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More Experimental Hexes [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

More Experimental Hexes [Quest | Shin] Empty on Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:36 pm

Shin Katari
"Ah, welcome Shin." As the chimes of his door rang in the wind, Dr. Mabuz greeted the red-haired mage with those words. The doctor sat behind a paper ridden wooden counter. There were various trinkets and potions scattered atop the counter. The doctor himself sat atop a rickety old wooden chair, his white lab coat dropping to the wooden floor beneath. He raised his glasses with a push from his middle finger and scanned the area around Shin. "Your companion is not joining you today?" asked Dr. Mabuz with a curious tone. Since running into Gastly, it had joined Shin in all of his requests. However, it's presence was not necessary for this request, as was evident by the last hex trial. Instead, Shin had left it back at the motel. What is was doing was anybodies guess. "No need. Now tell, what is it this time?" Shin asked getting straight to the point. The quicker he finished this request, the sooner he could get another request done on the same day.

With a sign, Dr. Mabuz reached underneath the counter and retrieved to pieces of paper. Inscribed into the papers were symbols. From his last hex trials, only one of the two hexes had worked. Shin was curious to know what the doctor had come up with this time. "This one is decrepify, the one that failed last time," the doctor began to explain as he pointed to decrepify. "I made some changes to it so it should work this time around. The second one is Magna. In theory, it should remove all strength from someone for an hour. You know the rest of the drill," Dr. Mabuz finished explaining as he pushed the two hexes forward. Grabbing the hexes from the table, Shin looked over them before placing them into the pocket of his jacket.

With the requests in hand, Shin exited the shop and made way for downtown Oak. It was the most populated area in Oak, as it was filled with both citizens of Oak along with tourists from all over Fiore. That made it an ideal testing area. Add in the fact that it was only eleven a.m, it was close to lunch rush meaning it would be even busier. After a moment of walking, Shin found himself downtown. As expected, the streets were bustling. Stepping over to an empty corner on the street, Shin began to examine the area for possible suspects. To keep the heat off him, he would use decrepify in this location and move south to use magna. This way, he would avoid possibly being confronted by anyone who found him suspicious. He was just hopeful that this time around, both hexes worked. Hell, maybe he could get in on the business with Dr. Mabuz and incorporate his own spells into hexes. A cute business idea but nothing that would come into fruition anytime soon. Although, there was definitely good money to be made, the request life was far more interesting.

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#2Shin Katari 

More Experimental Hexes [Quest | Shin] Empty on Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:38 pm

Shin Katari
After a few minutes of examining the area, Shin noticed the perfect victim to test decrepify on. It was a little boy running around with a red balloon in hand. His mother followed close behind, calling to the boy to stop. With a devilish grin, Shin would happily oblige in helping the lady out. Pulling the paper out of his pocket, he spoke the word into existence, "decrepify." The words gave off a bright purple light before fading into nothingness. Glancing up at the kid, the results took shape. Running and running, the boy came to a sudden halt. Balloon in hand, the boy looked down at his feet. His mother caught up and gave the boy a little smile before walking forward, expecting the boy to follow. But he didn't. The boy let his balloon go and grabbed one of his legs, trying to pull it forward. However, it did not budge. Tears filling his eyes, the boy began to shriek from failing to understand his legs were paralyzed. Pleased with the results, Shin began to move south in hopes of finding his next victim.

Along the way down south, the perfect test area came to be. To the right of Shin, squished between two shops was a gym. There were men lifting weights and running atop treadmills. There was no better place to test the hex out. Pulling it out of his pocket, Shin said "magna" and allowed the hex to do its job. Except it didn't. Giving off a dull purple hue, the words disappeared. Looking at the men in the gym, he waited for about two minutes before excepting the fact that the hex had done nothing. In these two minutes however, Shin noticed something else. He felt a burning sensation surging throughout his body. It felt as if he was being pumped full of strength. Considering he was the gym, this would be a good time to test it out. Entering the gym, Shin paid no mind to anyone there. Instead, he moved towards an empty bench press and place four plates on each side. Laying atop the bench, he grabbed the bench press and proceeded to do fifteen reps without breaking so much as a sweat. The onlookers in the gym stood there in awe. Without anything else to say, Shin made his way out of the gym and proceeded to head back towards the doctor's shop.

"Welcome back. How'd it go?" asked the doctor as he sipped from his tea. "Decrepify worked as it was supposed to. Magna on the other hand, did not. Instead, it filled me with a burst of energy. It's been over an hour and the effects still feel to be lasting," Shin explained as he formed a fist with his left hand. "Interesting," mumbled the doctor as he handed Shin the reward for completing the request. " Thank you for the information, I will let you know if I need your help in the future." With a nod of his head, Shin exited the shop and headed towards the request board in town. He had enough time in the day to do another request.

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