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[Quest] Fetch Me This And That [Faust]

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#1Faust Noire 

[Quest] Fetch Me This And That [Faust] Empty on Sat Sep 02, 2017 5:27 pm

Faust Noire


Quest: Fetch Me This and That

Rank: D-Rank

Type: Bad

Requirements: None

Serena Nightless: Serena is the infamous witch of Oak Town who is known all throughout Fiore for her nefarious deeds. She is rumored to be the leader of a dangerous cult, but nobody knows exactly where she resides or anything about her cult. If she isn't in her home, she wanders around in the form of a black cat.

Summary: Pick up the request which appears to be a scavenger hunt taking place throughout Oak Town. Bring all the missing items to the designated location, only to find out that it was a prank.

Enemies: None

Objective: Find all of the items that the request is demanding and return them to Serena Nightless.

Extra Rewards:

  • +1 Endurance


  • Create a topic in Oak Streets.
  • Proceed towards a bulletin board in Oak Town.
  • Take an apparently old request from the board which appears like a scavenger hunt-like request.
  • Begin to obtain the items that the request is asking for. An old plant, some burnt wood, and a large chunk of metal.
  • Once you've gathered everything, head to the location written on the request.
  • Speak with Serena Nightless who will tell you that the request was not real and will laugh at you.
  • Take the few jewels she tosses you and leave.

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#2Faust Noire 

[Quest] Fetch Me This And That [Faust] Empty on Sat Sep 02, 2017 5:29 pm

Faust Noire
A hand formed from vines wrapped around Faust. The snare that slowly entangled its prey, depriving them of the essential human necessities and in time, killing them, cut the Noire no slack. The carnivorous plant could be easily compared to a psychotic girlfriend, unwilling to let the Coyote go free. Despite his life always on this 'dangerous' lane, even now, Faust still had not yet grown accustomed to the thrill and the rush. Blood still flowed throughout his body when situations like this occurred and with that vigor, the Coyote would always prosper with the utmost intent and will. The ability to continue to strive forward was something he was proud of. After all, looking back at the past would only bring you down in the most sickening of ways. This situation, however, was a questionable one. How did the Coyote end up dangling from one leg in the air?

With another day, there was another job to be done. He had been running low on funds and Faust certainly wanted to be a bit selfish when it came to lavish wants. Throwing money about was the way to live life selfishly and enjoyably. But to do that, one needed a bit of cash in the first place. With that in mind, the Coyote headed over to the job board. For once, he was bored enough, ironically, to find a board with jobs on it. The jobs in mind weren't very different for the most part; they all fell under the same categories: boring or simply not what Faust wanted to do. Sometimes, it was even the case that the pay wasn't worth the amount of work that the job required. But at this point in time, Faust was started to get hungry and he had but not choice to take on a job. It wasn't in his place to be picky.

A old plant was the first thing that Faust noticed from the job request. It was extremely vague, though a picture was presented right alongside it. Perhaps that was what the plant looked like? He scavenged and scavenged around the depths of the Oak Town's surrounding forests, unsure of where exactly the plant resided. In time, he ended up in the middle of nowhere, having lost all sense of direction. "Fuck." he blandly stated, as if he had expected such an event to happen. It was embarrassing, but what had happened had already happened. No point in feeling like shit about it now. Eventually, he found a cave which perked his interests. And that brings us to the present situation.

The carnivorous plant had held Faust upside down, to limit his options in regards of what he could have done in order to escape. Finally, some action! The point finger lit up and Faust blew a laser-like attack towards the carnivorous plant. But obviously, the plant wouldn't let himself die that easily. In battle, every hit counts and it seemed both contenders of this match knew that. Especially with how the plant got the first snare in, it threw the Coyote into an awkward position of dangling upright. But giving up was far from what the Coyote decided was it. He let instincts take over this time and took a bite of the vinyl trap and freed himself. Running towards the enemy with the most speed his legs and quads could muster, he bolstered through the body and covered himself in the thick, disgusting stench of the plant. It was a tiring feat, despite the little moves that the Coyote had to use in order to defeat the enemy. With one obstacle out of the way, Faust picked up the root and left.

Next up was burnt wood. He was already in a forest, so wood was practically guaranteed. However, there was the matter of how to extract the wood alone and then burn it. Heading back to town, Faust found an ax that he was allowed to borrow and with a glimpse, he noted where the shops with some form of heat was. A potion shop with a cauldron brewing. Perfect. With the hand ax, Faust ventured into the forest once more and put the ax to good use. Sounds of knocking and knackering, metal smacking against wood. With the newly acquired wood, Faust jumped back to the potion shop and threw his slab of wood under the fire before eventually kicking it out. He then realized that he didn't have to fetch the wood; if he had ran to the fire, there was already wood there to keep the fire running.

Lastly, the piece of metal. God, where would he fine a piece of metal? Faust searched all around Oak Town, wondering where in the world would he locate metal scraps, all the while dragging the ax that he borrowed along. Only when he let go of it and heard the thud did he finally look towards the ground.

Finally, the last place would be just past a junkyard within Oak Town. Upon arriving, the Coyote would be met with a female. She exclaimed, wondering why there was actually someone here, which confused Faust. Of course, she explained her side and didn't believe that someone actually took up the joke of a request. Nevertheless, she kept to her world and because of so, Faust was paid in full. He still felt like a dumb prick, however.

900 words

*Note: Grimoire Heart members have a skill that gives them 10% off on quests.

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