jewels. Ensuring all was accounted for, Shin and Frankie exchanged goodbyes. It appeared Shin was now a regular client for the Marino's which was good. This meant a steady supply of requests and money. It even meant having strong allies.

503/1,000 Words
Total: 1,009/1,000 Words

Gastly (175/200 Mana):
   Name: Scary Beam
   Rank: D
   Mana Cost: 25
   Requirements: Gastly Magic
   Type: Offensive
   Element: Darkness
   Range: 5 Meters
   Cooldown: 1 Posts
   Duration: Instant
   Effect: Gastly opens its mouth and shoots out a purple beam with a diameter of 10 centimeters.

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