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[Quest] More Experimental Hexes [Faust]

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#1Faust Noire 

[Quest] More Experimental Hexes [Faust] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 2:15 am

Faust Noire



Quest: More Experimental Hexes

Rank: D

Type: Bad


  • Experimental Hexes completed.

Dr. Stephan Mabuz: Dr. Stephan Mabuz runs a quaint little magic shop nestled in the streets of Oak. Though it doesn't receive much traffic, Stephan isn't worried; his real business comes from his underground dealings of illicit magical items. Poisons, hexes, and whatever else a dark mage might need, the good doctor has it - for a price.

Summary: Dr. Mabuz feels as though he has fixed the hex that had not worked last time, and tasks you to try it out again, along with a couple other ones. He appreciates the fact that there are other people who are able to spend time casting spells on random strangers, as he doesn’t have to worry about that while working on the more complex particulars of his work, such as brewing his potions properly. There are two hexes he wishes to be tested, and you must try each of them out on a different person.

Enemies: None

Objective: Test the hexes and report back.

Extra Rewards:

  • +1 Strength


  • Create a topic in Oak Streets.
  • You have two hexes given to you by Dr. Steven: On a piece of paper, the words imbued with the hex is written, when spoken out loud it will be cast on a target the reader envisions. After it is cast, the word fades away.
  • The first one is called "Decrepify" and is the hex which was supposed to paralyze legs for an hour, and it functions exactly as it was supposed to last time.
  • The second one is called "Magna" and is supposed to remove all strength from someone's body for an hour. When you attempt to use it on someone, it backfires on you, but instead of feeling weak, you feel stronger than ever. As time passes this effect doesn't seem to fade.
  • Report back these results to Stephan, and he will pay you what is due, intrigued by the effect of the second hex.

#2Faust Noire 

[Quest] More Experimental Hexes [Faust] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 2:16 am

Faust Noire
The glory of the forest was revealed in the birthstone-bright light. Almond-brown trees stood serenely, awash with a tender glow. Their bark looked like riffled toast and gems of amber clasped their crusty exterior. The first blush of the morn gave the leafy bower a green-going-to-gold complexion. Idling past suede-soft flowers, Faust caressed them softly, getting tingles in his fingers. His ears perked up at the metallic, tinkling sound of a stream. It flashed with a tinsel tint through the lace of leaves. When the trees parted, he could see it was sliding into an infinity-pool. The pool looked like a polished mirror of silver, with skeins of swirl-white twisting slowly on the surface. A shiny spillway led to a choppier pond. Boulders colonized the edges of the pond, buffed with pillows of moss. They caused a rocky gurgling as water met stone; a swish, a clunk, a swell and a clop. Sweet fragrances, alluvial and palliative, seemed to flit in and out of my awareness. Sight and smell vied for attention in this soul-enriching dream world.

The canine preferred outdoors, with the serene and vivid nature enveloping him. He truly behaved like an animal, displayed evidently by every single action that was sought out. From the way Faust Noire ate to how he slept, every single move towards his connection to the Lycanthrope within, was shared. As he rose, awake from his good night's rest, the Coyote extended both arms upward. His chest extended outwards, fitting well with the slow breath of air entering through his nostrils. The exhale was slow and concise too, with the chest retracting back to the original state. The slits considered eyes shut their slender opening in an almost noble manner, something done by those who were usually in power. Momentarily, everything in the radius seemed to be frozen in time, weightless. And in an instant, the spell was dispersed, bringing every organism back to the forsaken realm of reality.

The forest was vastly green and Oak Town was no exception to this rule of thumb. Nevertheless, the town seemed to be presentable; the leafy or raw presentation factor of the environment certainly fit with the town, similar to the structures of a puzzle piece. It was rejuvenating, the scenery. But Faust didn't have time today to admire a forest out of a movie. Requests were stacked up upon the job board in the center of town and that meant coming first would present one with a wider variety of choices. Today, his apparel was simple and nothing out of the norm. Shorts that were the color of the sky decorated his lower body whereas his upper body was encased with a tank top, comparing to clouds in the fabric and color. It was summer, so the form of clothing wasn't out of the ordinary. Well, if Faust didn't have his mask on. A fox-like mask enveloped his face, a necessity in order to carry out jobs for Grimoire Heart without any closure back to them. "With all due respect, this mask and this heat are killing me." he announced. Several heads turned, though no one dared say anything. He was nothing but an eccentric to them anyways.

The piece of paper that caught his attention was covered in juices or something. Tainted with something that certainly radiated magical prowess. Though faint, the smallest touch from even the mages that were starting out would realize there was mana imbued onto this job request. Reading it, Faust discovered that it was from a man that he had encountered once before, Dr. Stephan Mabuz. Once one was acquainted to this man, it was hard to escape his grasps. Multiple times, Faust had received direct mails and so on from this man, hoping for more experiments. However, in the past, he declined all instances. It seemed that he was still forging potions and crazy concoctions. Time to say hello once more.

"Hey, old man!" he screeched and soon as he entered the store front. The midget of a man grumbled as he pranced towards the entrance, but his face did a complete 180 degrees as soon as he saw Faust. It was as if he was awaiting the Coyote. He explained his situation, presenting a piece of paper with the two spells on it. He dared not say them directly, though pointed at the names of said spells throughout the explanation. The first spell was the exact same as the previous time, perhaps it needed some renditions or reinforcements. The second spell was news to Faust and honestly, he didn't mind trying it out.

The Coyote decided that he wouldn't mind trying the crazy concoctions on himself this time. "Decrepify!" and immediately, his knees buckled, his face landing against the floor in utter amazement. Surprised but in pain was the only phrase capable of describing Faust. From waist down, he was paralyzed. The spell had worked, but the trouble still lied. "Fuck." he whispered. Well, since he was already in a dire situation, it couldn't have gotten any worse. With the second spell in his hand, he spoke it as well. "Magna." Suddenly, strength flowed throughout his body and electricity seemed to boost him. A shock in his legs made him realize that he could feel his legs again. Mabuz had been there the entire time, witnessing the whole thing. Faust still explained to him the sensation. Payments were issued and Faust left the madhouse.

908 words

*Note: Grimoire Heart members have a skill that gives them 10% off on quests.

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