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Temporary Aquarist[Quest][Jeeroy]

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#1Jeeroy Lenkins 

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Jeeroy Lenkins
Jeeroy was excited to be helping with fish again today.  He had been asked to help in Raina's absence for the day and he was more than excited and happy to help the woman out once again.  She was a great scientist and an even better sight to look at.  He would not get to see her that day, but he would get to help her out, and that would get him a bit closer to her.  He was certainly going to be high when he sat and watched fish, but he was excited none the less.  Jeeroy thought it was a noble cause and decided he would help the woman in any way possible.  He loved water and keeping it clean and healthy was one of the only ways for him to enjoy it fully along with helping observe fish in their natural habitat....well not tanks but still.  As the clock neared time, Jeeroy pulled himself out of bed, popping his back as he could not sleep well on the small beds of the hotel.  He dawned his new attire for the day, a pair of cargo shorts, a tank top, his armor as usual, and his newly acquired weapon who was quickly becoming his best friend.

Jeeroy took his time dressing and rolling a nice blunt before stuffing it in a small stash near the glitter in his pocket.  The next thing he decided to do was make some breakfast.  He got into the small fridge and pulled out a carton of eggs, some bread, cinnamon, and butter.  He then mixed all of it together to create some nice batter for french toast.  The skillet on the stove made a sizzling noise as he popped in the many pieces of sweet bread to which he cooked to perfection before pouring himself a glass of orange juice.  He sat at the table and enjoyed the taste of his breakfast before washing his dishes and gathering his belongings to head to the office that he would inhabit for the day.  With everything he needed, including the joint tucked securely in his pocket, he headed out.  The sun was shining brightly, causing him to squint as he left his building.  The office was only a short walk to the South, which made it simple for him to do even in the blaring heat of the day, though he was sweating as he reached the air conditioned building.

He walked inside and situated himself before reading the list of things he had to do left by the woman.  She left a small note, telling him how thankful she was for his help and promised to repay him as soon as she saw him again.  Jeeroy knew it would be with jewels, but he hoped for something greater.  Wishful thinking on his part, but he could still hope.  The first thing on the list to do was observe the fish in each tank and keep notes of their behavior.  Jeeroy could do that easily, as the tanks were labeled with numbers for him to keep track of.  Jeeroy picked up the notebook left for him and the largest pen he could find before he walked to tank one.  He observed the fish, keeping track of how they acted with each other, pretty chill to him.  They seemed to be a bit agitated, but other than that they seemed fine.  He went down the line keeping track of all of the fish and how they were acting.  After he had finished that, he put the notebook down and got to the best part of the entire thing, feeding the fish.

He picked up the best fish food for each, putting a little into the tanks that only needed a little, and a lot into the tanks that look like they required more.  There were some fish that ate a certain type of food, and others that were dieting.  He was amazed at all the different types kept there.  With a smile, he finally fed the last one.  He then sat and waited for the time to come to get his reward that was surely coming in the hands of the woman herself.  Sure enough, she soon wandered in the doors looking beautiful as ever.  She saw him and smiled brightly, thanking him for his help.  As she looked over his notes and how he had fed the fish, she seemed as if she was impressed that he followed her directions to the T.  They had light conversation between them both as she finished off some things that she needed to do in the office before she finally turned to him and handed him a reward with a handshake.  It was not what Jeeroy wanted, but he took it as he needed the money anyhow.  With that, he left the office.

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