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[Quest] Clean Up Crew

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#1Faust Noire 

[Quest] Clean Up Crew Empty on Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:34 am

Faust Noire


Quest: Clean Up Crew

Rank: D

Type: Bad

Requirements: None

Remy Martello: Martin's younger brother, acting as a voice of reason during the man's violent outbursts. He wants to do his best to support his brother, and will do whatever he can to please him. While a bit of a yes-man, Remy serves as an advisor to his brother, his plans often accounting for much of Martin's success.

Summary: The Martello family recently got into a battle with a smaller crime family and both sides suffered casualties. The building where they clashed is littered with dead bodies and it's been left to Remy to clean them up. Remy needs someone to assist him with getting rid of the bodies before the local authorities arrive.

Enemies: None

Objective: Remove the bodies from the scene.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Oak Streets.
  • You will meet with Remy who will walk with you to the building.
  • The building is under construction and the workers have been taking a break till their payments were going to get sorted out.
  • Upon entering you'll see that there ten bodies that need to be disposed.
  • Remy takes out an axe and a big bag, he needs you to carry the bodies to him as he focuses on chopping them up for easier disposal.
  • Three out of the seven bodies are Martello members and won't be chopped up by Remy out of respect for their next of kin. Remy needs you to bring these bodies outside to the back so they can get picked up for a proper burial.
  • When you're done, Remy will come outside with the large bag of body parts and pay you. You may then leave as Remy waits for someone to pick him and the bodies up.

#2Faust Noire 

[Quest] Clean Up Crew Empty on Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:38 am

Faust Noire
Faust Noire had his day going rather well. It was at the end of the afternoon before he first woke up, which was something that he considered a pleasure; after all, it didn’t happen too often. He had continued to live his life, treating the previous months as though nothing unordinary had happened. After making it into Oak Town, the Coyote immediately fled towards an inn and knocked himself out. It was a long journey, one that wasn't normally completed with ease. However, with a couple months of meditation in the middle of nowhere in the mountains, Faust certainly wouldn't complain to a perfect bed and sleeping quarters.

The Coyote had only just approached Oak Town after what seemed like nearly a year. Oak Town was filled to the brim with memories; for example, Faust Noire met the man Erebus, here. Here, heaven enveloped him for once in his horrid life and not only that, but embraced him with open arms. This was where Faust was actually 'born' and the emotions of such came rolling in. His face was bland, but his actions were not. Hands shook, whether from excitement or nervousness was undecided. Beads of sweat began to form upon his face, then his hands. It didn't take long before the canine realized that it wasn't him; it was the heat.

Summer. The temperature raised to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, practically unbearable. No human was able to tolerate such humidity and the canine was no exception. As he tumbled back, lying upon the ground like a madman, there was an explosion. The sound wasn't far and the smell of gunpowder was strong. With a single sniff, the Coyote deciphered that the current standings was to be a battlefield in no time at all. Therefore, prancing on all fours, he moved towards the smell. While most of move away, the curiosity trait didn't only reside in cats, but this dog as well. More gunshots filled the air and then silence hit. Everything was quiet. Unusually quiet.

While it was certainly awkward to ignore such a situation, Faust figured it was nothing more than a regular occurrence. After all, they were in the territory of the dark legal, Phantom Lord and their mafia gangs. He ventured towards the streets of Oak Town and decided to head over to the Majura Gallery. Memories and all, he decided to spare even just a few seconds to reminisce on that area. Before he made it there, however, someone approached him. Faust immediately noticed him and jumped into a defensive position; could he be related to the previous gunshots?

He introduced himself as Remy Martello and every word that came out of his mouth was certainly believable. His apparel was rather clean, certainly suitable to the position he claimed to be from; a higher up from the Martello family. He explained what had happened, the gunshots, how he sensed Faust's presence, and needed assistance. Bodies were about and they needed to rid the bodies before authorities got there. Faust followed him. In due time, they stumbled upon a building that still seemed to be under construction; though it seemed to have been put on hold for a bit. The moment Faust stepped inside, he realized why the man had needed to get rid of the bodies. It was a bloodbath within the place. Bodies enveloped the floor, giving off a foul stench from sitting only a day. The client was very casual; there was no doubt that he was used to either the kind of work or something along the line. Nevertheless, he was a natural when he pulled out the hand axe. The weapon was shadily covered and seemed to be in poor condition, but Remy used it almost miraculously. It was no longer just chopping up bodies at that point; it was art.

Alas, it was Faust Noire's turn to do the dirty work. Faust thought that he should take care of the larger bodies first, as he knew he would become tired by the end of the day. He felt refreshed, but it took more than a day's worth of sleep to revitalize someone's energy like that. Dead weight was not something that Faust was used to carrying. It wasn't usually tolerated in Grimoire Heart. The only exception was during the first attack, where Faust fainted in a match against the fire user. There, he had to be carried back to the ship, either by Theseus or the big bossman himself. On another note, cleaning up bodies wasn't exactly the job Faust was assigned to ever do either. Assassination missions were common, intimidation and interrogations as well. However, picking up trash was out of his job description. Perhaps the big bossman forgot to add it in. The only reason Faust agreed to such a task was because he was told to not mess around in Phantom Lord's territory. Despite strained relationships, they were still allies in the end.

And so Faust would pick up the largest body and threw it over his shoulder before lugging it to the next room where Remy had set out a large tarp upon the ground, dozens of trash bags right next to them. Sitting the body down, Faust only stayed to watch the first chop be made, not flinching at the amount of blood that squirted out of the dead man's arm. He picked up the next two bodies, one on each arm and carried them to lay there where, surprisingly, the last was already being stuffed into a bag. He noticed that Remy was stuffing the bags of like parts, arms in one, legs in another, heads in the third, and the rest of the body in the last. Again, it was not just a crime, but an art in which mesmerized the Coyote.

Eventually, the job had been completed and Remy rewarded the Coyote, giving him a wink of sorts. It was peculiar but the Coyote decided not to question anything in the territory of Phantom Lord. After all, relations were on the line. "Feel free to call on me again, mister."

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