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Sign me up [Solo mission]

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#1Káilètte † 

Sign me up [Solo mission] Empty Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:30 pm

Wind flowing more than over towards her as she walked towards the Beach. She was excited even though she wasn’t here for swimming. Arisa was here to help someone out who was here to do some weight training. Today she was here to act as a support with someone else. Who was that other person? She wasn’t quite sure… Was it Waylon again? She truly hoped so as she would make a small smile at the thought of her doing something else with her best childhood friend. Before these missions she hasn’t really spent a lot of time with Waylon. She was wearing some beach shorts of dark maroon red, lines of white and a sports bra of black. Truly her muscle out lines could be seen easily as she was nicely toned. Due to the sand though she wasn't going to wear any shoes today nor sandals as she didn't want to be stuck cleaning them. Arisa sighed softly as she took a deep breather, getting closer to where she needed to go. She remembered the last time she was with the guy and the way of his introduction.

Her lioness eyes of golden brown would pierce through the sunlight and towards the sands of time as she was going to spend all her time there. Her heart would pound fast with excitement as she saw some buffed up dude that was tanned and had blonde hair. Was that the guy she was supporting with or the guy she was supporting? She didn’t know till he smiled and waved. ‘’YO!’’ he yelled and jogged towards her to greet. After some time she and him would be caught up and shook hands. ‘’Name’s Jay Holiday.’’ He would introduce and then look around. ‘’Where’s the other fellow?’’ he questioned as he would then look around, waiting for whoever was doing this with her. The wind would still blow upon her face as it kind of cooled her off from the heat that was rising. The sands were somewhat heating as it warmed up her feet. She would make a faint smile though as she would look at Jay and wondered wonder how long it took him to get that beefed up. Her eyes would then look towards the water and wondered how refreshing it would feel to finally go in there. It has been quite a long time before she got to swim there or at all. The island that she was raised at wasn’t entirely far from where she was standing.

Arisa kind of missed the waters from the island of Galuna. Her heart was there as well when it came to nature. It wasn’t truly because that was where she was from, but because she had some decent memories from there or at least as far as she could remember. Her memory sucked though which caused her to not really remember anything including the painful part that for some reason she couldn’t unlock. Soon her attention would be caught by the bulky guy who she helped before. ''Yo! It's been awhile. And I see you've grown, a lot.'' he spoke and checked her out. She just chuckled and shook her head. ''What do you need this time, Jay?'' she wondered curiously. She would look at him and around as she would wait for him to answer. 557

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Sign me up [Solo mission] Empty Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:31 pm

Her sunset eyes would look at him as her magenta hair would flow backward and felt the breeze. Sure enough, she felt different than she ever did before. It was good to feel this relieved rather or not people believed it. He held a paper as he would lift some paper in his hand which obviously caught her eye.

''Are we handing this out?'' she questioned. ''Yea run there through with it. Read it.. '' he told them both as they would then be handed such thing. ''You guessed it right.'' She would go around as she had a paper gripped into her small tiny woman hands that were connected to arms that dangled. Her head turned and booked it since she gotta go fast. Supposedly she looked at the paper as she ran. She saw that he was signing up for some stupid thing. She thought this was going to be something else. She had a time limit though as the paper had a time that she had to get there. Breathing softly she would job through the kids, ignoring the cool sand castles that they were building, the old people who were really making a fuss and so on. The sand was going through her toes as the wind would breeze into her face, through the strands of her red and she then wondered if the guy was catching up, Froctis. It was so much easier to say Noctis. Why was that name in her head? Was it because it rhymed? It could be a possibility, but who knows. She would sing softly as she would jog on through. Going to the left, going to the right and on she went to the sign up place oh my was this something.

She had to keep on going as she would try to really get to the sign ups. She didn't want to fail nor be judged because of how small she was. She was kind of getting sick of being judged because of how small she was, her age and so on. She would bit her lower lip as she would charge like sanic to the line. Soon enough she would do so as she was behind all these muscle head guys who were here to sign up. What was this exactly? 'All these guys look so strong!' she thought and tilted her head curiously, looking at all and every one of them. She would get closer to the sign ups. After some moments she would get even closer till she was finally there. "Here you go!'' she spoke proudly and gave them the papers. They nodded and she then went on her way. Slowly she walked with her partner back to the muscle guy. She had to catch her energy back anyways as she would finally meet up with him. ''Yo. Thanks for doing it. Here you go. girly'' he would say and gave her the reward in which was enough for her to go out drinking again...




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