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A Rune Knights' Dream [Salem]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

A Rune Knights' Dream [Salem] Empty on Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:30 pm

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy needed to spend some time with more people.  He had met people of many guilds, races, religions, magics, and other things, but he had yet to meet too many people in his own guild.  He needed to make connections with his guild mates if he ever wanted a chance to get better...stronger.  He needed alliances within his own guild, people who he could actually trust.  He had only met one person he seemingly could trust with everything, and that was Arisa.  She was a wonderful woman who he enjoyed working with, but she herself had not been a part of his own guild, which was saddening.  He knew he needed to seek out those in his guild, but it was harder said than done.  His guild did not have tattoos, their only identifying marks were their Rune Knight uniforms that many did not wear as he did.  He could only hope that someone would notice his attire and make themselves known.  Though what business they had in Marigold, such a small town, he did not know.  Perhaps there would be other's taking jobs there as well, ranking up in the Rune Knights as he was.  Then he would not feel so alone.


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Salem could not believe that he had let his emotions get the best of him, having accidently stepped himself aboard the train and now found himself in South Fiora. A place he was a little unfamiliar with though Salem was sure that the lands would be more then friendly to a member of the Magic Council Rune Knights. As Salem was hoping that this would help him get his foot into the ground as he had no information at all about the town that he had now come to find himself in, meaning that Salem’s first act of business once he managed to take his first step off the train, would be for him to go and look someone who could help him tour the town he had managed to accidently adventure to.

Stepping off the train, Salem would soon start to make his way through the city before stumbling upon a creature that left the young mage slightly speechless. As Salem had read many books that spoke of the giants, but this was the first time that the young mage could actually remember himself seeing one in real life. Having not really explored much of Fiora Salem had come to think the stories of the giants were really false, but now was the first time that he was capable of actually seeing one with his own eyes. Having his gaze stuck on the giant of a man, Salem would soon see himself having completely run smack dead into the leg of the giant, upon bouncing back from the sheer force of the contact, Salem would proceed to apologize for his slight clumsiness.

“Im sorry for my clumsiness, as you see I have never seen a giant before and was astonished by your presence here in this town, OH where are my manners, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Salem Pendragon Apprentice Knight of the Magic Council Rune Knights, and I have accidently made my way here to this town, and am in dire need of a tour guide so to say.”

#3Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
As if the universe knew what Jeeroy was looking for, a man soon ran into his leg and apologized profusely.  The man would then introduce himself as an apprentice of the Rune Knights, the same as Jeeroy was.  With a gigantic smile upon the giant's face, he quickly composed himself.  "That is alright, man!  I have been looking for someone such as yourself!  I too am an apprentice in the Rune Knights and I have been looking to find other Rune Knights here in Marigold."  The man was very excited to see what the apprentice could do.  "My name is Jeeroy Lenkins, Fiore's only resident giant...as far as I am aware, at least.  I get stared at often, though no one has bumped into me like yourself yet.  As for a guide, I do not know much of the town myself as I have just got into town today.  Perhaps we could figure it out together?"  Jeeroy observed the man before him.  He stood much shorter than himself, as many people did and had darker hair.  He looked as though he would belong to a dark guild instead of a good one, but as he introduced himself so properly, Jeeroy had to believe him.


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The words that would come to flow out the words of the giant’s mouth would be slightly shocking to that of Salem. Seeing as the giant would come to introduce himself as a member of the Magic Council Rune Knights as well, and an Apprentice the same rank as Salem himself. He would then proceed to state that just as Salem was looking for someone to help him in his journey through this town, so would the giant. Who stated that he was looking for someone who was just like Salem which probably hinted more along the lines of the Magic Council Rune Knight part. Since Rune Knights tended to stick together with one another sort of the same as the guild mages, Salem wouldn’t be surprised by the giants statement if he couldn’t find it in himself to get over the fact that not only was he speaking to a giant, but one who was actually part of the Rune Knights and a apprentice just like him.

“Hm, well sure, I mean we are two capable Rune Knight Apprentices and with both of us together I am more then sure we could get the hang of this town and find everything that it has to offer for to like ourselves.”

#5Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy was pleased with the man's reply and was ignoring the seemingly entranced look on the man's face.  It was not often you met giants in the wild world of Fiore.  He talked up the Rune Knights just as Jeeroy himself did, which made him much happier than before.  "Why yes, I am sure two capable Rune Knights could figure out this town quite easily.  It may give us a leg up when we grow stronger in the guild.  Knowing all the towns in Fiore could help us.  I am mainly here to take on jobs, but protecting the people is always a plus."  Jeeroy would tell the man.  His excitement could barely be contained.  If not for his armor keeping his clothes hidden, he would have torn off his shirt and began to flex among a giant cloud of glitter he would have thrown into the air.  He was sure it may weird out the man before him, but what could he say?  He was a very happy person.  The man seemed to be as eager as himself to get to know the town, so Jeeroy would turn and look down the road.  "We could explore a bit if you wish?"


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Having somewhat of a none caring look about him as he proceeded to stare at the giant that was Jeeray, Salem could only wonder what the giants answer to his response was to be. Considering that both Salem and Jeeray were seemingly in the same boat and were lucky enough to find one another at the same time. And Salem could consider this as something of a good accident as it was lucky that not only did Salem get to meet a Giant in the lands of Fiora but also a Rune Knight at the same time. Jeeray would respond with a response that showed he was more than happy to journey through the town with Salem on this fine evening. The giant probably knowing just like Salem, that a chance did not come like this often. Though then again Jeeray was a giant and Salem was just a normal low level mage so the opportunities for the two of them were probably slightly different.
Jeeray would proceed to go on a spat about how knowing all of the towns in Fiore would be a good job for them to learn as Rune Knights, considering that It could honestly help them when something went down in the towns. But Salem knew all too well that learning a towns layout was not as simple and easy as one made it seem. He would then go on to state that his reason for journeying to this town was none more then to take a few jobs and get some quest but if he could help the people that was a plus none the less. The idea of exploration would come to be the last thing that came out the giant Jeeray mouth.

“Exploration, that sounds like a perfect idea, as I am more than sure that this town has few locations that would be more than lovely to visit or even view. I mean every town has to have its tourist attractions.”

#7Jeeroy Lenkins 

A Rune Knights' Dream [Salem] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:28 am

Jeeroy Lenkins
Tourist attractions, aye?  Jeeroy had never been to a spot that he had thought of as beautiful except for maybe the beach in Hargeon.  Maybe he just did not pay enough attention to the things around him to think about it.  He paid more attention to the people around him than the town itself.  He found beauty in many things, but the land was something he had not thought about exploring to see what it could hold.  It had been a good idea on his part, to explore.  Maybe he could pay more attention to the landscape and soon find beauty in it as well as other things.  He knew there were many farms in Marigold, maybe a few of them had beautiful views that he had overlooked so far.  As a Rune Knight, he knew that he needed to pay more attention to every detail around him, and that was something that he was going to have to work hard on.  Maybe it would make him even better than before.  Details were important.  

"We should look around, maybe catch a few nice sights and I am not just talking about ladies."  He chuckled to himself.  "Perhaps we could check out the farm lands?  Or maybe the shopping district?"


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Jeeray would seem to take a liking to Salem’s idea of going to view some of the tourist attractions in the town. As Salem could instantly hear the happiness in the giants voice as he spoke, almost instantly agreeing with the magical scholar that was Salem. The giant saying that maybe him and Salem should proceed to check look around and check out a few of the nice sights, proceeding to back up his comment with a joke or rather joking remark about ladies. One that Salem himself did not find to funny, but figuring that he did not want upset a Giant, Salem would proceed to make a half smirk on his face showing that the joke amused him some to the giant Jeeray even if it amused him none at all on the inside. Following up his ladies remark Jeeray would suggest that he and Salem either check out the farm lands or the shopping districts of this town. Both places Salem felt were good ideas though one stuck out slightly a little more. That being the shopping districts as Salem was completely hopping to find a good magic shop and find some new interesting items.

“The shopping district does sound like a good idea, as I am always in the search for some new magic books and items. And I am sure this town should have a few good spots to eat at as well, since im starving from the long train ride from Orchidia.”

#9Jeeroy Lenkins 

A Rune Knights' Dream [Salem] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:42 am

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy needed to head to a magic shop anyhow and ask about an item to help him regain magical abilities, so he was happy to take the man up on his offer.  He looked around the spot they were standing and soon found a rather well placed sign that pointed straight towards the shopping district.  Jeeroy would point to the sign with a smile.  "There, my good sir, that is where we are heading."  Jeeroy would begin walking, hoping the man would tag along with him.  He would shorten his strides to let the man keep up with him easier as he had longer legs.  The man was taller than most normal humans, which would make him keeping up a bit easier as well.  "Do you have any idea exactly what you are in search of in a magic shop?  Or would you just like to browse to see the selection?"  Jeeroy would ask in hopes that maybe the man had a certain item in mind that he could help him locate.  Jeeroy needed to speak to the man who ran the magic shop anyhow.  "I have business there anyway.  Then we can head out and grab a bite to eat if you would like."


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The giant that Salem had come to know as Jeeray would come to instantly agree with the idea of visiting a magic shop, probably meaning that just like Salem he probably had some business or reason to need a magic shop as well. And thus that would be where the two Rune Knight apprentices would start to make their way. Jeeray having found the sign that lead to the shopping district of this town would proceed towards the direction of the shops, with Salem right behind him not having too much trouble keeping up with the giant as Salem himself was considered a giant amongst normal mortal mages standing over six feet tall. As the two new associates proceed to make their walk towards the shopping district, Jeeray would proceed to ask Salem did he have any idea as to what he would be looking for when they got to the magic shop. Salem seeing this as a friendly question felt it was fine to answer especially considering Jeeray was a member of the Rune Knights just like him.

“Well you see, I have this personal goal of learning everything there is about magic you see, so when I manage to make it to new towns I try my hardest to find new books on all things about magic, especially unique and rare ones”. Upon Salem finishing his little Statement Jeeray would state he also had business at the magic shop, stating that after the shop they could possibly grab a bite to eat. "Sure, every Rune Knight needs some food in their belly.”

#11Jeeroy Lenkins 

A Rune Knights' Dream [Salem] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 1:04 am

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy liked the idea that the man had.  The more information he had on certain magics, the better he could counter it.  He knew there was a reason the man was inducted into the Rune Knights, and it seemed to be because he was intelligent.  Jeeroy would have honestly never thought of it on his own and he was grateful someone in his own guild had the idea.  It gave him the impression that not all of his guild mates were just strong brutes that liked to arrest people.  It was nice to see some intelligence in his manner as well.  As they approached the town, Jeeroy was surprised to see a magic shop right as they entered the center of town.  He opened the door and walked in with a little bell sounding in the distance alerting the shop owner of their presence.  The older man, looking wise with his age, wandered out of the back room with a friendly smile.  Jeeroy would approach the man before him with a smile.  "My dear sir, I have a question for you.  As you can see I am a giant and am not attuned to magic as I would like.  I was wondering if you held anything in your shop that could perhaps help me acquire a magic of my own?"  Jeeroy asked hopeful.  The man nodded his head and spoke in an elderly yet wise tone.

"Sir, I do believe I have what you need, it is a bit pricey though."  The man walked to the back before coming back with a vile filled with pink liquid.  "If you drink this, you will soon gain a magic of your own, though I am not sure what it might be, but you run that risk."  The man explained.  Jeeroy cradled the potion in his hands and agreed as he paid the man.  "Just remember, dear boy, that it will take a bit to work."


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Soon enough, Salem and Jeeray would be finding themselves entering the magic shop that they had so searched for. Having got lucky in the search and not actually having to go far and wide through the towns market area. This being a slight plus to Salem as he drastically hated having to search for magic shops in the market areas of towns. But then again the young Scholar knew that the best magic shops tended to be the ones that were harder to find and didn’t have as much hype about them. As those tended to be the shops that tended to have the most rarest and unique magic treasures. Salem honestly hopping that this accidental trip to this town would not be a complete drag as it was turning out so far kind of decent. Considering the fact that the young Magic Council Rune Knight Apprentice, did not only get to meet a real live giant in the lands of Fiora, but one who was also a Apprentice Knight just like Salem.

Upon entering the magic shop Salem would proceed to follow behind Jeeray who would be the one to lead the way. As the two would proceed to enter the shop a small bell would begin to ring and echo threw out the whole magic shop, this being a simple way for the workers and or owner of the shop to be able to know when knew people entered the Shop, a generic feature that Salem had come to see in more and more shops around the land these days. The bell in this shop working no different as it would proceed to summon a strange old man that worked in the shop. Moments after the strange old man was in speaking distance Jeeray would begin to have a conversation with the man, thus leaving Salem free to scavage around the store looking for whatever managed to catch his eyes.

#13Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy would look upon the vile in his hands with good intentions.  He popped the cork on the lid and took a deep breath before pouring the pink liquid down his throat.  It tasted sour and disgusting, it nearly made Jeeroy puke, but he managed to hold it down for the sake of having his own magic.  He felt slightly different as the potion worked it's way down his throat, coating his insides with an almost metallic taste.  He could feel his body almost humming with a magical energy that he had never felt before.  With a smile, he walked over to the other Rune Knight and watched to see what he was looking at.  "Find anything interesting as of yet?"  Jeeroy would ask as he browsed the section with the man before him.  There were a few books with unique names speaking of older magics, and others of newer.  Jeeroy was not sure if he had ever heard of any of them before, but he would have loved to acquire any of them.  He was too excited for his own magic that hopefully soon would come with the help of the old shop keep.  Jeeroy just hoped the man was not scamming him.


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Salem could not seem to find anything of interest in the magic shop as he switched from shelf to shelf in the store. Making sure to take precise looks at all the books and artifacts, trying his hardest to make sure that he could distinguish the real items from the fake ones. As it was not uncommon to find replicas of unique and rare magic items. A problem that Salem himself had to learn firsthand a few times, as he made the mistake of buying more than one or two fakes in his time of searching through random shops. And he was going to do his best in making sure that he did not let that mistake happen to him again like it had did in the past. So when Jeeray came to speak to Salem, he already knew exactly what he was going to say to the giant about the shop.

“Honestly no, I really just see a lot of fakes and replicas of real magic items. Nothing I would really spend any jewels on unless it was for decoration or something of that sort. Though I’m sure that it is still possible of this shop holding some real magic items somewhere in the store, but what we have viewed now is defiantly not it.” Salem would proceed to finish his statement with a slight shrug.

#15Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
That certainly did not make Jeeroy feel good about the magic potion he had just spent money on and drank.  Hopefully he would not die from the potion he ingested, that way at least if it was a fake, he could go arrest the man.  He seemed so wise, so Jeeroy was confused as to why he was taking in fake magical items for his shop.  Perhaps he just liked scamming people out of their money, perhaps he was just not as wise as Jeeroy had thought.  He would have to look into it more later as if people were being scammed, he would not hesitate to take the man to prison.  He could not stand people who exploited other people for anything, money included.  His customers came to him with trust and if he would just spit in their face like that, he would no longer care for the old man as he had when he came into the shop.  Jeeroy felt a bit sad for the man, that he had not found a magical item to take home as Jeeroy had.  "Well, you win some and you lose some I guess.  How about that bite to eat?"  Jeeroy would ask.


A Rune Knights' Dream [Salem] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:16 pm

Disappointed at what the shop had brought, Salem could only hope that this was not the only and best magic shop that the town of Marigold had. Because if it was Salem would be completely disappointed in this town, with this shop being a complete let down to the young magical scholar. Still somewhat browsing around in the stack of books that mad their home right in front of him, Salem would hear Jeeray bring up the bight to eat. This probably being due to the fact that Jeeray could see that Salem was not happy with the shop that they had come to, and such felt that it be best if the left also. Something that was completely fine with Salem. Since right as Jeeray would manage to bring up something about getting food, Salem’s stomach would begin to rumble louder than marching band drum line. As food was something that Salem’s body would be more than to get, since he hadn’t manage to eat since he left Orchidia.

“I could surely go for a bit to eat, haven’t manage to eat anything since I left North Fiora’s River town Orchidia. So getting something to eat would be more then lovely and hopefully bring a way better mood to me than this magic shop did.” Finishing his statement Salem would wait for Jeeray to lead the way, hopping he found a way better food establishment than he did magic shop.

#17Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy would nod in agreement with the man.  He had not eaten since he left Hargeon and it had been a while.  The lack of nutrition was surly taking a toll on the giant as he was a large man and needed to eat more than most.  With a smile upon his face, Jeeroy walked out of the shop hopefully being followed by the Rune Knight.  He managed to look around and find a small diner not too far from the magic shop.  It looked to be a little family owned restaurant and those were the ones Jeeroy found to be most appealing when looking for a bite to eat.  They usually held the most diverse and home made menus around, and Jeeroy loved tasting new things in the towns of Fiore.  He found himself walking towards the front door, holding it open for the man to walk through before him.  Jeeroy found beauty in food almost as much as he did in people and magic.  He was excited to taste what they all had to offer.  He walked to the front and grabbed two menus, one for himself and another for Salem.  Soon he was looking over the amount of food they had to offer.


A Rune Knights' Dream [Salem] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:51 pm

Proceeding to follow Jeeray out of the Magic Shop, Salem and the giant would be once again emerged into the streets of Marigold, a town that both of them were completely unfamiliar with. But two lost people were better than one Oda always told Salem, so he figured if push did come to shove and he and Jeeray did get lost he was more than sure that the two would be able to find their path in the town once again. But for now it seemed as though Jeeray knew where he was going leading them straight to what looked like a family owned dinner. A place Salem was sure to probably have good food based on the feeling that it was giving off to him. The place seeming to be one that put love and affection inside all of their food and made sure that it was a complete home cooked meal. Something that Salem could completely respect In a business, and felt that this decision of Jeeray’s was way better than his last one. As even during the walk to the dinner, and over his growling stomach begging to be fed, Salem still could not find it to get over the disappointment that that magic shop had brought to him. Jeeray proceeding to hold the door open as Salem walked in first manage to give Jeeray a shrug of thanks for holding the door as he made his way into the dinner to be greeted by the host’s.

#19Jeeroy Lenkins 

A Rune Knights' Dream [Salem] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:25 pm

Jeeroy Lenkins
As the two were seated, Jeeroy began looking over the vast assortment of food that was on the menu before them.  Jeeroy found one of his favorite sections on all menus, the Italian favorites section.  It was filled with assortments of lasagnas and spaghetti that made his mouth water more than it did when he was high.  He could smell the food being cooked in the back and his excitement was getting the better of him.  Food was art to Jeeroy, an art that he loved looking into.  He loved everything about cooking, but mostly the end part...eating the food.  As their waitress came over to them, her brunette curls bouncing as she walked, she asked them what they would have to drink and Jeeroy would order a coke with no ice, as he was not in a drinking mood as of yet in the town of Marigold.  The waitress would then turn to Salem and ask him the same question.  Jeeroy would wait for the man's response and for the woman to walk away before looking at the man.  "What do you think you are going to get?  It all looks so good."  Jeeroy asked him with a smile.


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Salem and Jeeray would proceed to be seated in a nice booth at the back of the restaurant from most of the people, this probably being due to the overlay large size of Jeeray due to the fact that he was a giant. The hostess that would seat them would seem to be a fairly younger girl with black hair, one who was probably too young to actually be working in a restaurant. But Salem could easily tell that the girl was of relationship to the owners of the shop, easily being able to spot her resemblance to that of those of the man and woman pictured on the wall of the establishment. Salem also being sure that if he actually took the time to look around at all of the different pictures of the wall, he would be able to find a picture of the little or girl or at least a picture with the whole family, as what was a family establishment without a picture of the family.

Once seated another girl would come to introduce herself to Salem, and Jeeray as their waitress, while she proceed to take their drink orders. Jeeray going the simple route of just a soda, Salem felt that it was also too early for one to start partaking in the drinking of alcoholic beverages, going the safe route and just sticking with a simple water was Salem was not one who cared much for soda. Upon the waitress leaving Salem would proceed to skim over the restaurant’s menu, coming to see that the family had a little bit of everything on the menu from Italian, Spanish, BBQ, and regular foods. Like Burgers and cold sandwiches and other simple things. While Salem was scamming over the menu Jeeray would come to ask Salem what he was thinking of getting.

“I honestly can’t say at this current moment to be real with you. This restaurant seems to have a little bit of everything from burgers and bbq to even Italian food like pizza. And I honestly have no idea what I am in the mood for, so maybe I might see what the waitress recommends before making a choice, having never been to this town Im not sure what they are accustom to eating here.”

#21Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy nodded in agreement with the man, taking a look at his menu once again.  There was a wide variety of options and Jeeroy honestly had no clue what to choose.  He kind of wanted Italian yet there were too many options in that part to choose as well.  He could get a pizza, though he was not sure if the same one would fill him up.  He could get lasagna, but he knew it would not fill him up either.  Soon enough the waitress came up and brought them their drinks.  She pulled her pad out of her apron with a smile and adjusted the glasses that sat upon her nose.  They were black and green, very pretty with her hair and eyes.  "Do you two know what you would like yet?  If not I can always come back.  We also have appetizers if you would like them."  She said with a smile upon her face.  She was surly trying for her tips and Jeeroy thought she deserved one so far.  Jeeroy looked down and sighed with a smile.

"Alright dear, give me some hot wings for an appetizer and then let me have the chicken, bacon, ranch pizza."  Jeeroy said.


A Rune Knights' Dream [Salem] Empty on Mon Sep 04, 2017 9:46 pm

Still wondering what it would be that he was to eat tonight, Salem would notice Jeeray’s nod of acknowledgment to his statement of the menu. Salem himself still viewing over the vast menu of items trying to narrow down what he wanted before the waitress got there. As he was still not sure it was something on the menu that was appealing to him, or if he really wanted to hear what they had to offer for the special. Looking up and down Salem would soon come to see that the dinner had a special twenty four hour breakfast section, a section that intrigued the young magic scholar. He himself being a very big fan of breakfast food, Salem feeling that it was the most important meal of the day, and the only that probably had the best of foods. This leading Salem to easily make his mind up of what he wanted before the waiter would even proceed to make it to the table.

Upon the waitress bringing them their drink’s and proceeding to ask them if they were ready to order. Salem would notice that the girl though similar to the host was not the same girl though they looked a lot like, this being a feel of the family restaurant Salem figured none the less. Salem would proceed to take sip of his water while Jeeray would give his order to the girl first going with an order that Salem figured could on fit a giant. Jeeray start off with Hot wings for an appetizer, then moving on to a chicken bacon ranch pizza. A order Salem figured would probably only be a snack to the giant when he really thought about it. Finishing Jeeray’s order the girl would proceed to ask for Salem’s

“I would like for your original French toast, with bacon, sausage, and scrambled eggs with cheese. And a hash brown on the side please.” Finishing his order and giving the girl a nice quick smile, Salem would proceed to hand her his menu.


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Salem, and Jeeray would proceed to have a slight conversation as they discussed things of the Rune Knights and how they were both taking slightly different routes of trying to rank up, each having their own reason for wanting to move through the ranks. Though Salem being the person he was, wouldn’t completely let Jeeray know his actual reasons and goals, not knowing just yet if he could trust the giant. Yet Salem was starting to get interested in the man as they discussed various topics while they waited for their food that would soon enough come, not taking as much time as Salem figured it would take. Figuring that the dinner was slightly packed, but wasn’t completely full.

Looking down at his plate, Salem could only begin to taste the flavors of all the wonders that made his plate their home. The young magical scholar knowing completely well that he was about to enjoy all of this food that he had ordered. Proceeding to butter up his French toast, Salem would then proceed to cut it up as his poured syrup all of it and his eggs. Taking his fork and masking his eggs all up allowing for the cheese to get all in the eggs as well as the syrup. Making it somewhat of a mixture one could say, Salem would then proceed to cut his bacon and sausage all up throwing it atop before proceeding to eat it all up. Jeeray and Salem would manage to finish eating at the same time, proceeding to pay and exit with one another before parting ways and proceeding to enjoy their visits of Marigold

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