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Oak > Hargeon [Foot travel]

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Oak > Hargeon [Foot travel] Empty Fri Sep 01, 2017 5:57 pm

Kenny sat on the hotel bed, looking over his things once again with an open map in his lap and smile on his face. Oak was a bit of a bust and he couldn’t stay long, turns out there were matters for him to tend to back in Hargeon… Real shame too he wouldn’t have minded spending more time in the rat infested town… He’d have to come back at a later date, maybe see somethings, meet some people, fight some bums. Ha, it’d be a regular hootenanny. He was deep in thought right now though, mind twisting in a trance fixated on his mission for the day or well what he should have been doing while he was out…

It was time to depart from Oak, the land of smoke, this angry little town filled with turmoil proving too much for Kenny. With only a day or two here it was about time he left before the wife came and beat his ass for not coming to her… Or in her ZING. Shoot him please his mind is so filthy. There was no time for a last quest here or there it was just about time he made his way back to the harbor town Hargeon, his home, his beautiful home. It was a beautiful little place with plenty of good to its name alas it was somewhere he loved to go to for some reason, maybe it was the ocean air and good people but Kenny enjoyed the beach town more than anything for its hospitality ,to him it felt like home, nah it was home.

Kenny could recount his good times in Oak, he felt so good about going back that he couldn’t stop smiling. He was decently known in Oak, more so by the scum than anything else, but he enjoyed it more than anything! Sure, he wasn’t a bad guy but the money was good and he was ready. He could get some good jobs, buy his hot wife something, and do something else with himself. Maybe find some success in more jobs, he was a nice guy, it wouldn’t be too much work to find something else, some success in town, Hargeon town. It was actually freakin’ awesome to go there every now and then soak up some beach and meet some beach babes… Oooh yeah.

To think that he was once a sad sack, a shell of a man and that characteristic had seeped through his newly unreasonable nature, he got sad every now and then but eventually he adapted and felt much better about himself… heh. Shame he wasn’t this confident when he first met Alyssa, they would probably be engaged a hell of a lot sooner.

It was about time he took himself back to Hargeon stop looking for the place that had given him a something that he needed to push himself and go back to the place where he could experience real peace. No guild, nothing to worry him but life. Presently the ball was back in Hargeon's court though, he didn’t really mind Oak’s “charms” there was plenty to like.. Most being loose women and cheap drinks, but hey it was better than nothing right? Yeah sure, those things could be Oak’s best exports ha ha.

None of those cheap women had anything on his fiance though! She was as bad as they came, both literally and figuratively… She was a serial killer so… yeah. The air developing thick and still around the Omega male, as he rubbed his sleep filled eyes. It was the middle of the night, but it seemed the best time to travel. He could use a stiff drink to get over tonight and make the trip easier on his already rired mind. This was going to be a long trip across the region and he wanted to cry because it would be so long, but there was more to it than that right? Sure, in Oak he wanted to find a Guild, but he had to get back to Hargeon to see his darling, and get started on that family. THAT BIG FAMILY he had planned, oh yeah those girls were in for the pummeling of a life time. It was a shame that he couldn’t find someone or something to help im get stronger but s was life, sometimes you couldn’t find that fertain someone to help you out of your slump some times you gotta get your self out of the funk you’re in and stop looking for others to bail you out… Damn.

Kenny was still feeling bad about leaving Alyssa and the split alone the way he did, but he’d make it up to them, he couldn’t get over was all and was having trouble finding some strength. Man, if only he could tell her how badly he messed up going all the way to oak, hopefully she’d forgive him or not kill him at least. He was gonna have to get stronger though to protect her… Ugh why did Alyssa have to be currently wanted for so many, many murders… Sooo many damn murders, she didn’t even have to kill those kids.. She just did it, like what the shit.

Kenny was even an accessory to said murders by not telling anyone or well even knowing they happened. She was a serial killer and that wasn’t good for their relationship, but he didn’t mind as he loved her anyway all the same. And if she wanted to bring work home he could always just hide any bodies in their basement or crawl space or maybe even the attic. Shit, he was going to need a bigger place, his apartment wasn't going to work. Oooh when they got married he could buy a new house and put it in her name, with his ofcourse. Not that he minded, it was okay that she was into death and pain, hell she almost even killed him not too long ago before the happiest night of his life happened when he got on a knee proposed.

He rubbed the nape of his neck, a rock was almost in his neck that night. It was concerning that she tried to slay him as if he were a child but she just wanted him and he knew Lyss only had her and Alyssa's best interest at heart, and his because if he left her she would literally take his heart and stomp on it while he tried to get it back in his chest.

After leaving his hotel at nine pm sharp and with days having passed, Kenny was getting close to Hargeon he could see the beach from the hill he was on. It felt so good to see home again, and to know that his waifu was waiting on him with open arms and bated breath.

He ate a apple he had in hand as he began making his way down hill running down as he clicked his heels together, “I’m back bay bay!” he called out to the town below him. It felt so good to be home for the Omega he could cry right now, he wouldn’t because he wasn’t a wuss, but it felt good for himt o just be able to sit back and relax on the beach once again… WOOO.

-in Hargeon-


Oak > Hargeon [Foot travel] Qurywgl

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