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Syllas Banquet[Quest][Jeeroy]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

Syllas Banquet[Quest][Jeeroy] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 10:13 am

Jeeroy Lenkins
The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and Jeeroy looked spiffy.  He was dressed in a nice suite and tie along with his armor and weapon strapped to his side.  Though he was a Rune Knight, he had to do jobs to get money.  Today's job was something that Jeeroy never saw himself doing, yet it fit him so well.  He was going to put on a magic show.  The Syllas family had hired him to do some magic at their banquet to appease their guests, which would have been great had Jeeroy actually had magic.  He was happy that he had his armor, as it had spells of it's own that he would be able to utilize to make the people think he had his own magic.  Though he hated tricking everyone, he knew it had to be done in order to complete the job.  Besides, he was sure he would wow people with his good looks anyhow.  He was dressed so nicely, he would draw every eye.  People would probably be staring at him because he was a giant anyhow, overlooking his magic all together.  Though he was sure everything about him would make the people stand and clap, even though it would probably just be because they did not want him to beat them.

He rolled up a joint slowly, enjoying his last bit of free time before embarking on his jobs for the next few days.  He would be busy, have little time for anything other than doing his jobs and spending his money.  Perhaps there would be someone in the town of Marigold who could help him with his problem in finding a way for him to obtain magic.  He felt like he was getting closer and closer to a breakthrough to help him, and if he could, he would do anything for it.  His main purpose in life had been finding a way to obtain magic.  He lived in a world of magic and not having any himself was a bummer, especially when climbing the ranks with Rune Knights while many of them had powerful magic.  He was on the short end of the stick in the guild and was unhappy about it.  If he had magic, he would be powerful, more powerful than most and he was ready for it.  It would also make his quests such as this much easier than currently.

He made it to the banquet quite easily with the directions provided to the castle and quickly found himself in a massive group of guards all coming to meet him.  "I am Jeeroy Lenkins, I was asked to come help and display my magic for the entertainment at tonight's party.  As you can see I am a Rune Knight and mean no harm to you or any of the people here in this lovely establishment.  I am only here to make them happy."  He would say, easing the guards nerves.  They took him to a back room where two other people sat.  The first of the three was taken to the center of the banquet room where hundreds of people sat.  He quickly showed off a few tricks after introducing himself.  His first was one that allowed him to turn invisible, and reappear a few meters away.  It was a really cool trick.  The next allowed him to teleport, and the final allowed him to burst into flames without being hurt from the fire.  Afterwards, he got major applause and it was the next man's turn.  He did a few tricks that involved ice magic, something that Jeeroy had not seen in a while.  Though the tricks were not that good.

Jeeroy was soon led to the center of the banquet hall, which made everyone turn quiet at the approach of the giant.  They soon began whispering before Jeeroy cleared his throat.  "My name is Jeeroy Lenkins.  I have come to show you a few tricks I have up my sleeve."  He then dumped his sleeve and conjured the sword from his armor making it seem as if he had pulled the magical sword out of his sleeve.  Then with the sword still out, he conjured his shield as well.  For his last trick, he closed his eyes and made someone walk to a random spot in the room, and with his helm's magic, found them without looking.  The room applauded and Jeeroy walked out, waiting for the banquet to be over where he could collect his reward from the people who were hosting it.  His magic was not the best, but it seemed to pay the bills.  Soon enough, someone walked up to him and handed him a bag of jewels for his hard work and he was on his way back to his hotel with a bright smile upon his face.

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