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Intimidation Tactics [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Intimidation Tactics [Quest | Shin] Empty on Sat Sep 02, 2017 1:30 pm

Shin Katari
It was a pleasant evening in Oak. The streets were quiet yet bustling, as the aroma of different types of cuisine danced through the wind. Tourists from near and far lined the streets, taking pictures of whatever they could and indulging themselves in the history surrounding them. For all that Oak had to offer to tourists, there was one thing that rarely made it out to the public, the mafia. Oak was a town that was essentially run by different mafia families. The citizens of Oak were aware of this and usually complied ensuring a safe environment for all. There would be the odd time different mafia members crossed paths resulting in a trading of fists. There would also be the odd time a member of the public refused to comply with the mafia. Today, the latter appeared to occur.

Entering the "High Noon" bar was a red-haired native of Oak named Shin followed by his companion Gastly. As of late, Shin had allowed Gastly to be out in the public a lot more, catching the attention of all those around him. More often then not, the reactions received were of fear which was to be expected. It was also a way of getting people to talk about Shin. That was something he enjoyed. "What can I get for ya?" asked the bartender as he approached the front of the counter, cleaning an empty glass. "A bottle of cold ale," replied Shin as he noticed the man who had called for him to meet here. Sitting alone at the corner of the bar was Frankie Marino, the right hand man of Vicnenze. Grabbing his ale, Shin made his way over to Franky with Gastly tagging behind. "You here for the request I suppose?" Frankie asked as he swirled the whisky in his cup. Taking a sip from his ale, Shin grabbed a seat across from Frankie and nodded. Gastly perched itself on the empty to seat to Shin's right, allowing its purple haze to surround it's sides. Paying it little to no attention, Frankie took a sip of his whiskey and placed the glass atop the table. "I'll keep it short and simple. Some asshole has decided he ain't gonna pay Vic. I need you to shed some light for this man. Beat him up if need be but don't overdo it. We need him to give a written agreement to pay back the boss in a week. His shop is located about five minutes from here. It's an old wooden shop with a red sign. It'll be closed in about ten minutes so this is the best time for you," Frankie explained to Shin as he motioned for the bartender to pour him another drink. Understanding the request at hand, Shin polished his bottle of ale and got up from the table. "Give me fifteen minutes. I'll meet you back here," Shin replied as he gave a little wave and made his way out the bar with Gastly by his side.

502/1,000 Words

#2Shin Katari 

Intimidation Tactics [Quest | Shin] Empty on Sat Sep 02, 2017 1:33 pm

Shin Katari
On his way the shop, Shin had devised a simple plan that he expected to work. He would have Gastly enter the shop alone and attempt to spook the man. Whether or not this would work, Shin would also enter the shop and demand the man pay Vicnenze the money he owed him. Gastly had been tagging along on the past few request but had done little work other then that surveillance and distracting. This would be its first true job where it would be the star. It was time to see what Gastly was capable of doing.

Reaching the entrance of the shop, Shin explained the plan to Gastly. Once done, he allowed Gastly to go about its business. With a flicker, Gastly disappeared and reappeared within the shop. The shopkeeper was alone and was filing some papers before he noticed the large black sphere staring at him. Fear struck him like a spear. The man broke out into a sweat as he tossed the papers aside and began praying. Gastly simply floated about before turning around to face the opposite direction and fired a beam of darkness from it's mouth, destroying all the items in its way and creating a large hole within the side of the shop. In awe, Shin walked over to the hole and entered the shop. There was wreckage everywhere and the man simply stood in fear as Gastly approached Shin with it's wide smile. Impressed, Shin give it a little pat on the head before turning to the man and slamming his hands atop the counter. "That was just the beginning. You can either choose to pay back Vicnenze in a week or be the victim of the next blast. If you agree to pay, write an agreement on a piece of paper," Shin explain to the man. Struggling to speak, the man ripped a piece of paper from a binder and wrote his agreement, signing the bottom was his name. Grabbing the paper, Shin and Gastly exited from the hole it had created.

Returning to the bar, Frankie had now finished about his fourth or fifth drink and had ordered another. Noticing Shin, he straightened himself up. Without taking a seat, Shin simply placed the piece of paper atop the table. "He'll get you the money in a week. Now where's mine?" Shin asked as he held his hand out. Examining the paper, Frankie let out a deep sigh as he reached into the inner pocket of his coat. "All you mage's are the same," he replied as he handed Shin 25,000 jewels, the reward for completing a D-rank request. Satisfied with his reward, Shin gave a wave of his hand and exited the building. As Gastly drifted by his side, Shin gave it another pat on the head. "Looks like you can fight," Shin said aloud as a grin appeared on his face. Now that Gastly had shown it's first attack, future requests were going to be  a lot more interesting.

500/1,000 Words
Total: 1,002/1,000 Words

Gastly (175/200 Mana):
Name: Scary Beam
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Gastly Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Darkness
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Gastly opens its mouth and shoots out a purple beam with a diameter of 10 centimeters.

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