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The New Town [Kenny]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:02 pm

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy had enjoyed his first day in Marigold so far, though it just consisted of setting up his new hotel room, the best suite in town.  He could see nearly everything from his perch on his balcony.  He was going to live the good life while in Marigold.  With him about to be high enough ranking in the Rune Knights to gain some extra perks, he thought he deserved it.  Deciding to head out and meet some of the people around town, he gathered his things and rolled a joint before walking into town smoking it.  He was feeling good with his weapon on his side as he strode around, getting the same looks he had when he first entered Hargeon.  He was used to them by now, and when he would look at other people, they would quickly look away, so it was no matter to him.  Nothing could blow his high.  He was excited as a kid in a candy shop and that was saying something.  It made him want to throw glitter and flex, and that is what he did!  He threw a handful of glitter into the air and began flexing his large muscles, drawing some attention.


The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:12 pm

Kenny sat in his hotel room, he kept the lights off and blinds closed… He wasn’t just waking up, he had been up all night as he sat slumped on the floor. His head was down, hair covering his face as his red visage leaked hot tears. He held the sides of his head as he sat for a moment, he couldn’t do it. He just couldn’t get up and go, he couldn’t put on another fake smile to face the day. He was shaking, his heart was sinking, the pain he felt was finally weighing down on him. He opened his eyes, tears seeming to finally stop after a few moments. Kenny wiped his eyes with his shirt, the bottom becoming damp from the extensive amount of tears. There would be silence as the Omega finally stood up and pulled a hood over his head, eyes puffy and red as he rubbed them in an attempt to dry them. He opened his door and made his way out of his room and to the street… Another day, another day to hurt and pretend like he was alright. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, his breath was recovering from its shallowness as he managed to clear his nose with a sniffle. Yep… Another day.

#3Jeeroy Lenkins 

The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:17 pm

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy was in a chipper mood as usual.  The birds were chirping, the people were out and about, and there were plenty of ways for him to make some money.  Jewels were his best friend, which meant jobs were a must.  There were plenty of fresh jobs for him, though they all required some type of menial labor, he did not mind.  He would be stronger soon.  Strong enough to help protect the people of Fiore.  Strong enough to rank up in the Rune Knights.  He would finally be somewhat respected by his own guild.  He would even get the perks they offered to their higher ranking members!  Though he would be a lower ranking higher ranking member, he did not care.  He was happy he would be able to help in some of the larger things the Rune Knights did.  He wanted to participate in the bigger events and catch bad guys.  It had been a dream of his since he was a child.  He knew too many bad guild members from his younger age.  All of them thieving liars and murderers.  He wanted to throw them in prison to rot away.  That or kill them for what they did to his family.


The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:26 pm

As he walked down the way he passed plenty of people, smiling faces, giggling, laughing and joy every where. The sounds and sights made him feel worst, he saw all of these people, they all mattered to people. Kenny on the other hand, he mattered, but he didn’t matter. No one would even notice if he died now. Sure, he would never see daylight again, but it wasn’t like he was strong enough to want to keep himself awake. As easy as it would be to end it all, there wasn’t much to doing it, sure no one would notice, but then he would just cease to exist and that was something he feared more than anything. Even if he was a joke, a lie, a tool, and a play thing for anyone who asked him to do as they pleased. His eyes averted the gazes of passerbys as he kept his head down. What was he to do, live out this lie? People said hello, he would nod back as he kept down. It felt careless to be broken down again, but he just couldn’t help it. Over time as things came back to him he found that he wasn’t anything. People always boasted about others, but no one was boasting for Kenny Omega at the end of the day, so he was just better off just disappearing. People would be happier and no one would notice.

#5Jeeroy Lenkins 

The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:35 pm

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy soon noticed a familiar figure walking down the street near him.  He took a better look and sure enough it had to be one of his friends.  With a bright smile, he quickly made his way over to the man.  "Kenny!  Man I am so glad you came!"  He pulled the man in for a hug and as he let go, he noticed the man's facial expression.  He seemed to look a little down.  "What is wrong, man?  You seem a bit down.  Talk to your friend, Jeeroy and I will help as best I can.  No one can be mad around this goofy giant!"  Jeeroy said.  He hoped he could cheer the man before him up.  They always had such a good time together and Jeeroy thought of him as a good friend.  He felt slightly bad for the last time they hung out, as he had left so abruptly, but he must have at least made a friend in the man as he had followed him to Marigold.  Maybe they could do some jobs together at some point, yes, Jeeroy would like that.  He waited for the man's reply silently, observing him as he did.  The man looked so very sad.


The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:44 pm


Kenny kept his hood down, as well as his eyes. He just needed to get something to eat, maybe a drink and go back to his room and sleep, sleep as long as he could until he could never wake up again. It wasn’t possible, but he could try his hardest. Soon a familiar voice called out to him, Kenny feigned one of his usual cheerful grins before it would break as he was hugged. During the hug Kenny gave the giant a ginger pat on the back, “It’s okay, I remembered that you were coming here too and figured I would come on out and see you again.” he weakly smiled as he sniffled again. It was nice to see Jeeroy happy, the giant was someone with their entire life ahead of them, they were kind, friendly, and probably had lots of friends… Then there was Kenny and compared to him Jeeroy looked like the pinnacle of what socialite should be: Happy, ambitious, and friendly… “I’m fine though… Really, how about we stroll down the street a bit” he wore that same smile, that same smile that always masked the pain he felt. He hid the sadness in his voice as he gestured to Jeeroy for the two to begin their walk.

#7Jeeroy Lenkins 

The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:54 pm

Jeeroy Lenkins
"You cannot lie to a giant, my dear friend."  He would not pressure the issue any further as it was evident that the man did not want to talk about it.  "Sure, we can walk and talk.  How have you been, sir?  It has been a couple days since we last met and I am ecstatic to see you once again.  I have missed your company vastly.  You seem to be one of my few friends.  One of the few people who do not stare at me like I am a science project.  Though maybe I am."  Jeeroy said.  He walked with his friend down the road, looking around at all the people passing them by staring.  Was it that strange for a giant to be conversing with a man?  Jeeroy did not figure so.  He guessed it was just the fact that he was a giant.  He could see over the heads of all those around him which made it easy for him to watch the crowd for anyone threatening to do anything bad to the people of Marigold.  He was happy he was there, able to protect the people if need be.  Now he only needed to watch and listen to the man beside him.


The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 5:11 pm

He nodded when spoken to as they would begin to walk and talk. Kenny dd was he did best, listened and analysed before replying, “I’ve been okay… Same as always.” he nodded once again to the giant, “But how are you?” the Giant’s words did not go unheeded, they even shocked Kenny abit to hear himself be called a friend. Probably one of the few people who would give Kenny such a title. “I appreciate the sentiment I truly do.” he put his hands in his pockets as they walked eyes tracing the roof tops as the red finally began to clear. It all looked dark to Kenny, despite the sunny cheery hues. “Lemme tell you one thing I guess… Since I can trust you and you don’t know ‘em.”

He cleared his throat, “I think I might need to leave my fiance.” he spoke closed his eyes and sighed, he wasn’t one to give his issues to another, but it would keep the conversation up at least. “I think she’s tired of me, bored really and I feel as if It would be best if I just let her go.” he admitted the words, as much as they pained him to say them. “I love ‘er more than anything in the world Jeeroy, but she and I are far too drifted apart now. I took your advice tried to make her special, but all I did was put a band aid on a big issue.”

#9Jeeroy Lenkins 

The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 5:15 pm

Jeeroy Lenkins
Ah a love life issue, something Jeeroy was not as good at as he would have liked to be.  He would never admit it to the man before him though, as he could give the man some advice as another man.  Jeeroy had been engaged once, and a dark guild member had taken her away from him, which stemmed his hatred for the dark guilds of Fiore.  "Hmm, that is a major bummer, man.  I can try and give you some advice, man to man if you wish it.  Girls are a difficult subject.  They are hard to read and even harder to understand.  Drifting away could mean she is hiding something quite large, it could also mean that she feels as if she is being too clingy on you.  What issue did you think stemmed her getting further away from you?  What issue did you seemingly slap a band aid on?"  Jeeroy would ask the man to get more information before he said anything further on the subject.  He did not want to just ignore the man, but he did not want to break a woman's heart because he gave him the wrong information.  He would need more information.


The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 5:28 pm

Could Kenny tell him anything? Hell, this was only part of the reason he was so bummed out. Kenny was always happy and cheerful, but he always let himself down. Sure, yeah, he could always let himself down, but then came the underlying pressure of feeling like he was letting someone else down. It was painful to do so, he probably let Jeeroy down by bringing down his ‘high’ with his low, ubt Kenny couldn’t shake this new feeling of despair and sadness he was all alone in a big world. Nothing to his name but a few pouches of jewels and a set of armor that was getting dustier by the minute. “Sure advice would be nice, our talks usually help me out... “ he chuckled, though it would only be short lived as his smile fell back into a frown, may as well trust the giant.

“I thought I could try to change myself, I remember back at this dinner we ran into one another. From what I could see she was bored of me and it wasn’t until I stood up to some guy that she finally opened back up. Though I think she only liked me because I was angry…. Then there was the night I proposed, she was angry at me, almost stabbed me, but I got her to calm down. Now I feel like I’m just gonna lose her no matter what because sooner or later someone better will come.” he looked down at the ground.

“Someone who’s not a waste of space who can give her everything she wants.”

#11Jeeroy Lenkins 

The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 5:33 pm

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy seemed to be able to tell what the man's problem was just based on the way he talked about himself.  Jeeroy was happy with himself even though everyone else called him miserable and a waste of space.  Sometimes a little confidence could go a long way with someone.  It seemed as if he lacked that and Jeeroy aimed to help him.  "Perhaps maybe your girl did not just like you because you were angry, perhaps it was because you were taking charge and showing her you have confidence.  Women love knowing that their men can take care of them and protect them if something bad happened.  Man you have so much potential and I bet she sees that too.  Girls do not just 'get bored', they have reasons to feel certain ways.  It seems you talk down about yourself a lot, I say you work on that first.  You will never keep a girl if you just give up at the first sign of something going wrong.  That is not how relationships work.  Things go wrong, you fight, that is just how it is.  Everyone has things they need to fix about themselves, and it seems like yours, my good sir, is your confidence."


The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 5:39 pm

Kenny laced his fingers together as they walked, a temporary distraction as the giant thought on, what a day this turned out to be, he ran into Jeeroy, the happiest of men yet Kenny didn’t have a clue why he was so happy. Maybe it was just the fact that he was so big and strong, had plenty going on probably and people far and wide could tell him out of a lineup with ease. What a guy he was...

“Maybe… That’s true…” he spoke on when he heard the first phrase about anger and things of the like, but when he heard the word potential he stopped in his tracks and looked up at the giant. Did he really say that? Did Kenny have potential? Sure strangers he’s met on the path would seem to take interest in him,, but he didn’t think about any potential. How could he? He looked at the giant and cleared his that, “You’re right… but I don’t know much about confidence, how do you do it? Your height? It seems many people like to be around you, some even gravitate to you and compliment how big you are.” maybe Kenny could use a few inches in the height department…. Who knew.

#13Jeeroy Lenkins 

The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 5:56 pm

Jeeroy Lenkins
The man thought Jeeroy's height was what made his confidence high?  No.  His height merely made people afraid of him.  They called him a freak, made him feel worse.  Jeeroy chuckled at the man and patted his back.  "My height is not what gives me my confidence.  It is how I look at myself every day.  I used to look in the mirror and hate myself, think I was a freak like everyone else thought.  I finally stopped giving a shit what everyone else thought and decided that I needed to just look at myself better.  I started telling myself that I was gorgeous and amazing the way I was.  It reflected on other people.  I because confident just as you can.  You just have to start thinking highly of yourself as well."  Jeeroy would explain to the man.  "You are one of the more amazing people I have met so far, and it is time you start acting like it.  You are a great person, you just have to believe it and believe in yourself."  Jeeroy would pat the man's back again and smile.  He did think the man was great and that he needed to think better of himself.


The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 6:14 pm

The big man’s words certainly helped Kenny’s feeble mind. He was eating the words up clinging to every one as he listened to everything Jeeroy said. His confidence came from affirmations and self love? Could valuing himself really assist him in feeling better? He was so unsure yet everything Jeeroy said sounded good. Could he go back to his hot crazy eight with real confidence and not false aggression? He would have to tell himself things like he was a good guy, that he had tons of potential, but he was so unsure… Jeeroy was pretty cool, but did he have the answers Kenny needed? Maaaybe, just maybe. Kenny didn’t know much about telling himself about being gorgeous but he could certainly tell himself that he was okay and very lucky. This aching heart… Kenny looked up at him once again with a sincere smile, “You’re too kind, though you are by far one of the most delightful people I’ve met in my travels, you seem to always know just what to say…” he cleared his throat. “ I guess I should try to find some confidence, start telling myself that I’m worth it and that I can do anything I put my mind to. She’ll certainly be surprised if I come home more confident, I hope I can introduce you two one day, I think you’d like her.”

#15Jeeroy Lenkins 

The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Sun Sep 03, 2017 6:19 pm

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy knew the man was taking what he said to heart and that made him happy.  Everything made him happy when he had a joint between his lips though.  Maybe that was what the man needed?  A way to cool down and relax a bit.  Jeeroy took the joint from between his lips and handed it to the man before him with a generous smile.  He did not share his green herb with anyone, but for this, he would.  Maybe he could get the man to think higher of himself when his mind was clear and his body at ease.  He had introduced his last friend to the herb and maybe he could this one as well.  It was how Jeeroy relaxed and cleared his mind.  Maybe Kenny's girl needed a bit of it as well as she seemed to be quite a piece of work from what Kenny had told him of her.  "This may help you out a bit, man.  And yes, I am sure I would love your girl.  She sounds quite interesting.  I would be happy to meet her at some point."  He would tell him happily.  Jeeroy would then wait to see if the man would take his offering.


The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Mon Sep 04, 2017 2:18 am

He was feeling a bit better, though the differences in behavior were only slight. The sincere smile he had sprouted was there, but it was slowly fading and would fully drop when the giant offered Kenny a hit of his weird cigar looking thing. Kenny had never seen such a strange looking stimulant before, but not to be rude he politely took it in his hand and hesitantly brought it to his lips. There was quite a pull, deep as his lung filled with smoke, and a slow exhale as a thick cloud of smoke left his nostrils. Kenny took another pull and handed it back to Jeeroy, holding the substance in his lungs for a bit before exhaling once again with a coughing fit. That sure as hell wasn’t a cigar, and it definitely wasn’t a cigarette… What on earth did he just put in his body.

“Sure yeah, she’s real nice. Crazy as all hell, tried to kill me a few times, but the love is there. Though I’m worried,” he chuckled, “Once she sees you she might just try to hop on the impaled by a giant train.” he closed his eyes and sighed, “Maybe I should find… Ya know? Like a hobby or a guild or some shit. Then give her a baby, would be a crazy lil bastard, but hey you can be the god father.” his eyes were slowly pinkening...

#17Jeeroy Lenkins 

The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:57 am

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy's mouth dropped as he heard what the man said.  "Impaled by the giant train?  No, my good sir I do not think so.  I do not sleep with women whom are engaged.  Neither do I think the woman would want to sleep with me.  Very few can handle me in the bedroom, only the whores of Magnolia have been able to so far."  Jeeroy muttered with a forced smile.  It hurt him to talk about such things, but he knew it was the truth.  The only woman he would ever get would have had many guys before him and more than likely many guys after him.  He was proficient in the bedroom, yet there was not much he could do with a meter long shlong, he could not hurt something by forcing himself fully inside of them.  Sadly enough, the man knew he would never settle down with a woman and was reminded it further as he heard the man talking about giving the woman a kid.  He smiled forcefully at the man.  "It sounds lovely, dude.  A crazy little shit, it sounds like something I have wanted all of my life.  Sadly, no one wants to spend forever with a giant."


The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Mon Sep 04, 2017 12:21 pm


Kenny chuckled at the giant’s reaction once again, it felt good to laugh after the fit of depression he was going through. Normally when kenny said something like this most pay take it for a compliment, Jeeroy seemed legitimately shocked that the Omega would even say such a thing. “Well that’s good to hear then, glad I can trust you. That crazy lady is my heart after all.” he laced his hands behind his head as they walked, he would soon hear about Jeeroy’s bedroom habits, that the whrores in Magnolia were the only ones who could handle him thus far in his life. Kenny tilted his head and continued to walk as he simply listened to his big friend. “It does sound lovely, but hey, hey! Don’t get so down on yourself like that. You can totally have kids!” Kenny tried to cheer him up, “All you have to do is let love find you my man.”

He sighed, “Believe me I used to think the same way, but then love found me and it’ll do the same for you! You’re a handsome, muscular, awesome guy! With the fuckin’ potential to be the best in whatever job you have! You ooze charisma and you needn’t to worry what woman can stay with your uh, schlong, what matters is if she’d let you penetrate her heart and bangin’ whores ain’t gonna help you find that heart you just wanna like..” he awkwardly made squeezing motions with his hands “Get in there and give her everything you’ve got.”

#19Jeeroy Lenkins 

The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Mon Sep 04, 2017 12:56 pm

Jeeroy Lenkins
"Penetrate her heart, aye?  Good analogy.  You know how to make a man feel better, that is for sure.  Hey at least we still have friends hm?  I do not think I would have made it in this town if I had not run into you.  I like discovering new places, but I like the fact that you followed me here.  I have a lot of jobs to do I was hoping you would help with."  Jeeroy said, introducing the idea to the man.  "Oh!  Also I took a sketchy potion from a man who owns a magic shop the other day that promised me it would give me my own magic!  Is that not cool?" Jeeroy asked happily.  The potion had been a bit sketchy, but if the man had given him something fake, he knew where he worked and could always go arrest him.  Besides, the potion had made him feel strange inside, humming with magical energy that he still felt in bouts of emotional rage or happiness.  Perhaps he would get his magic in a bout of emotional feelings at some point.  He could only hope not, because he was very scary when he was emotional.  He could only imagine if he was having a new magic tantrum also.


The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:03 pm


Kenny was still thinking about penetration as he continued to make his strange assortment of gestures a bit of drool and a blush making his dirty thoughts evident. “Your own magic? That’s pretty lit, I might grab me some of that later.” after a moment he revisited what Jeeroy said about him following him all the way here. Truthfully, yes Kenny followed him but more because he figured he had nothing else to do with his schedule opening up dramatically. He rubbed his chin as he thought about that magic potion… What was he getting himself into? It could have been magic, but it could also be poison! There was only one way to find out… He looked at Jeeroy for a moment, a giant with magic ey? That was pretty freaky. “Do you have it on you?” he asked with a curious expression on his face.. .It’d be pretty cool to see. Plus if it did give him magic maybe Kenny could get a hold on it, take a sip and get a tiny bit of magic yeah? Not like he was going to do anything bad with it, just maybe drink it down wit another sip and cry diamonds or something.

#21Jeeroy Lenkins 

The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:18 pm

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy dug around in his pockets and pulled out the bottle that was still half full.  He had not drank the entire thing at the warning of the man in the shop.  It could apparently be unstable, but when it was sold to him, the owner and creator had sold it in two doses.  One for initial magic, another for if the person did not like the magic they got first.  The pink liquid swirled around with sparkly contents floating inside.  Jeeroy opened it and took one final sip before hold it out to the man before him.  "It is not poison as I have not died yet.  But it does make you hungry."  Jeeroy chuckled.  "If you want it, I do not need it anymore.  It will be cheaper taking the rest of this as I paid a realllll pretty penny for the bottle."  Jeeroy would feel the small does of potion run through his body and he would sigh, almost immediately feeling the hunger it gave him.  Maybe it was a sign his body needed more power to hold magic as he was a giant.  "We should get something to eat.  Tacos maybe."  He suggested to the man before him.


The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Mon Sep 04, 2017 6:04 pm

Kenny waited for him as he rummaged through his pocket, whatever could he have in there? Strange, it seemed like he had so much, but to him it was so little. To Kenny it was a lot, then again to a small person Kenny probably had a lot in his pockets compared to them, what a strange world they live in, where what was in a pocket was so intriguing. When Jeeroy pulled out the bottle Kenny studied it close, a vial of sorts with a slender neck and spherical bottom, the liquid inside was a rather radiant almost sun like yellow as it glew in the day light. Kenny was unsure rather or not he wanted to drink it, he rubbed his chin and squinted at the bottle. “Well if you say it’s safe.” he shrugged taking it and finishing what was left. The effect it had on Kenny wasn’t one of hunger but instead the omega felt energized and the drink itself had a strange caffeinated taste to it. The Omega was shuffling, bending his knees, and overall jittery as the energy overcame him… He also felt rather ‘frisky.’. “Say Jeeroy! Let’s get something to eat yeah! Tacos sound good! But I want some lady tacos! See some fannies! Some bare hand slaps, little cups! Push all up on some fannies! Go on some patrol for fannies!”

#23Jeeroy Lenkins 

The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:43 am

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy was confused for a bit, trying to understand what the man was saying.  "Well, Kenny.  First of all, you are engaged if you would remember to the conversation we were having earlier, otherwise I would be down to go get some girls with you.  Secondly, you can not just randomly grab girls' asses, sadly.  You can go to jail for that."  Jeeroy would explain to the man trying to figure out what had went wrong.  He had not felt that way with the potion.  Then again, maybe it affected people differently.  Jeeroy had felt hungry, apparently Kenny had felt horny.  It did not make Jeeroy uncomfortable, but he was curious as to what made that effect happen to the man.  Maybe it was a hint as to what kind of magic they were going to get?  Though I do not think Jeeroy eating a lot would be a good magic...nor Kenny being really...excited.  Jeeroy would shrug his shoulders and look around at the people in the streets near them.  They were almost empty, which seemed to be strange for this little town.  "Well, if not regular tacos, then what else?  Cause ladies are off of the table currently sir."


The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Tue Sep 05, 2017 5:07 am

Kenny wasn’t too pleased with the answer, he wanted to get some ladies make some mistakes tonight. What did Alyssa care she was probably banging some guy (or girl since it seemed like she was catching some feminine eyes lately) right now, Kenny just wanted to have get his goods in some goods. “I can go to jail for a little bit sure, and psssh come on man what happens in Gold stays in Gold!" There's a thing they could do, maybe fill both of their needs. One of those girls that let you eat sushi off of them, they could get one of those then both of their needs would be filled, Kenny would see some fanny and jeeroy would get some food. “What if we meet some ladies while we eat?” he looked around, using his hand as a visor. There was nothing that popped out until Kenny spotted a food stand parked just on the end of the road. “Might be some good stuff over there! And a lady chief!” Was he being disloyal? Yeah sure, he was just being a guy nothing wrong with that right? Just wanting to go and push up on someone.

#25Jeeroy Lenkins 

The New Town [Kenny] Empty on Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:04 am

Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy was actually getting quite mad at the man before him.  Being disloyal was something that the man could not stand.  His adoptive parents went through the same thing, his father cheating on his mother causing plenty of discourse in their family.  "Maybe, man, this is your problem.  Does your girl knows you do stuff like that?"  Jeeroy asked, eyes narrowed.  "It is really not cool.  We can go to this food truck over here, but do not try and touch a woman without her permission."  Jeeroy would lose a lot of respect for the man if he did.  He did not care if it was the potion making him do it or not, he was sure the man knew right from wrong.  Jeeroy led the two over to the truck and stepped up to the woman taking the orders and got himself some tacos as he had wanted.  After his order was made, he was able to step to the side and let Kenny step up to order whatever he was going to, if he was.  He was keeping a close eye on the man before him, hoping his friend would not do anything too stupid, knowing Jeeroy was a Rune Knight.

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