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Hunter-Gatherer [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Hunter-Gatherer [Quest | Shin] Empty on Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:07 am

Shin Katari
"Come in, come in," motioned Dr. Stephan Mabuz as he sat reclined behind the counter. Closing the door behind him, Shin stood in front of the counter as Ghastly roamed about the shop. Taking a look at Ghastly, Dr. Mabuz gave a sly smile to Shin and leaned forward, resting his elbows atop the wooden counter. "I've got some magical potions that could raise the strength of your companion. Fifty percent off since ya helped me during the last request. What do you say?" Dr. Mabuz asked. From his first meeting with the mischievous man, Shin could tell he was up to no good. Of course, he had no qualms against helping the man as he provided an easy source of money. With a stern expression, Shin simply shook his head. "Touch Ghastly and I'll have your head." Backing off from the counter with his hands in the air, Dr. Mabuz reclined in his chair once more and grabbed a few piece of papers. "Guess I should tell you why I called you here?"

"I'm working on a little potion. Of course, nobody knows of this besides you. However, I need a specific type of mushroom for it. Thing is, it's highly illegal and I can't necessarily leave this shop alone. That is where you come in. You've proven yourself useful and reliable. I need you to find the mushroom for me. It's grows only at night within the Oak woods. The mushroom is tall and skinny, completely gray except for the glowing green dots on it. Any questions?" Dr. Mabuz asked as he placed the papers atop the counter, tapping the bottom against the wood to straighten them out. Interlocking his fingers, he rested his elbows atop the counter once more. "So, you want me to be the scapegoat for you? If I get caught, you don't have to worry about anything because I'm disposable," Shin responded as he began to look around the shop, picking up different trinkets and books. With a little chuckle, Dr. Mabuz fixed his glasses as he looked towards Shin. "You are not disposable. I chose you to do this because you have the wits to do so. You won't be caught. That I am certain of," Dr. Mabuz stated with a confident tone. With a deep exhale, Shin scratched the back of his head before heading for the door. "Have my payment ready," Shin said with a calm tone in his voice. With that, he opened the door and exited with Ghastly doing the same. With a nod of his head, Dr. Mabuz returned to fixing up some papers leaving Shin to go find the mushroom he needed with only the information he provided. However, it was currently eight o'clock p.m right now. He needed to wait another two hours before nightfall would appear. Until then, Shin would spend his time roaming the streets of Oak with Ghastly by his side.This would serve as a way for both Shin and Gastly to continue to bond. 

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#2Shin Katari 

Hunter-Gatherer [Quest | Shin] Empty on Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:08 am

Shin Katari
The time was now ten o'clock. As parents headed home with their children, the streets slowly became quiet and empty. This would be the perfec time to search for the illegal mushroom Dr. Mabuz had requested for. Entering the Oak forest, Shin snapped his finger as a little flicker of a flame appeared atop his finger. The lit from the fire lit up an area of up to 5 meters around him allowing for him to see where he was going. Ghastly followed behind him but due to it being accustomed to darkness, it had an easier time looking through the dark. Searching throughout the forest, Shin stumbled upon his first batch of mushrooms. From afar, he made out the mushrooms to be large and stocky with a grey head and white dots. Clearly not the ones he was looking for. With a deep sigh, Shin continued his search. This was going to be both annoying and time consuming.

After about fifteen minutes of finding random bushels of mushrooms, Ghastly called out for Shin with a little screech. Heading over in it's direction, Shin focused on the mushrooms located beneath Ghastly. Bending down, he matched the tall and skinny description to that given by the doctor. The mushroom was also grey but alas, it was missing the key green dots. Looked like the search was going to continue. However, it did not last terribly long. After ten minutes of roaming the forest, Shin picked up something from the corner of his eyes. Stepping closer and bringing his flames closer to the source of his interest, he managed to make out a bushel of mushrooms. Growing atop an old tree stump were a bunch of tall and skinny grey mushrooms. Looking closely, Shin noticed that the mushrooms also bore the green dots that made them glow in the dark. Pulling out a small bag from his pocket, he gathered the mushrooms equaling seven in total. He was curious as to how much these went for in the underground market. Maybe he could ask the doctor. Satifised with the haul, Shin and Ghastly returned to the doctors shop.

Arriving at the shop, Shin knocked on the door as the closed sign was now put up. After a brief pause, Dr. Mabuz opened the door with a cup of coffee in hand. Welcoming Shin, the two stepped over to his counter. Opening the bag, Shin allowed for Dr. Mabuz to examine the contents inside the bag. "Ah yes, you did good. These are exactly the mushrooms I needed," Dr. Mabuz said with an excited tone. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled a sack of money and gave Shin 25,000 jewels. Grabbing the money, Shin placed it into his pocket. "Say, how much would one mushroom go for?" Shin asked. Closing the bag and taking a sip from his coffee, the doctor replied "150,000 jewels probably. If you don't get caught with them that is." Intrigued Shin bid his farewell and exited the shop. 100,000 jewels was a nice amount but the risk involved must have outweighed the reward. Although an interesting business idea, Shin would stick to his nomadic lifestyle of request hunting.

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