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Interrogation Tactics [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Interrogation Tactics [Quest | Shin]  Empty on Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:06 pm

Shin Katari
"Two bottles of your best beer," Shin asked the bartender. With a nod of his head, the bartender reached into the cooler behind him and retrieved two decent size bottle of a beautifully toned beer. Cracking the lids off, Shin took a sip of one of the bottles. A refreshing warmth filled his throat as the beer traveled through his body, entering his stomach with a punch. With a satisfying exhale, Shin reached into his pocket and placed a few jewels atop the table. There was not better way to end a night off besides two drinks. It was the best way to celebrate a night of completing another requests flawlessly.

Just a half hour ago, Shin had finished searching for a few mushrooms for Dr. Mabuz and he now found himself at a bar. Exiting the bar, he was met by an excited Ghastly. As Ghastly drifted around Shin with its always wide smile, Shin could only help but grin as he took a ship from his beer. "I wish I could understand you," Shin said aloud with a slight chuckle. However, the chuckle quickly disappeared as both Shin and Ghastly noticed the feeling of someone following them. Ghastly was the first to pick up on it and turned itself around, facing the alleyway which gave off the feeling. With a little sip of his beer, Shin and Ghastly headed to the alleyway.

As the duo entered the alley, they were met by a bald man in a black suit. He stood there with a cigar in his mouth and a scar across one of his eyes. With a long drag and puff, the man began to speak with a deep monotone voice. "I'm here on behalf of Mr. Martello. He needs you to interrogate someone we've captured. He believes you're the best for this." Not taking his eyes of the man, Shin took a sip from his beer leaving only a quarter left. Judging from his body language, he did not appear to be lying. "Well, where to?" Shin asked without any further questions. Hell, this was a great opportunity to get two requests done in the same day and if he got to crack some skulls, that would be the icing on the cake.

Hanging in the darkness of the alleyways, the man brought Shin and Ghastly over to an abandoned building. The windows and door were all boarded up with wood and covered with caution tape. However, there was a secret entrance to the side that only a select few appeared to know of. "Here, you need to wear this and not say a word of Mr. Martello sending you," said the man as he reached into the inner pocket of his coat and retrieving a black balaclava. Putting the balaclava on, the man opened the secret entrance and allowed Shin and Ghastly to enter. With a crack of his neck and shoulder, Shin placed his unopened bottle of beer atop a wooden and crate and walked over to the man who tied down. Things were going to get interesting.

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#2Shin Katari 

Interrogation Tactics [Quest | Shin]  Empty on Fri Sep 01, 2017 12:11 pm

Shin Katari
Before conducting any kind of business, Shin removed his coat revealing his muscular body as he now only wore his denim jeans and black beater. The tied up man simply looked up at Shin who offered him the final sip of his beer. With a sinister smile, the man simply spat towards Shin. With a shrug of his shoulder, Shin finished off his beer and let out a sigh of satisfaction. Ghastly hovered around the man, its purple haze often in his face. "You think I'm scared of you? You're a fucking to-." Before he could finish, Shin hit him directly in the middle of the nose, possibly cracking it. As the man's head snapped back and he cursed, Shin pulled a chair closer to him and sat in front of the man. "What can you tell me about the cash transport?" Shaking off the pain, the man looked at Shin with an expression of pain. "Fuck you!" With a right hook, Shin nearly knocked the man to the ground. Snapping his fingers, Shin's left hand was engulfed in a flame and Ghastly appeared to his right. Shin put up three fingers with his right hand. "Tell me where the cash transport is going to take place and when. Otherwise, you'll either get burned, punched, or simply teared into my buddy here," Shin said with a mischievous tone. The man stuttered briefly, even mumbling to himself. Ready to attack at any moment, Ghastly inched closer and closer as to strike fear into the man. "Fuck. You!" Disappointed, Shin punched the man with his right hand and then gave him a left hook with his left hand, leaving a fist type burn on his cheek. Agonized in pain, the man flailed about. Even Ghastly had given the man a little nick on his arm with his teeth. "Alright man, alright I'll tell you all I know! The transport is taking place next week Wednesday. It's going to be transported from Baska and follow the main road, splitting up halfway into Oak and heading towards the forest. I swear that's all I kno-" Before he could finish, Shin had delivered the final blow, hitting him square in the jaw which knocked the man out. Shaking his hand off, Ghastly seemed to see the man knocked out. Truly a strange creature. Grabbing his beer from the create, Shin cracked it open and exited the building as he took of the balaclava. "The transport is taking place next week Wednesday. Coming in from Baska and they'll take the main route. Once halfway in Oak, it's going to head up into the forest to where their safe house is," Shin told the man as he took a nice long sip from his now lukewarm beer. Satisfied with the information received, the man reached into his pocket and retrieved a white envelope with 25,000 Jewels in it. Exchanging it with the balaclava, the man departed as he said one final thing. "The Martello family will stay in touch."

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