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Gang Tension [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Gang Tension [Quest | Shin] Empty on Thu Aug 31, 2017 8:12 pm

Shin Katari
With a dragged out yawn, Shin exited the Martello household with a can of spray paint and a wooden template in hand. As the door behind him was shut closed, Shin exited the Martello property and hid the can of spray paint and template. He had been contacted by Remy Martello -the man he had done the clean up job for a few days ago- and was offered a new request. This was now his third request that he had accepted under the Martello family. Seemingly, it appeared they were pleased with the work Shin was doing. Although the requests he was being given were simple and could be done by a kid, it was an easy way to earn some money. He was just hoping that at some point, they would give him a request where he would be able to execute his newly found fire magic. He was itching to leave some nasty burns on people.

Back to the request at hand though. All that was requested of Shin today was to tag three buildings under the Vincenze name. As one would think, there was a large plethora of buildings to choose from. Of the buildings mentioned to Shin during the debriefing, he had decided on tagging a bar, a grocery store, and a casino. These were not randomly chosen either as he had a reason for choosing each. For instance, he had not been able to get a refreshing beer since returning to Oak so this was an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. As for the grocery store, it served as a high traffic area with people entering and exiting the building almost non-stop. As such, people would surely notice the Martello crest. Lastly, the casino was also a high traffic area, especially for those in the underground. Additionally, it would be heavily guarded so it added a level of unnecessary danger to the request. a way to spice things up. All Shin would have to do is not be caught and successfully tag the buildings. Easy enough.

However, he did not want to tackle this request alone. Before heading to the bar, he took off to the park where he had met Ghastly. He had left Ghastly here before his meeting with Remy Martello. Not everybody needed to know of its existence. As Shin entered the park, Ghastly appeared from within the bushes and scared a few children in the process. It circled around Shin with its purple haze passing through him like a plane going through clouds. For a creature he had recently met, it got attached to him rather quickly. Now, for a request that should be done stealthily, bringing along a black sphere was sure enough to bring attention to Shin. However, that was perfect. Ghastly would serve to distract the people at each location allowing for Shin to have little to no trouble when tagging the Martello crest. Now with all things on hand, he and Ghastly took off.

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#2Shin Katari 

Gang Tension [Quest | Shin] Empty on Thu Aug 31, 2017 8:16 pm

Shin Katari
"Welcome," said the barkeeper as the Shin entered the bar. Giving him a nod, Shin took a seat at the front of the bar. He was being given glaring looks by the others within the bar but he paid little attention to them. He was simply here to judge the beer and give it a new decor. "Give me your best beer," Shin said as he rested his arms atop the counter. With a nod, the bartender pulled out a glass and filled it to the top with what was apparently the bar's best beer. He placed it in front of Shin and went back to serving the other patrons. Taking a sip from the glass, Shin was rather surprised. It had an elegant taste the definitely differed from the lower tier beers. It was a shame that he was not working for Vicnenze otherwise he would not have to tag an establishment that knew what they were doing. After a few sips of his beer, Shin placed some money atop the counter and took his leave. Slipping into the alleyway behind the bar, Ghastly was already waiting for him with the template in its mouth. Grabbing it, Shin placed it against the brick wall and sprayed it blue with the Martello crest. With one done, he took off to the grocery store which was conveniently across the street.

As expected, there were a lot of people around the store. This is where Ghastly would come in clutch. Shin motioned for Ghastly to stand in front of the grocery store. With a bob, Ghastly took off and approached the store. It was met with mixed reactions and some people screamed in fear and others stood in awe. Even the store keepers showed mixed feeling. Amid this sea of feelings, Shin approached the building and tagged the Martello crest right in front. This way, everybody could see. Making eye contact with Ghastly, Shin disappeared back into the alleyway and with a flicker, Ghasly appeared by his side. All that remained was the casino.

Entering the outskirts of Oak, Shin entered the casino property and acted normal. Ghastly would await him near the back with the spray paint and template. Once cleared by security, Shin entered the casino building only to exit from the back. Finding Ghastly, he took the spray paint and template and placed the crests on different sides of the building. Once done, he took off to the Martello household.

With a knock on the door, Remy opened the door and met Shin with a smile. "You've done it I suppose? Nice work," Remy said with a nod as he reached into his pocket and took out an envelope with money. Shin returned the spray paint and template and grabbed the envelope. "We'll stay in touch Shin. My brother likes the work you're doing," Remy added as he closed the door. Shin could care less who liked him and who didn't. As long as he was earning money, he was fine with whatever he had to do.

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