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The heart of the night [Katja]

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The heart of the night [Katja] Empty Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:14 pm

Kenny laid in the sand, armor less in nothing but shorts and a short, he was back in Hargeon… “I’m back…” he sighed looking up at the night sky, “This bites…” he mumbled to himself, it was no good being here again, he just wanted to go home and be his own man yet he was still running around everywhere just trying to keep himself active. He couldn’t take all of this stress, yet oddly enough he felt used to it.

The Omega was at the edge of the beach on his back sighing repeatedly as it was a bad habit he had, though nothing was bringing him down at the moment. He wanted to fish, but what fish was awake tonight? Eh, didn’t matter he had his pole planted in the sand resting on a Y shaped stick. They just weren’t biting tonight, he tried worms, cheese, and even garlic but the frey just weren’t snapping like they did in the morning. He rubbed his eyes and sat up looking out to sea, it seemed so much different at night, much more violent than usual.

“No good…” he tugged on his fishing line and laid back down, he probably looked like a corpse sitting here still but there wasn’t much else he could do but wait… Endless waiting. He yelled aloud and narrowed his eyes, why couldn't he catch a break?

The heart of the night [Katja] Qurywgl

The heart of the night [Katja] Empty Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:26 pm

A flash of violet emerged from the incoming wave as Katja appeared from within the chilled waters.
Ever since discovering the beach in the company of her fellow guild member, Erebus, she found the place to be a popular hotspot for her. She'd arrive every night to study the stars and the organisms within the water. Katja found it easy to relax here as well. Standing to her feet, she flipped her short dark hair and slicked it back away from her face. Facing the horizon, she adjusted her bodysuit before beginning to walk away from the waters, watching her feet as she kicked shells across the wet sand. Though what really gained her attention was a male who appeared to have been..fishing? She spotted him while in search of her things. The grimoire and cape of hers..which created a pulsating light as it was met by her gaze. He would've surely spotted her flushed face as she tried to navigate around him undetected.

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Kenny looked up at the night sky, still thinking over what he was to do about his fishing situation and his home life as well. He was getting tired of being cooped up, yet he remained paitent and happy as he tried his best not to give off an air of loss and sadness.
“I’m getting sleepy…” he said these words in a groggy tone as he began to connect the stars to one another, he made a few of his own constellations: A sword,  an axe and a belt around them, it looked like a jumble of stars but creativity was what you made it in Fiore. There was a flash of light, he shielded his eyes, though at the angle he was hit, one would think he wouldn’t have been so easily blinded. He rubbed his now sore eyes and sat up looking at the source of the light… A woman?

“Yeesh, you putting on a light show tonight?” he rubbed his eyes spots beginning to appear in his vision, of great now he wouldn’t be able to see what he caught, when he looked her up and down she seemed flushed. Her warm expression making him flushed as well as he tried to lay off his usual demeanor of nonsense and waived his hands as if trying to calm her down though she didn’t seem angry at all. “I- I mean uh, ya know, it’s cool if you’re having a light show and stuff I’m totally down with that.” he nervously chuckled… Wait when the heck did she get here?

He tilted his head and looked her up and down once again, not that he was complaining about her sudden appearence.

Embarrassed and flustered he nodded to the woman and backed away before ultimately turning to go, not before waving goodbye. "Meet me here again monday night."


The heart of the night [Katja] Qurywgl

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